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FASA Suspends President, VP, Others Amidst Electoral Issues

Despite making headlines in recent times for postponing elections on multiple occasions, the Faculty of Arts Students' Association (FASA OAU) has managed to find newer reasons to make the news as the parliamentary arm of the association on the 27th November, 2019 suspended the President, Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (Ayfab), Vice President and some other members of the executive council of the association indefinitely, making the speaker the acting president of the association.

Efforts to reach the suspended President of the association have been futile, however, find below the full official resolution of the FASA parliament.

Being the Resolution of the Parliamentary Sitting That Held on the 16th of Nov. 2019
The sitting started exactly 5:27pm the Speaker then addressed the House and made Hon. Tea through the House the acting Chief Whip. The agenda was then adopted by a motion moved by Hon. Toluano, with the same motion by Hon. Oba and since there was no counter motion, the motion stood. Hon Pathfinder adopted the last minute through a motion while Hon Faturoti Rachel from the department of Dramatic Arts, seconded the motion. 

The Ag. Clerk read out the letter from the President as regards the amount of money he was able to disburse, the House got #20,000 out of #50,000 that was ratified to be disbursed since it was a congressional resolution to have some certain amount of money ratified by the and must be disbursed by the President, and no amount of money was disbursed to ECOFASA out of #52,728 that was resolved at the floor of the House to disburse to the Secretary ECOFASA. Hon Toluano having being recognized, said the House would not tolerate any form of ''perspe'' (i.e hanky panky game) and immediately on the permission of the Speaker, asked the President being present at the sitting to come forward and give the House the time he will disburse the remaining money to the House. The President responded by apologizing to the House, he pleaded that the House should let him get to the part where he will be giving his stewardship report so the two parties can know how to gather around the next step which is achievable. Hon. Toluano pressed further by asking when the House will be collecting the remaining #30,000 the President should give a day or time frame. 

The Speaker immediately reminded the President the importance of getting the remaining part of the fund as ordered by the House that the House needs it to fund the necessary project(s) intended on carrying out. Hon. Ay. from the department of English, opined that there should be a proper agreement between the President and the House that is well documented and duly signed by the President and the Speaker. The President went further and claimed that if the association is capable, that there is nothing stopping the disbursement and it will  be good if the House can wait till the part where he would be giving his stewardship report and that he cannot singlehandedly give a date or time frame as proposed by the House. Honorables in the house simultaneously started asking question as regards if there is any other hope for disbursement owing to the current financial state of the association. The President responded that there is hope but it will be more clearer if he gets to the part of his stewardship report. Immediately, the Speaker of the House asked the House to allow Mr. President get to present his stewardship report which he was granted by the House through the Speaker. The Ag. Clerk read the letter the General Secretary sent about the fact that he would be late coming for sitting due to his commitment in his own indigenous association's programme. The  Speaker said as regards the report of all standing committees, the Speaker said such would be given in the next sitting since they all have swung into action.  

The President, started giving his report and some  problems arose as regards the fact that the receipt of the association was not signed by the Fin. Sec alone rather by different people. The bank statement could not be presented because the Treasurer claimed to be on suspension so he refused to sign. Hon Praise said that the audit committee ought to give a recommendation immediately they give their report. Hon Toluano said the committee can only function if there is fund so the House should not expect a report from the committee if not funded. The Speaker said that a special  amount has been disbursed to his office so the committee will be funded.  The President said the committee could work without any fund and expressed his feelings about the approach of the project monitoring committee. A gallerian and a former Parliamentarian was recognized, and he reacted on the need for the Treasurer to sign so as to have the bank statement that the three signatories to the account are needed for such. Immediately Hon. Toluano moved a motion that the suspended Treasurer should sign and be made open to auditing and this motion was seconded by Hon Rachel. Hon Ay. moved a counter motion that the Treasurer be reinstated which was seconded by Hon. Ishaq. The motion moved by Hon. Toluano stood while that of Hon Ay. was not adopted. 

The Director of Sports gave his report, Hon. Toluano reacted to it and commended him on a job well done which also attracted praises from the likes of Hon KayKing and some other Parliamentarians, the Dir. of Sports was accepted and reinstated by the House and cleared immediately this was as a result of the motion moved by Hon. Praise from the department of Linguistics and African Languages and duly seconded by Hon. Kay King from department of Foreign Languages. The President gave his report and after so much deliberations, the House through the Speaker of the House, asked him to table it before the audit committee for proper scrutiny. In the President's speech, he commented that there are some IGRs that are not with the EC and also from the due paid by the staylites, and because he does not know the exact amount coming from the sources thus implored the House to work together so that the Financial Secretary of the association and other concerned offices should give their report so we can know where the IGRs are and also the Audit committee should be fast in auditing the Dir. of Socials because some amount of money can come from his office. About the audit committee, they were asked to work with the EC for the renewal before Tuesday. 

Under the AOB, it was discussed that the money of the ECOFASA should be increased and Hon Praised spoke on the need for the Clerk himself should get back into office while Hon. Tea said the Ag. Clerk should be rewarded for his service to the House while this was buttressed by the Speaker of the House by saying that he should be awarded a different certificate as the outstanding Parliamentarian of the session which made the Ag. Clerk opined that he is not saying he is not leaving the seat but beseeched the House to have a fuller House before such decision would be taken which was later adopted. Later on the House went on recess since there was a  need to meet other members of the EC and bringing the idea of  adjourning the sitting would affect the House since it might not be possible meet the constitutional requirement of 72 hours. Sequel to this, a motion of recess was moved by Hon. Praise that the House should go on recess and resume on the 19th of November by 3pm and this motion stood which was duly seconded by Hon Tea without a counter motion.

The House resumed from recess on the 19th of November, 2019 at exactly 3:34pm. Upon the  resumption of recess, the Ag. Clerk of the House was not available and there was a need to have a proper documentation of the proceedings of the House, the Speaker had to throw it open to the floor of the House and members of the Parliament reacted to it thus made the House resolved that the Clerk himself in person of Hon. Toluano be reinstated with immediate effect without any condition which made the Speaker gave  his ruling and as such the Clerk resumed office and makes him back on seat as the Clerk of the House. Moving away from that, the Speaker through the House appointed Hon. Oba from department of Philosophy as the Ag. Chief Whip due to the incessant absence of the Chief Whip of the House thus Hon. Oba assumed office.

Having said that, the Speaker of the House lamented that there was no member of the Executive Council on board even with the fact that they have been given prior notification and he sees no reason why they should abscond from sittings, he described this act as been unprogressive in nature due to the fact that this won't be the first time almost all members of the EC would disregard the Parliamentary ruling(s) which is against the provisions of the Constitution. The Speaker in his wisdom asked for a way forward on the same matter, Hon. Pathfinder from department of Religious Studies, reacted that how valid is it that the Ag. Clerk gave the members of the EC an invitation letter, and if there is any evidence to ascertain this, that such should be put forward before actions would be taken against them. The Speaker gave a response that such had already been put in place and he is aware of that since he was with the Ag. Clerk of the House after he prepare the invitation. Moving away from that, Honorables who were present at the resumption of the recess lamented and raised observations about fellow Honorables that absconds from sittings that actions should be taken against them the Speaker responded that the constitutional action he took against such persons in some sittings ago was upturned by the President of the association at the kangaroo Congress he organized which the Speaker furtherly described this act perpetrated by the President of the association and his cohorts as being unprogressive and anti democracy that those whose seats where declared vacant at the sitting should not be reversed by the President using the Congress as a tool.

The Speaker went further and requested for submission on the absence of some Honorable members and Hon. Pradol from department of Linguistics and African Languages opined that those that do not resume recess with the House should be pardoned but a contrary view was immediately raised by the Clerk of the House having been recognized by the Speaker of the House that such should not happen since the constitution is clear on what should be done since constitutional matters are not debatable. While the sitting was going on the Speaker of the House threw it open to the House about going on another recess while Hon. Praise stood and raised a motion for recess till 27th of November by 4pm this motion was duly seconded by Hon. Pathfinder while Hon. IB from department of History moved a counter motion that while resuming the recess that the Audit committee be mandated now that they have to come and give a report on why the election was postponed and the House should decide when next the postponed election would hold while this motion was seconded by Hon. TimmyBlack from department of History. Having two motions on ground, the Speaker called for voting and the motion moved by Hon. Praise stood by having four votes while that of Hon. IB had two votes thus the Speaker of the House declared the sitting to be on recess at exactly 7:59pm. 

The House resumed recess on the 27th of Nov. 2019 while the sitting started at exactly 5:21pm while the House resolved that Hon IB and Hon. Oba be made Ag. Deputy Speaker and Ag. Chief Whip respectively for the sitting since both officers that ought to occupy those offices were not available. The Clerk later stood up and gave update on the notification he sent to the EC  and said it was only the President that sent a message that he won't be available while others he sent  notifications to and that are not present at the sitting didn't inform him about their absence. Hon Ay. from department of English opined that since the Financial Secretary is available that she should come and give her report that hopefully before she finish giving her report other that are invited except for the the DOS(socials) who was available might come in. The House adopted this opinion and the financial gave her report, having done that, the House asked her about the amount of money left in the association's purse she categorically stated that the association has less than #5000 in the account. This caused controversies in the House as many Honorables and some gallarians raised eyebrows and this made the Clerk of the House in Person of Hon. Toluano ask her that some list were written on the day of election which made the President accused the Financial Secretary of doctoring the electorate list that what happened and she said that those names that she wrote were names that the President mandated her to write that they paid their due already but no money were remitted to her as regards those names and no money as regards that reflected in the association's statement of account which means that the President has embezzled such fund that is meant for the association and he is  even guilty of the fact that he collected the receipt from the Financial Secretary to sign and give people who want to pay their due which he should not have done since it is not within his jurisdiction to do so. 

Immediately, after so many arguments and show of displeasure from the Parliamentarians and the gallerians, the House requested the Speaker to call for motion on this, which the Speaker called for motion and Hon. Pradol from department of Linguistics and African Languages moved a motion for the Impeachment of the President of the association in person of Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (AyFab) having been established that he didn't remit the association's money that he collected for due to the Financial Secretary of the association and going ahead to collect the receipt for due from the financial secretary which is not within the scope of his duties and responsibilities as such he has committed offences against the provisions of the Constitution which is Embezzlement of fund, gross misconduct, misleading the House, Unconstitutional withdrawal of funds, constitutional aberration. This motion was seconded by Hon. Praise Durowoju. A counter motion was moved by Hon Kayking from the department of Foreign Languages that instead of being impeached that the President be suspended indefinitely on all of those grounds and be open for investigation by the necessary and appropriate quarters this motion was seconded by Hon Ajos from department of History. Having two motions on ground the Speaker put it into voting and the counter motion by Hon. Kayaking stood having 5 votes and that of Hon. Pradol had 3 votes. Thus made the President of the association in Person of Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (Ayfab) placed on indefinite suspension and be open to investigation. The House moved further and looked into the absence of the invited members of the EC after so much deliberations, the Speaker called for motion while Hon Toluano moved the motion that the Vice President in person of Pedro Omolola (Pedro),  the PRO in person of Kushimo Adebayo (Competence), the General Secretary in person of Adeniji Mahmoud (Hon ATM) and the Assistant General Secretary in person of Jethro  (Jethro) be placed on indefinite suspension on the grounds of disregard for Parliamentary rulings since that won't be their first time. This motion was duly seconded by Hon. Olucrown from department of English while Hon Pradol moved a counter motion that they should be pardoned but was not seconded by anybody which made the motion earlier moved by Hon. Toluano stood. Having all these motion stand, the Speaker of the House automatically becomes the Ag. President of the association until the House deems it fit to reinstate the suspended President in person of Mr. Adewale Ayo Waliyu. The Speaker of the House immediately addressed the House on being progressive and called for motion for adjournment. A motion was moved that the sitting be adjourned till the Speaker of the House deems it fit, this motion was moved by Hon. Praise from department of Linguistics and  African Languages and was duly seconded by Hon. Pathfinder from the department of Religious  Studies. The sitting was officially brought  to an end at exactly 7:22pm.


Hon. Komolafe Tolulope Joshua

Clerk of the FSRC

Rt Hon. Raji Hammed Olatunde (Hon Hammed)

Rt. Hon Speaker of the FSRC

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