Thursday, 2 January 2020

How To Maintain Your Glam This Harmattan period

By Babalola Moyinoluwa
This festive period is the period of dry skin, dry throat, dry nose, white skin, white lips, cracked lips, cold and heat all at the same time! Yes, it's the Harmattan season
And yes beloved, we are at that season of the year.

What should we do enjoy this period despite the demerits it brings?
1. Drink lots of water: It is easy to get dehydrated this period because of the intensity of the sun’s radiation. It is very advisable to keep a bottle of water handy. Don’t wait till you get thirsty like we always do before you drink water. You can even make it an hourly routine, it won’t hurt at all.

2. Moisturize: It is very essential to use moisturizing soap or cream. Apply the moisturizing cream all over your feet including under your feet. Apply it during the day and even at night before going to bed. Have a moisturizing cream handy always!

3. Dress Warmly: Clothes with layers are awesome for this period. As much as possible, avoid wearing skimpy clothes. Also wear hats and glasses to keep your face away from the sun.

4. Right shoes: For this season, covered shoes and boots are recommended, avoid wearing sandals because of dust in order to avoid white feet.

5. Get a blanket for the night: It is expected that the weather at night will be very cold, get a blanket for warmth.

6. Handy lip balm: It is quite difficult to talk well with a dry lip or smile beautifully for the camera. Lip balm or Lip gloss does the wonders; it is very advisable to keep it handy.

7. Take night baths: This period can be very dusty, ensure to take your bathe in the night.
Regardless of the harmattan, we are indeed going to have an awesome festive period!

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