Thursday, 28 May 2020

Schools to Reopen or Not

By Yusuf Qudus Olaniyi
When I hear students being merry over the fact that schools in the country will reopen for operations on June 8, I shake my head. As much as the story is false as the Minster of Education has come out to debunk it as well as Boss Mustapha; the Chairman if the presidential task force on  COVID-19, I am of the opinion "that there is an iota of truth in every rumor".
 As we are all aware that confirmed cases of the Pandemic that has bedeviled the whole world and not Nigeria alone, continues to rise astronomically as more cases are being confirmed. The truth in the rumor is that the opening of learning activities might be around the corner as it has been said that institutions should start drawing up plans to protect their students once learning activities commence. As much as no date has been set yet it is a thing of joy as some students have jokingly said they have forgotten their matric number. As for me, I have forgotten my E-portal password, well that could be partly due to the fact that we were asked to change it some months ago from the one I have been using for over two years.
 During a briefing in Abuja on the 27th of May 2020, Boss Mustapha said " I wish to inform Nigerians that the federal ministry of Education will rule out measures for the self-reopening of schools" he stated that work is going on in the pipeline for the reopening of schools.
The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a halt in all activities including interstate travel, but the truth is people are still travelling by road; the only difference is that it has become more stressful and very expensive.
 There is no gainsaying that a policy or law ruled out by the government of this country is an avenue for some set of people to enrich themselves and cash out greatly. This time around not only drivers who drive their vehicle interstate are hiking their fees as a result of the risk involved, security agents are also cashing in on the opportunity.
Normally transportation from Ile-ife, Osun state to Lagos cost about 1500 naira which is often a direct bus, but as a result of the ban on interstate travel, the movement from Lagos to Ife cost about 5000 naira as the journey will have to be split into different part. 
According to finding, on will need to travel from Ife to Ibadan first, then Ibadan to mowe, the last phase is a motorcycle journey from mowe to Berger.
At the end of it all irrespective of the lockdown or interstate ban, it is best that students and everybody alike to utilize the time to equip themselves and also try to stay safe as "COVID-19 is real".

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