Monday, 16 December 2019

Election Pandemonium as Zachman Emerges As FSRC Speaker

The in-house election of the Faculty of Arts Students Representative Council was billed to start by 4:00pm. However, it didn't start until till about 9:00 pm as a result of pandemonium that ensued as a result of the credibility and the candidature of some English department honourable.

Two Honourables vied for the post of Speaker; Hon Hope from Religious studies and Hon  Zachman from English department.

At the end of the voting process, Zachman had 17 votes and Hope had 13 votes, in the process of counting, an overzealous person entered the election venue and another set of argument ensued until the school security was called in to restore normalcy the situation.

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  1. Ewo ni 'overzealous person entered the venue'? We all know it was Toluano who entered and disrupted the election. You be news agency na. No dey try hide anything from the people..

  2. Which on is overzealous person? We all know it's toluano from philosophy and we know he was coming in to disrupt the election process because is preferred candidate lost the election. Pls dear poster, be straight and be unbiased in your write ups.

  3. It is clear to the blind and it is acoustically perceive by the deaf that AY FAB the suspended president is a man who dislike peace and he is against the progress of the faculty

    1. How does declaring a candidate relates to Ay-Fab, most of you guys are just ingrates, how can someone like Toluano disrupt the election and now you said Ay- Fab doesn't like peace, you guys should leave this guy, because he supported somebody and the person won, he doesn't want peace? But when the Toluano people won all the CEC and he congratulated them he wants peace. Next time think before you type, we were present there and we saw it all, how Toluano broke the door of HB 404, just to go in and disrupt the election...