Friday, 31 January 2020

OAU Final Year Student Sentenced to Jail

OAU Final Year Student Sentenced to Jail
By Emmanuel Dominic 

On Friday 31 January, 2020, the Justice Patricia Ajoku of a Federal High Court in Ibadan,  Oyo State sentenced a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Orimolade, to four months imprisonment. He was reported to have defrauded an American citizen of 150 dollars. Orimolade commited this crime on the 28th of September 2019 in Ibadan,  Oyo State.
According to the prosecutor, Orimolade disguised as a US citizen to one American man, Nelisa Snell, that he was deeply in love with him through the internet. 
The evidence before Ajoku, made the court sentence Orimolade, and plea Bargain agreement he had with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
She said; 
 "I have considered the plea bargain agreement entered into by the convict as well as the provisions of Section 270 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA)  2015 in the judgement and I also consider the fact that Orimolade is a very young person preparing for his final exams at OAU and that he had shown great remorse,  However, to serve as a warning to others intending to engage in Cybercrime, Orimolade is sentenced to four months in prison and the sentence starts from the date he was first arrested and detained. All exhibits found in his possession are hereby, forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria ". 

Mr Austin Fadugba the defence counsel , prayed before the judgment of the court, and asked that the court temper justice with mercy in sentencing his client. 
Earlier, Counsel to the EFCC Ibadan zonal office, Mr Babatunde Sonoiki, had told the court of the count amended charge, the convict was facing, which was bordering on impersonation. 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

OAU Official Resumption Date Confirmed

As promised, the Senate has decided and declared the resumption dates for both fresh and returning students. 

 Fresh students are to resume 22nd/23rd of February, 2020, while the returning undergraduates are to now resume on March 8, 2020 according to the proposed calendar. 

Information about the dates for registration is below. 

The 2019/2020 academic session is slated to end the 7th of December, 2020. 

OAUpeeps wishes all student happy

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

New Story - Solitude!

By Black Pen
I laughed so hard when Kunle sent me that nonsense WhatsApp sticker, with the inscription "That's why you are still a virgin". We had joked about me not having a girlfriend. I had always taken solace with my system and Google assistant. 

I knew he was a d*ck, but he knows just how to rub his love life in my face. This day, it got to me. It threw me off my feet. I had always abused myself, a way to insulate myself from other's judgment. I went offline instantly, casting my mind back to why and how my solitude started 

Secondary school in Ondo town was the highlight of my academics. I was what every good male student wanted to be. Smart, handsome, humorous, reserved, and of course, girls found me seducing. The eyes, the hair, the voice, the smart. Even myself would fall. 

None of the girls in class caught my fancy, they were sharp contrasts to my person, I wanted someone like me. But there was none in my class. none, till she came. Fair as a fairy tale. Voice like that of a nightingale. 

She was pretty, and instantly I felt a connection with her. The one I subconsciously get. Thinking of her made my heart warm - I technically feel the warmth. Writing stories made me feel characters and descriptions beyond sight, I feel touch right in my head. 

I live in a fantasy world of my own, processing every word and interpreting it to actual feelings, that elicit physical reactions. My hand got sweaty as she said "yes" when I asked that I just wanted to be her friend. 

Everyone wanted to be closer friends with the new girl, so I stepped back for the guys. Weeks past, I just looked from afar. We greeted when we met, talk the bit I could process, borrowed notes and went on to do me. 

But something had changed, I didn't get to enjoy the attention of other girls anymore. I suddenly lost interest in those I had been forcing myself to tease and converse with. I didn't know why. 

"Hey, you've been avoiding me for two weeks now" she asked
"Really? no, I haven't. Just didn't want to disturb you like the other guys did. " 
"Ok, we agreed to be friends, your presence is always what I look forward to"

My fantasy neuron kicked in, I gave a thousand meaning to her statement. The other guys saw they had no hope with her. The "early birds" shot shots, but all missed. I didn't shoot any shot, neither did I plan to, but here she was. 

I was happy she agreed to be friends. We closed from school together, took the school bus, seated beside one another, shared the cafeteria table. My guys resigned that we were dating. I was used to such scandals. My former school then was worse.

"I love you damola, I want to be your girlfriend" She said one day as we held hands out of the school. 

Instantly, I lost the grip on her hand. The sweat dried up, my skin thickened. My skin crawled. I didnt believe what I heard. I was in complete silence, not just for the day, but for the rest of the week. 

I had seen movies of people that loved and dated, they fought at the slightest chance. What wouldn't have caused a fight if they were just friends. The responsibility, the accountability, the...everything. 

I kept my distance from her. I just wanted to be friends, I was satisfied with just seeing her. So, I walked away. I could see her in class. that was enough. 

Seeing her didn't take long. "Paula is dead, damola" my friend ran into the class. He was coming from the staff room, he was the class rep. "She was traveling over the weekend with her father, the car had an accident. both are dead"

I lost me. Everything went cloudy. My heart felt ripped apart. I stared daily at her chair. My mind cast back to all the memories. To the few weeks we shared as intimate friends. All the life before she popped the question. 

I loved her, but didn't want to say. I wished she never asked that day. For the one week we were seperate after that, I longed for the perfect way to get back. 

I had seen videos on YouTube over the weekend. I found the perfect way to tell her that I loved her too. That I wanted to date her. That I wanted to just be more than friends. That I wanted to call her "sugar!". That I wanted to travel to California with her. 

I waited happily till Monday. Hoping that she'd come back to school. Monday came, but she never did. I should have told her when I had the chance. I should have cast away my worries and taken the bold step. 

But I took the cowards way out. I only want to date someone I am friends with, someone I can be friends with, not just a random girl. She became the friend, but I still failed her. 

If I had said it, if I had not been cowardly, she wouldn't have traveled on a Valentine Weekend. She would have stayed. It was all my fault. 

Now, I have the friends, but I still can't say "I love you" to the one I really do love. What if like me back then, she just wants to be friends and walk away like I did, If I say it. Being friends is better than the risk of losing the one I hold dear. Isn't it?

Monday, 27 January 2020

University Panel Declares Sex for Grade Lecturer Guilty

Earlier this year,  OAU made it to the media again on Sex for grade allegations against a lecturer of the Institution; Mr Olaleye Bisi ,by a student of International Relations Department; Miss Afolayan. Following the twitter hashtag #OAUTakeBisiOut, a University panel was set up, and it was headed by Prof. Yetunde Ajibade. Several meetings with all parties involved have been conducted separately, undergoing interrogations. All Media Houses and Citizens, who took to interest in the Case, waited patiently for the verdict of the University Panel.
In the early hours of the day, an informant, notified the agency that the university panel set up by the Senate to investigate the sex for grade allegations against Mr. Olaleye Bisi, submitted its report this morning. The Chair of the Panel, in person of Prof. Yetunde Ajibade, Provost of the Post Graduate College, who led the 7 member Panel to the VC's Office, briefed the VC on its findings. 
Mr Olaleye Bisi was then found guilty as alleged and his dismissal recommended among many other sanctions. The report is to be processed to A & PC and other relevant organisations of the university within weeks. The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) already made contact with the University briefing on the matter. 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

The History: Ojà(Market)

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi M.

The Yoruba ethnic group has proven to be a vast tribe with many brave historical achievements, culture and traditions, places, things of huge values which are well respected in the world. One of the things held in great esteem by the Yoruba tribe is its language. The Yoruba language has always been influential in different part of the world aside Nigeria, Benin republic, Togo. The language is well appreciated in Brazil, USA, Cuba and many other nations.
One of the important and famous daily used word by the speakers of the language is the word 'Ọjà' which means 'market', a place where day to day activities take place. Oja is a place where buying and selling occurs as well as the distribution of services in acquisition of funds or something lucrative in return.
It was gathered that native Yoruba tribe named a place that attracted people's attention. It was said that whenever there was a public fight or dispute especially during competitions, traders use the opportunity to sell their goods for long time till it gets to be constant. The name 'Ọjà' translates to 'It will fight or it fought'. Also, there is no authenticity of the story since the Yoruba history and other African's origin were orally passed at first place.
In the old, 'Ọjà' is a place where petty goods are mostly bought or sold such as peppers, yams, fishes, vegetables, Garri, Onions, tomatoes etc. and all these were done by barter (in exchange of something), later through spending of cowries as money. But now due to Europeans and other influences, different goods are sold in return of profit or something lucrative as well as different services are rendered. Goods to this effect include fridges, gas, TV, phones, computers, engines, clothes, shoes etc. without secluding food items too.

More so, it is good to recall that 'Ọjà' also means 'goods or commodity'. Some people also refer to 'Ọjà' as something 'illegal'. For example, Yoruba speakers say 'Awọn ọmọ ọlọja alẹ' which connotes 'Night workers'. The latter is mostly related to 'prostitutes or thieves' because thieves and prostitutes are believed to operate at the night. Speakers of Yoruba, especially the ones in the cities, say " Ọjà ti jẹ ẹ" meaning someone had been scammed by someone else or something.

Extendedly, the word 'Ọlọja' is an adjective that mainly qualifies all that relates with the word ''Ọjà''. It will be necessary to note that ''Òjá'' means ''wrapper'' (to tighten babies), 'Ò jáa' means 'He/She/It cut it' while 'Ó jà' means "He/She/It fought". It has been recorded also that the word 'Ọjà' can also be called ''Ibùsọ̀ / Ìsọ̀'' in Yoruba. For example, ''Ibùsọ̀ àwọn aláta'' meaning "the market-side of pepper sellers"

Saturday, 18 January 2020

OAU Hosts the Maiden Version of The Royal Awards & Leadership Summit

By Emmanuel Dominic 
The Royal Awards & Leadership Summit is an event hosted by Royal African Young Leadership Forum in conjunction with the Ooni of Ife Global Outreach. The aim of the event is to award young and vibrant successful youths who have made it so that it can have impact in their respective fields/industries.
It took place on the 17th of January, 2020 at Oduduwa hall OAU campus.
The event was scheduled to begin by 11am, however, due to logistical hitches it kicked off by 12:04pm. The Public Relations Officer of OAU, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju and Mr Yinka were the Masters of Ceremony. They acknowledged how all activities on campus were on hold, due to the program, to honour the youths in Ife. 
The Traditional Chiefs and advisers to the King graced the ceremony with their presence in their glamorous white attires and beads embodiments. Many dignitaries like MC Lively, Woli Arole, Seyi Awolowo, Seun Fakorede, Daniel Otabor, Fola David, Yomi Casual, Habeeb Whyte, Seyi Olofinjana, Princess Adeniyi and many others were present as well. 
The ceremony proceeded with the appearance from MC Lively, Kays as they were acknowledged being. OAUpeeps News Agency and many reporters from different broadcasting stations including of Channels TV and AIT were present to cover the event.

The Ooni of Ife; his imperial majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi (Ojaja II) graced the hall with his presence by 12:44, in the most majestic cultural Yoruba beauty. He joined the high table with the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Nigeria, Minister for Youth and Sports, and the Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University.

The national anthem, the anthem of United Arab Emirates and Ile-Ife anthem was exquisitely performed by Team Definition, in the fantastic way possible. Their performance was followed by the school anthem
Baba Aremu opened the ceremony with the prayers, then Tomisin Olawale did the welcome speech on behalf of the Majesty, he also apologized to the Majesty for starting the program late. 

However, 100 youths were enlisted for awards. Eyitope Kola Oyeneyin was given the first award by the Former Minister for Youth and Sport. Awards were granted to HRH Prince God's Will Edward, Sowemimo Abiodun, Ogundele sijibomi, Mr Akinola, Miss Adora, Relieve Team, Mr Ajebo, Mr Nelson, Shola Animasaun, Yomi Casual, Woli Arole, Abdul Lateef, Victor Ogbara, Pastor Usen J, Pastor Lazarus, Olumide Owo, Olufemi Emmanuel, Wole Sax,  Pamilerin, Akorede, Peter Osas, Lukman Sobo, Kenny Blaq, MD /CEO Sujimoto, Hon. Debo Ogundoyin; speaker of the  Oyo State House of Assembly, Barrister Chima, Mr Bello Bala Shagari; the Grandson of the former president, Hon Seun Fakorede, Dr. Gbadamosi Adefemi. 

An Artist who painted on stage, was awarded. He painted on a double board, he painted the Ooni of Ife on one side and the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Nigeria on the other side.
Jerry Mallo, the guy that made a sport Ferrari model car from the scratch also awarded after showing his inventions.
All awards were presented by the Former Minister for Youth and Sport, Vice Chancellor and the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Nigeria. 
During the event, the winner of Queen Moremi was awarded a Car and sum of 1 million naira. The first runner up got a sum of N750,000 and the second runner up got a sum of N500,000.
The event was indeed a gracious on as it came to an end at 4:02 after some of the awardees made short speeches to thank to the Ooni of Ife.


OAU Computer Center shuts down Eportal

The Computer Centre of Obafemi Awolowo University released an internal memorandum on the 17th of January, 2020, to notify the university community of a temporary shutdown of the e-portal.
This memorandum is from the Ag. Director of Computer Centre to deputy Vice Chancellor (academics) informing the community that the temporary shutdown of the e-portal is part of the preparation for the new academic session (2019/2020).
The shutdown of the e-portal is for routine maintenance, and it will last from 20th to 27th January. 
"During the time, there will be a rolling over for the incoming session and the introduction of some new security measures. In addition, the key members of staff of the Centre WILL NOT BE available during this period."
The Centre apologize for the inconvenience that the university community might face during this period and they declare that this activity is for them to serve the community better.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

OAU: Timelines For Change of Course Application For 2019/2020 Session

OAU: Timelines For Change of Course Application For 2019/2020 Session

On the 8th of Jan 2020, the Principal Assistant Registrar(Admission) released a circular stating the timeline for processing application forms for the Change of Course /Degree Programme towards the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

The deans of releasing and accepting faculties are expected to note and keep to the deadlines. This will enable students who have been granted approval to change their course of study to register for those courses and commence the 2019/2020 session in the new faculty /department accordingly

Below are the timeline process

Sales of change of course application form commences                                 13th January, 2020
Sales of Forms closes                                                                                              29th February, 2020
Releasing Faculty /Department Receives Forms                                                10th March, 2020
Releasing Faculty /Department returns Form to Admission Office                15th March, 2020
Accepting Faculty/Department receives Forms                                                 20th March 2020
Accepting Faculty/Department returns Forms to Admission Office               25th March, 2020

Signed by 
Dr. (Mrs.) A.O Awofisayo
Principal Assistant Registrar (Admissions)

Sex-For-Grades: OAU Makes Headlines Yet Again

By Emmanuel Dominic 

Obafemi Awolowo University makes it to the headlines again, but this time, it is based on a sex-for-grades scandal, which involves a Lecturer from the Department of International Relations, whose name is Olabisi Olaleye,  and a 400l student of the department of International Relations, whose name is Motunrayo Afolayan. This is a case in which the student accused the lecturer of sexually harassing her. A complaint had been filed at the University Center for Gender and Social Policy Studies by the victim,  alleging that the lecturer had failed her in Diplomacy course code IRS 305.
This is happening up 2 years after Mr Akindele,  a professor of accounting, was dismissed from the University,  for allegedly demanding sex for grades from a female student.  And was later sentenced to 24months in prison. 

Reliable source. Told Premium times that Mrs Afolayan first took IRS 305 during 2017/18 academic year. But allegedly failed cause she refused to sleep with the lecturer. 
During the next academic year,  2018/19 academic session, she registered again for the course, but she received threats from the lecturer  that she would fail  again and again if she refuses to adhere to his demands. When the other lecturers were fully aware of the development in the case , they asked for proof of the allegations laid against the accused, she then played a recording of Mr Olaleyes voice saying in yourba  that “I promise you would fail this course three times except you sleep with me.” She recorded the accused, based on an advice given to her by a friend who had sometimes been harassed by the lecturer in the past.
A source from the university said " So she was in Olaleye's office and just as predicted,  Olaleye held her by the hand and began to fondle her.  While he was carried away,  the lady turned on the voice recording application on her phone and taped all his Vulgar words including the threat. Mr Afolayan refused to share the audio recording with anyone,  saying she was afraid of being ridiculed. When her Departmental Lecturers couldn't help. She sought for a female lecturers help from the faculty of law,  who then told her to report to the University authorities. As soon as Mr Olaleye learnt the matter has escalated,  he released Miss Afolayan result and others too,  which actually showed that they passed the course.”

The University authorities set up a probe panel headed by Yetunde Ajibade, the Provost of PostGraduate College , in response to the students complaint. Mrs Ajibade, a Professor,  is the first female provost of the College. The panel has met with all the concerned parties; Miss Afolayan, Mr Olaleye,  Mr Omotuyi(the person the matter was firstly reported too), and Kehinde Olayode, the Head of department,  International Relations, amongst many others.

Mr Olaleye appeared before the panel in November last year, while Mr Omotuyi met the panel on January 9. Miss Afolayan had appeared before the panel, alongside several other female students in the department who also served as witnesses. A statement written by Mr Olaleye,  says,  that the lady and two other girls came to meet him at his office,  telling him to change the date for his exam, Which was clashing with there 400l course,  and he told them he couldn't. And that he didn't know her until the timetable issue came up.  And the reason for her results being held, was that, his co-lecturer who taught the course with him,  was busy with accreditation issues. When further questioned about when he join the school,  he couldn't recollect,  and couldn't give an answer why he hasn't collected his doctorate degree, even after 13 years of reportedly enrolling for it. 

Since the awareness of this occurrence, several confessions have been coming in from closed WhatsApp groups,  Twitter and  even a female Alumni narrated a similar experience with Mr Olaleye.  An Alumni Who lives in United Kingdom, stated that "Mr Olaleye should not escape the wrath of the law this time" Some said,  he is drunk and very reckless . Many female student have fallen victim of Mr Olaleyes sex for grade tactics. And now, some accuse lecturers who are close to Mr Olaleye in the faculty,  trying to mount pressure on the panel, and so they can secure a soft Landing for their colleague.

The University's Public Relations Officer, Mr. Abiodun Olarewaju,  stated in a statement released , that justice will be served , and that the precedent created with a similar case in the past should assure the public of the University administrations commitment to ensuring fairness and justice. He stated that " There is no basis for anybody to nurse fear about the possible outcome of the probe ". He also said, " we have since gone past that stage at OAU. Nobody told us before a panel was set up,  and the gender center that was created was aimed at creating unfettered access to justice”

Source: Premium Times

Monday, 6 January 2020

Possible Bed Space For Final Year Students As DSA Makes New Release

The Division of Student Affairs in its latest special release informs the final year students of a possible but “slim chance” of accommodation. DSA affirms that it is a tradition for freshmen and final year students to benefit from the bed spaces provided by the school.

 However, as a result of the reaction to last release that only freshmen would be provided accommodation on campus, the management states that “It would be unfair to ignore the reality of insufficient bed spaces for the students in this category and go ahead to make students unprepared against the possibilities of not getting bed spaces because of the limited bed spaces on campus.”
It was also stated that the last release was to get students prepared as the possibilities to get accommodation on campus is very slim. 

The management plead with students to be patient as efforts are made to secure the immediate usage of the newly constructed hostels at Parakin Area. 

Graduating English Students Mourn Loss Of Class Member

Adekilekun Fatiu who was reported dead on 31, December 2019 was an English student (a member of the class of Candor 2019 graduating set). He wrote his final exams on 21st December 2019 with his classmates and went home on the same day. He had gone home for the holiday with the intention of going back to complete his project in school. There is no information on the state of his health before his demise, it was however reported that he was not active online for 2 days. He was also the project leader of his group. 

His class, the Class of Candor was shaken and saddened by the news and some class members had a lot to say about him;

"Adekilekun Fatiu, my friend was awesome. Amongst my friends in the department, he was the most jovial and humorous. He was also very reserved, I will always go to his room in Awo to snap note. He was very generous as he gave me food to eat whenever I visited. He was the group leader of his project work which they  have written to chapter 4.He actually went home  after our  last exam being the 21st of December 2019. I pray Allah forgive him and count him among the pious one."
Arogundade AbdulGhalib Dami

" Adekilekun Fatiu was a cool guy.". Another classmate said.

We wish all family and friends the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

How To Maintain Your Glam This Harmattan period

By Babalola Moyinoluwa
This festive period is the period of dry skin, dry throat, dry nose, white skin, white lips, cracked lips, cold and heat all at the same time! Yes, it's the Harmattan season
And yes beloved, we are at that season of the year.

What should we do enjoy this period despite the demerits it brings?
1. Drink lots of water: It is easy to get dehydrated this period because of the intensity of the sun’s radiation. It is very advisable to keep a bottle of water handy. Don’t wait till you get thirsty like we always do before you drink water. You can even make it an hourly routine, it won’t hurt at all.

2. Moisturize: It is very essential to use moisturizing soap or cream. Apply the moisturizing cream all over your feet including under your feet. Apply it during the day and even at night before going to bed. Have a moisturizing cream handy always!

3. Dress Warmly: Clothes with layers are awesome for this period. As much as possible, avoid wearing skimpy clothes. Also wear hats and glasses to keep your face away from the sun.

4. Right shoes: For this season, covered shoes and boots are recommended, avoid wearing sandals because of dust in order to avoid white feet.

5. Get a blanket for the night: It is expected that the weather at night will be very cold, get a blanket for warmth.

6. Handy lip balm: It is quite difficult to talk well with a dry lip or smile beautifully for the camera. Lip balm or Lip gloss does the wonders; it is very advisable to keep it handy.

7. Take night baths: This period can be very dusty, ensure to take your bathe in the night.
Regardless of the harmattan, we are indeed going to have an awesome festive period!

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

From everyone at OAUPEEPS, we say a very big thank you to the entirety of the management and studentship of Obafemi Awolowo University OAU, Ile-Ife. Through thick and thin, good and bad, setback and success, we managed to stick together as intellectuals, as a school, and overall as a family.

   Despite the hiccups here and there, we are grateful for being able to pull through. 2019 could have been better, but we all hope and pray that 2020 would be the best.

 From the entire team of OAU peeps, we wish everyone a wonderful end to a year and the prosperous beginning of the new year.   

We wish everyone happy resumption in advance, and a wonderful year ahead

Pelumi Hassan