Thursday, 19 March 2020

NASELS Election Hits Rock

By Bernard Nasamu

The National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) held her election on the 19th of March. The election started at 10am and was properly conducted by NASELS Electoral Commission (NEC); chaired by Hon. Gaddafi. The election started out peacefully were going until an unknown student of another department casted her vote. 
This led to an uproar between the electoral commission and some students. In the long run to this development, the incriminated student in question was questioned and eventually turned out to be from the department of Economics. This information prompted a heavy decision from the electoral commission, and 10 votes were deducted from the aspirants she voted for; Hon Que D who is running for the post of the President and Faith, the post of the Vice President. An anonymous voter stated that "This decision isn't constitutional and doesn't encourage the franchise of every student." 
The student also stated that the aspirants are oblivious to the whole scenario and the offender herself. The question on everyone's mind is, What is the duty of the electoral commissioner in-charge of verification of all voters? And why should the aspirants pay for the act of an over zealous unknown student? What is the legal backing behind infringing on the rights of 10 people for the sake of one offender?
However, Faith emerged as the Vice president of the department while the result of the post of the President was inconclusive. In spite of the fact that Hon Que D had 142 votes over his opponent Hon. Delete who had 125 votes even after the deduction.
Faith is left with the responsibilities of the President till the NEC come to a conclusion.
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