Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Stay Safe

By Ayodele Jomiloju

Majority of us smiled at the new year prepared to set our visions right, loads of resolutions stuck in our hearts, lots of promises were made and we vowed not to recede, unfortunately or fortunately for us today it feels like the end of the world. It could had been any other time but it choose now and our preparation still matters as we can't afford to ignore precautions and run after the cure.
 People are dying and a choice to either learn or live under the shadow of rumours that have been created to make us feel safe. There are tens of invalid conclusions spreading day after day. Everytime I hear this rumor I tell myself we don't need it. All we need to do is guide ourselves, take the recognized precautions and try to stay safe.

 Hygeine is a universal culture, thorough washing of hands (for about 20 seconds) with an anti - bacteria soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizers, social distancing, avoiding large and crowdy gatherings, reduce traveling, stay at home often, cover the openings (nose and nostrils) with your folded elbow or a disposable tissue paper whenever you sneeze and cough, avoid touching your face with unclean hands and if you feel any of the symptoms (cold, dry cough, fever, tiredness or breathing difficulty) self isolate yourself and visit a GENERAL HOSPITAL. These are crucial precautions we need to adhere to.
 Personally I strongly encourage people to memorize the emergency hotline (080097000010) in case there's a suspected case around you and it's very important we become more observant. Another hiccup we need to tackle is the indescent use of the internet and social media, honestly I appreciate technology, internet and social media and I we need to respect the social media and use it wisely. 
 The virus hit the world unexpectedly and it's reasonable if human response is worry, anxiety and fear however an inappropriate defense mechanism is using the social media to laugh it off (more often at the expense of others in pain). We need to be encouraged not discouraged, let's be innovative and use the social media appropriately, a perfect anology is #Stayathomechallenge by footballers which has helped footballers and football fans stay relaxed, though you might not be a fan of watching 22 adults running after round leather still you can get innovative and help people stay relaxed through the social media.

Conclusively, we need to be patient. Stop aggravating the situation and please stay safe.
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