Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Finally, FASA Decides!

By Bernard Nasamu 

The election of the Faculty of Art Student Association; FASA, was set for 10pm, but the voting process abruptly started around 11:30. The condition was conducive for the election. In small groups and troupes, students made way to exercise their constitutional rights.

The bone of contention after the cancelled election was the actualization of a free and fair election. A notable figure at the election which held at History lobby was Dr Amusa, whose presence coupled with the selfless services of the incorruptible electoral commissioners paved way for a hiccup election.
There were two candidates from two different departments under FASA, Zachman and Hamzat as they are popularly called.

The voting process ended officially around a few minutes after 4pm. Just as the saying goes the voice of the people is the voice of God. Hamzat, a part 3 student of the department of philosophy, emerged as the president-elect of FASA. Hamzat claimed the spot with a narrow 277- 248 votes, against a very rigid opponent in the person of Zachman. This is a break down of the votes by the departments of FASA:

Department of English
ZACH MAN.  112votes
HAMZAT.    10votes

Department of History
ZACHMAN.  76Votes
HAMZAT.   11Votes

Department of Philosophy

ZACHMAN.  6Votes
HAMZAT.   105Votes

Department of Linguistics


Department of Music


Department of Religious Study

ZACHMAN.  3Votes
HAMZAT.   19Votes

Department of Dramatic Arts

ZACHMAN.  36Votes
HAMZAT.    12Votes

Department of Foreign Languages

ZACHMAN.    4Votes
HAMZAT.     37Votes

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