Monday, 6 January 2020

Possible Bed Space For Final Year Students As DSA Makes New Release

The Division of Student Affairs in its latest special release informs the final year students of a possible but “slim chance” of accommodation. DSA affirms that it is a tradition for freshmen and final year students to benefit from the bed spaces provided by the school.

 However, as a result of the reaction to last release that only freshmen would be provided accommodation on campus, the management states that “It would be unfair to ignore the reality of insufficient bed spaces for the students in this category and go ahead to make students unprepared against the possibilities of not getting bed spaces because of the limited bed spaces on campus.”
It was also stated that the last release was to get students prepared as the possibilities to get accommodation on campus is very slim. 

The management plead with students to be patient as efforts are made to secure the immediate usage of the newly constructed hostels at Parakin Area. 

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