Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Most Productive Way To Spend A Compulsory Break✨

By Moyinoluwa Babalola
It is much easier planning a break when you have an afore knowlege of its coming. You start sending in applications to organizations, companies and corporations on hiring you as intern or you start saving up or asking your parents for money to learn a new skill and most importantly your mind is even prepared for it.

Having a break where your mind is not even prepared for it can be really difficult as much as i hate to say it, that is what we are experiencing right now.

Should we be angry and just lazy around, sleep, surf the net, watch movies and eat all through. Atleast no one can blame us, we weren't prepared for it.

No! There are 1 billion ways to make this break productive even if everything is virtual. I don't want to bore you, we will be discussing just five and i tell you, you are not ready for the great things doing these will bring.
1. TAKE AN ONLINE COURSE: The good thing about this is that various of schools and platforms are giving out these courses for free and the ones with money are more or else peanuts.
Take a course you have always been interested in or one you no nothing about but sounds appealing to your ears.
2. READ BOOKS: Those books you bought years ago and have never had the time to read them, bring them out now and start reading them. Also, those e-books you were just collecting on your phone and have never read a page, open it now and start reading.

3. SEND THOSE APPLICATIONS: Those  Scholarahips, Internships, grants, Essay competitions you have always wanted to apply for never you never had the time to do so. START THE APPLICATION NOW.

4. LEARN A SKILL: It is time to learn a skill virtually. A skill can be Copywrighting, Graphics Design, Video Animation, you name it. Look for ways to learn it, WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS , DOWNLOAD MATERIALS ON THEM, READ UP ON THEM ON GOOGLE.

5. BUILD YOUR ONLINE NETWORK: Update your linkedn profile if you have one and create one if you do not. Start connecting with people that matter in your career.
There are tons of other things you can do, this are just the major ones.

Don't forget to stay safe this period, call your loved ones, find reasons to be grateful always- it will help you stay happy.
Love from,

Thursday, 26 March 2020

"All Samples collected from Ife are Negative for SARS-COVI 2 Virus" -Prof Onayade.

On the 25th of March, 2020, a Covid-19 case was confirmed in Osun State. This generated the rumour on social media about a confirmed case in OAUTHC. 
This rumour appeared to be false as Prof Onayade from OAUTHC said,
"Dear colleagues, I am glad to report that all samples collected from Ife are NEGATIVE for SARS-COVI 2 virus. All exposed persons should calm down. However, note that 80% of persons who are infected and able to transmit the infections are asymptomatic. This means the real risk to us are not the patients in the hospital but the many people we come across in during daily social interactions in offices, markets, churches, mosques, etc. Consequently, let us keep safe via scrupulous hand washing, social distancing, cough etiquette and other preventive behaviour at this time. The protocol will be distributed to all service points tomorrow and we will continue to strengthen our preparedness and plans to keep you all safe. God bless us all."
However, it was reported that the confirmed Covid-19 case is at Oshogbo. People are still urged to stay home, practise social distancing and stay safe.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Stay Safe

By Ayodele Jomiloju

Majority of us smiled at the new year prepared to set our visions right, loads of resolutions stuck in our hearts, lots of promises were made and we vowed not to recede, unfortunately or fortunately for us today it feels like the end of the world. It could had been any other time but it choose now and our preparation still matters as we can't afford to ignore precautions and run after the cure.
 People are dying and a choice to either learn or live under the shadow of rumours that have been created to make us feel safe. There are tens of invalid conclusions spreading day after day. Everytime I hear this rumor I tell myself we don't need it. All we need to do is guide ourselves, take the recognized precautions and try to stay safe.

 Hygeine is a universal culture, thorough washing of hands (for about 20 seconds) with an anti - bacteria soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizers, social distancing, avoiding large and crowdy gatherings, reduce traveling, stay at home often, cover the openings (nose and nostrils) with your folded elbow or a disposable tissue paper whenever you sneeze and cough, avoid touching your face with unclean hands and if you feel any of the symptoms (cold, dry cough, fever, tiredness or breathing difficulty) self isolate yourself and visit a GENERAL HOSPITAL. These are crucial precautions we need to adhere to.
 Personally I strongly encourage people to memorize the emergency hotline (080097000010) in case there's a suspected case around you and it's very important we become more observant. Another hiccup we need to tackle is the indescent use of the internet and social media, honestly I appreciate technology, internet and social media and I we need to respect the social media and use it wisely. 
 The virus hit the world unexpectedly and it's reasonable if human response is worry, anxiety and fear however an inappropriate defense mechanism is using the social media to laugh it off (more often at the expense of others in pain). We need to be encouraged not discouraged, let's be innovative and use the social media appropriately, a perfect anology is #Stayathomechallenge by footballers which has helped footballers and football fans stay relaxed, though you might not be a fan of watching 22 adults running after round leather still you can get innovative and help people stay relaxed through the social media.

Conclusively, we need to be patient. Stop aggravating the situation and please stay safe.

Friday, 20 March 2020

OAU Management Follows Federal Government Directive, Closes University

The school has finally done a press release to confirm the lock down of the school. OAU PRO confirm this.


In compliance with the directives from the Federal Government, as announced by the Honourable Minister of Education, Alhaji Adamu Adamu, that all Federal Universities be shut down in order to curtail the spread of Corona Virus in Nigeria, the authorities of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, have announced the closure of the University until further notice.

A release by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju, stated that  all students of the University have been directed to proceed on break, and those in the University's halls of residence have been asked to vacate their hostels and go home.

Accordingly, students are expected to be leaving their hostels and the campus beginning from Monday, 23rd March, 2020, latest by 5:00pm.

In view of this, parents and guardians of our students are advised to ensure that their children and wards comply fully with the order.

In addition, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede, has announced the suspension of all local, national and international conferences, seminars or workshops, scheduled to hold in the University, until further notice.

He implored the organisers of such programmes to bear with the University Management and join hands with it to have a healthy and safe environment."

"The Security Department doesn't have the Authority to Declare the School Closed."-OAU Security Department

It seems like the students are thrown back into their state of oblivion as @OAUSecurityDep prior to their tweet at about 5am this morning recently tweeted that they do not have the authority to declare the school closed.
 Students are advised to wait on the Circular that would be released by the school soon.

OAU declares School Closed Down According to the Directive of the FG

As early as 5am this morning, the students of Obafemi Awolowo University were put out of their mystery and confusion towards the decision of the school regarding the release by the Federal Government to close down all federal tertiary institutions.
OAU Security Department confirms that the school would be closed according to the directive of the Federal Government.

Students are expected to head home today. To avoid stamepeding, buses will be allowed into campus as early as 5:00am.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

OAU Joins in the Fight against COVID-19

It is no news that the world is fighting COVID-19 also known as Corona virus. The virus is said to affect the lungs. It causes illnesses like cold, fever, running nose and difficulty in breathing. 
 An unaffected person can contact the virus when droplets from the eyes, nose and mouth of an affected person comes in contact with the eyes, nose and mouth of the unaffected person. 
It is advisable to wash the hands as many times as you can, you can also get hand sanitizers and a face mask. The use of warm water and salt is also a preventive measure against the virus.
However, the school management revealed that there is an Emergency Response Team set up for the fight against COVID-19. Students are to stay safe and alert for the hotlines which would be released soon. 
Till then, students are advised to call Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Toll free number in case of any report; 
SMS 08099555577
Whatsapp 07087110839

NASELS Election Hits Rock

By Bernard Nasamu

The National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) held her election on the 19th of March. The election started at 10am and was properly conducted by NASELS Electoral Commission (NEC); chaired by Hon. Gaddafi. The election started out peacefully were going until an unknown student of another department casted her vote. 
This led to an uproar between the electoral commission and some students. In the long run to this development, the incriminated student in question was questioned and eventually turned out to be from the department of Economics. This information prompted a heavy decision from the electoral commission, and 10 votes were deducted from the aspirants she voted for; Hon Que D who is running for the post of the President and Faith, the post of the Vice President. An anonymous voter stated that "This decision isn't constitutional and doesn't encourage the franchise of every student." 
The student also stated that the aspirants are oblivious to the whole scenario and the offender herself. The question on everyone's mind is, What is the duty of the electoral commissioner in-charge of verification of all voters? And why should the aspirants pay for the act of an over zealous unknown student? What is the legal backing behind infringing on the rights of 10 people for the sake of one offender?
However, Faith emerged as the Vice president of the department while the result of the post of the President was inconclusive. In spite of the fact that Hon Que D had 142 votes over his opponent Hon. Delete who had 125 votes even after the deduction.
Faith is left with the responsibilities of the President till the NEC come to a conclusion.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Refund of Freshmen Acceptance fee

By Ifeoluwa Adegboyega

All OAU Fresh Students that have paid acceptance fee are required to log-in into their eportal account to fill their bank details between Monday 16th March, 2020 and Sunday 22nd March, 2020 for the purpose of refund of Acceptance fee.

 However, students should take note that, normal registration of courses on E-portal for Harmattan Semester 2019/2020 ends Sunday 15th of March , 2020.
All students are required to print the evidence of course registration from eportal as a proof of registration.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Dressing for the season✨

Dressing for the season✨
By Moyinoluwa Babalola

Our long awaited dry season is here and it is funny how we want it to go away so quickly given that we were also already tired of the cold weather.

Be it as it is, we need to be prepared.
How best do we dress this season and still look our best?

1. Go for clothings made of cotton, linen or jersey . These fabrics will not constrain your body or cause you to sweat in the heat.

2. Avoid clothings made of polyester, nylon or silk.They will definately make you sweat and hot.

3. Stick to light colored fabrics. This is just perfect for the weather, totally avoid black clothes as they make one very hot. 

4. Go for looser cuts and styles. Avoid clothes that are too fitted and tight rather clothes that are loose and comfy e.g clothes with A-line cut.

5. Opt for shorts or skirts over pants. Pants cover your whole legs and will harbour heat but shorts or skirts allow for fresh air on the legs.

6. Wear short sleeve ot sleeveless tops. I can't imagine a long sleeved shirt or top during hot weather, it is a bad choice. Rather go for tops with short sleeves or no sleeves at all.

7. Do not layer your clothings. This simply means not having many clothes on. A sleeveless top with a jacket is too many layers.

8. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunburn.

9. Wear a face cap

10. Choose comfortable, breathless shoes and not tight shoes. This allows for fresh air and prevents feet swelling and smelly feet.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020