Monday, 29 June 2020

Tertiary Institutes Remain Closed Even As FG Approves "Safe Reopening" Of Schools.

By Abidemi Olukanmi Abeeb 
Despite the school reopening in the next phase of lockdown ease, the tertiary Institutes across Nigeria are to remain closed as federal government urge graduating students preparing for final exams to go back to school.

The Federal Government has approved what is called “safe reopening” of schools nationwide in the next phase of the gradual easing of lockdown ordered to curtail further spread of COVID-19.

However, only graduating students will resume.
It has been gathered that the government equally lifted ban on interstate movement. This would be  effective from July 1, 2020, noting that only fifty percent of the passengers of the buses are allowed during travels.
The Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, disclosed these at the ongoing daily briefing of the task force in Abuja on Monday.

He said the reopening of schools was meant to allow students in graduating classes resume preparation for examinations.

He disclosed that the latest developments were contained in the task force’s fifth interim report which was submitted to the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), earlier in the day.

Maintaining the current phase of the national response, for another four weeks in line with modifications to be expatiated by the National Coordinator;

“Permission of movement across state borders only outside curfew hours with effect from 1st July, 2020"

The PTF, however, reaffirmed the continuation of the nationwide curfew between 10 pm and 4 am adding that “travels are not expected at this period.”

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Court Acquits Prof Elujoba

By Pelumi Hassan 
Around last month,  the media was blazing with the news of Prof. Elujoba;  the former acting VC of Obafemi Awolowo University. His bank account was frozen due to some investigation for an alleged fraud. The former acting VC and former acting bursar; Mrs Josephine Akeredolu were arraigned on seven- count charges of conspiracy, stealing,paying of earned and productivity allowance of N1.4 billion to the staff of the university without authority’s approval, illegal payment of furniture allowance, abuse of office and conversion of money belonging to the university.
However, An Osun State High Court sitting in Osogbo on Thursday 25th of June, 2020, discharged and acquitted the former Acting Vice-Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Professor Anthony Elujoba of abuse of office and financial misappropriation.
 The court also discharged and acquit the former Acting Bursar of the university, Mrs Josephine Akeredolu on allegations of fraud and conspiracy levelled against her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
The prosecution team was led by Mr M. S. Usman who called three witnesses and tendered exhibit to prove it case.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Will Face Mask Really be Incorporated as Students' Fashion Trends?

By Aworinde Blessing
The evolution of face masks and how it has actually become a fashion trend has proved how life can change in the blink of an eye. It also shows how man adapts to change. Even though the face masks were seen to be a symbol of fear and insecurity, it has become a way people express themselves and has also provided an opportunity for the fashion industry as it has been recommended for all in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. Now that the country moves towards reopening and people are trying to get back to their normal lives, the Center for Disease Control has encouraged people to use the face mask to protect themselves. Face masks have now become a necessity, people are trying to keep safe at the same time with been fashionable by incorporating face masks with their outfits.
Recently, some state governments have allowed the reopening of worship centers and it is considered very important to make use of the face mask. Meetings are now allowed to hold only if there is strict adherence to wearing the face mask. The world has no single idea of what the future holds as no permanent solution has been found for the cure of the novel virus, so there is no doubt that masks are here to stay.
Even though governments have not given a precise date for the resumption of schools, it has given guidelines that students have to follow and among them is wearing face masks. Now that wearing of face masks have been made a necessity, students will also have to incorporate it into their fashion trends by wearing fashionable masks.
Many politicians, government officials, and entertainers are adopting the use of more stylish masks with different styles. Gone are the bland white and blue masks, people now wear face masks that match with their outfits. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many Nigerian celebrities turned up at the AMVCA wearing glittery jeweled face masks. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has been seen wearing varieties of designed masks to her news conference. Also, the Defense Minister Taro Kono appeared in a meeting wearing a designed mask. 
It has been made a compulsion to wear a face mask so it is only natural for students to incorporate the use of fashionable masks into their fashion trends. Especially if the government has to decide on reopening the schools. Even though it hasn't been proven that the wearing of face mask guarantees complete protection it is deemed necessary to wear it in public areas. Even though there may not be strict adherence to social distancing especially in large schools like Obafemi Awolowo University where there are a large number of students the only possible way to guarantee safe interaction is through wearing the face mask.
The president of the University of Arizona Robert Robbins said he will highly encourage mask-wearing at the university in order to protect both the students and teachers from the infection. Even if they have been controversies over the use of masks as parents believe that it may lead to choking or affect the way they breathe. it has been decided that schools, where social distancing can be maintained, may not have to make use of face masks. However, it is important to wear it in large populated schools where the shaking of hands and friendly hugs has become a normal form of greeting.
Also, the mask will give an opportunity to students to shows their creativity in terms of fashion. Obafemi Awolowo University has its own designed mask. In Canada, university students launched a stylish Canadian-made face mask company. Students have the habits of making something horrific look appealing so they can also do the same by incorporating fashion face masks into their trends.
Since designed masks are the current trends in fashion and there is an increased number of people using it as they try to go back to their normal daily routine. It is only natural for students to incorporate the face mask into their fashion trends if they eventually have to return to school.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

History of OAU Buildings

By Emmanuel Dominic
Ever wondered how OAU got to be so beautiful and blessed with great architectural buildings? It is very joyful to savor the eyes with the landscape of such length and width, with an amazing love for nature green, the perfect synchronization of building, landscape, and amazing sight. We could but fall in love with the great architect and great minds behind the African most beautiful University. As we all know, OAU originated from University of Ibadan, before being given it freedom to be the University of Ife in 1967. Ife citizens gave the government 13,000 acres of land for the proposed university, imagine its largeness. After so many political issues, the University of Ife was approved in 1961. But due to the construction and all, they were made to be Ibadan campus. 
OAU was made to be an outstanding Institution. The best Architect in Israel by name Arieh Sharon placed in charge of the architectural plans, which was supposed to be a three community project. He was the best at that time, also joined by his son Eldar Sharon and A. A Egbor of Lagos. Arieh Sharon was an Israelite, Half Jewish, and an amazing Architect, that change the art of building in Israel with various amazing buildings artworks. 
He initiated Multi stories building in Israel and built a lot for the Government as at that time, he also won a Prize in Israel as the best architect. He made the first master plan for the University of Ife in 1961. As at then, he was building the Jewish Agency headquarters Tel Aviv. After this maser plan, he started off building the Faculty /Department Humanities, which was from 1963-1965, and in between built Halls of residence in 1964. In 1967 he started the building of the Library and ended in 1970, in between he built the Institute of Education and secretariat in 1968-1972. Later onto 1972 the great Oduduwa hall was built and finished in 1976. He designed the Civil Engineering building called Spider but was built artistically upside down. He designed in a rectangle form, Faculty of administration, law social sciences, Education, Humanities, Library Oduduwa hall, and so many others. He was the mastermind behind the beautification of Obafemi Awolowo University at the beginning of time. 
Judging from the pictures, we could pinpoint that there were 2 original Amphitheater, one which is at the back of Oduduwa hall, built by Eldar Sharon and Harold Rubin, and the other in front of the library, which is called Motion ground. Although the masterminds of the OAU Campus started with Arieh Sharon and his son, it didn't cease at his death in 1984 but was continued by numerous Amazing Architects, most of which are Nigerians. Patrick Ehinmowo and his firm Platform Concept Ltd Also design the National History Museum, and which is one the most notable museums in West Africa, known for its triangular roofing. Olajumoke Adenowo is also one of the architects responsible for the beautification of the OAU campus, she built the OAU Senate building, and so many others. But Arieh Sharon, Eldar Sharon, and Harold Rubin were most popular of all due to their amazing intellectual display of art, culture, and Futuristic value.

They weren't just builders or architect, he pointed Ife as a better location for the University, cause of the topography and landscape, and he (Arieh Sharon) featured Climate change into all of it building making it a masterpiece. And also interpreted the Yoruba Culture into its buildings, giving the western culture a voice through the artistic building, he also built a replica of the Oranmiya staff in front of the library. Arieh Sharon even went on to write a book on the Architecture of the University of Ife. Not just buildings make OAU the most beautiful campus, but the intentional Artistry of Aligning the Green grass and trees to those buildings. 
Anytime we have a view at this amazing structure and landscape, we could only praise the Legends / great minds behind this beauty. Now you know the history of OAU buildings.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Never Too Late for Self Discovery

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

Have you ever sat down and this question keeps reverberating in your mind, “who am I?" You go out each day and you see people be the best of themselves, building a career in certain fields, putting faith to the test by stretching their capabilities, being confident in their own skin and you wonder who you are called to be. Of course, this happens to everyone. Is there also a better time to discover yourself than now?
 When we meet people for the first time, we assess them, scrutinize their clothes, actions, and words, and go on to interact with them based on assumptions we have made. It is pertinent to know who you are before all else. 

The Steps To Knowing Who You Are

Look deep in yourself to learn your core values
Your values are basic standards you stand for that influence your decision making. You have principles, know them. What do you fight for? What are you most passionate about? Are you living a life you’re proud of? Keep a journal to help you record your thoughts and emotions to know when they are positive or negative.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Examine your likes and dislikes; also, what you’re good at and vice versa. Mostly, the things we are not good at are our challenges. Knowing these things is important because from there, you decide which of them you need to improve on.

Take a personality test
Know your personality; if you’re choleric or sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholy. Learn when you’re at your best or when you’re feeling depressed. Know what makes you feel better; is it the movies, reading books, writing, playing music, etc. Sometimes, you may need to see a clinical psychologist.

Ask and know others’ assessment of you
Such answers should be gotten from close friends and family of course. Also, be aware that their opinions of you could be drawn from a particular encounter with you which may not describe you in totality. Compare their assessment with what you’ve written earlier in your journal. Ponder on them and ask yourself if you were surprised or upset at their opinion of you. If you’re not satisfied, you work out ways on how to improve.

Know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.
Although no one is 100% introvert or extrovert, rather we lean on one or the other under certain circumstances. An introvert describes someone who gets energy from focusing primarily on their own thoughts, feelings, and memories. They enjoy solitude and are reserved; spending time more on themselves. Meanwhile, an extrovert is someone who gets energy from being in the external world.

With these steps, you would have begun a journey on getting to know who you are, since, as humans, we are constantly changing and because society’s values often conflict with ours. What have been the meaningful events of your life? You may discover clues to your hidden identity, to your career and to your life satisfaction.
Know your personality; if you’re choleric or sanguine, phlegmatic or melancholy. Learn when you’re at your best or when you’re feeling depressed. Know what makes you feel better; is it the movies, reading books, writing, playing music, etc. Sometimes, you may need to see a clinical psychologist.

Turning Pandemic and its Effects into Advantages as a Learner

By Jodekss Gloatkenf 

The usual routines as we were used to them have taken a new shape today worldwide check. These days, almost all sectors of life have been paralyzed due to the outbreak and the rapid spread of Coronavirus, which is abbreviated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as Covid-19. The viral disease began in the Wuhan of China. A city that could be compared to the Lagos of Nigeria due to its population and diverse forms of commercial activities that go on therein on a daily basis. The deadly disease had been able to spread outside the shores of China all world continents, and it had been claiming thousands of life with millions infected and a few thousand cured of different treatments. Ever since the disease became a pandemic, different sectors around the world have been put on hold, and one of them is the education sector. Learners at different levels have been forced to be on compulsory holidays for months with no hope of resuming soon. Institutions with better sophistications have managed to make use of e-learning to meet up, but not all institutions could efficiently afford that. Everything looks hopeless now for those learners whose institutions cannot use e-learning. But, earnestly, should there be hopelessness for any learner at this point due to the pandemic and its effect? Should there be any need to worry way too much as if that is the end of the world?
Further, life would always present even learners with the least could expect at most times. The reason is that learners are humans too, and they directly and indirectly not exempted from the heavy blows life or nature could throw at will. Hence, the best understanding ever for all learners is, being able to leverage whatever situation presented them and make the best out of it. Even in this state of dilemma, even when the center or the government could not hold things together, there are still minds who are making ace by reasoning on the way out.
More so, this moment should not come and go just like that for any reasonable learner without actually learning in whichever way possible. This moment is not a moment when a student would only sleep, see movies, gist, gossip, engage in immoral practices, stop researching for new knowledge, trying new inventions, and the like just because the world is on lockdown. Meanwhile, a reasonable learner would have the understanding based on the status quo and fact that even though everything seems on lockdown, one thing is not on lockdown, and that is the Internet and all its paraphernalia characteristics its capable of offering users such as learners.
In continuation of the above, learners should leverage on using the Internet to learn new concepts about anything as almost everything is on the Internet these days. A learner could try and read up academic concepts not clear before using the Internet and get it right. And economically speaking, even while at home, a learner should try and invest limited resources in learning different skills such as how to make use of sophisticated software like MS Word, Corel Draw, Photoshop, and others there are. With just elementary knowledge, a little creativeness, and using the same Internet’s social network to market the service in question, the learner could be earning at least sufficient resources. “Half a bread,” they say, “is better than no bread.”  The more a learner committedly learns any concept, the more such learner would understand how to manipulate the concept for whatever end. The worst thing ever would be that, at the end of the pandemic, the news that a learner could share the peers is that he or she learned nothing tangible.
Consequently, we all are learners whether you are an instructor or a student. In this dire time in which almost everybody is complaining, we should try and continue to yearn for new information. And information is power indeed, but it remains just dormant when the information is not into practice. We should all find a way around and make the best use of this time when we have to make use of social distancing to become closer to innovation and invention by considering the relevance of technology.

Monday, 8 June 2020

OAU Eportal App

By Derrick Blaze and Emmanuel Dominic
OAU Eportal is everything to an OAU student. How? Well, it is the first and most dominant proof that you are a student; it is where you do everything as a student. You check your results with the Eportal, pay your school fees, and register your courses. Every detail about your studentship is online, so, it is best if you never forget your password. However, some times, especially when you need it the most, accessing the Eportal can be frustrating.  
So, on the 12th of March, 2020, an Eportal app developed by an alumnus of the prestigious university was uploaded on the Google Play Store. The developer stated his inspiration for the app.
“Most students do not have the school’s emergency numbers in the cases of unforeseen circumstances. Due to the witness of the loss of two students which was traced to the delay in contacting respective emergency units” 
His aim is to also bridge the gap between students and OAU emergency centres/units.Since its upload on Google Play Store, it has been the topic of discussion on social media platforms. However, this app is not available on Apple Store. So, what does this app do? How is it just different from the normal Eportal?
It is a tradition for the Eportal to become annoyingly slow when you need it the most. And it is understandable because over 20,000 students are trying to get access to the Eportal to either check results or register courses. This great amount of pressure on the online Eportal, makes the access really slow and sometimes impossible. This problem seems to be fixed but no one is using the Eportal for now, so we do not really know. 
However, there is a new feature that allows freshmen to be in contact with the right excos. Although, when the new feature was dropped, only a few departments had their details available. Hopefully, there will be an update. This is definitely a good development.
 As the developer said on the reason for the creation of the app, is to ensure all emergency hotlines are easily accessible to students. Well, he made this possible by putting an offline page on the app showing all the emergency hotlines and the emergency departments they belong to. In this critical period, the creation of this app is more than a blessing. The advantages of this app are really vast that it encompasses the disadvantages. 
One of the major fears of students is the fact that their parents or guardians are getting closer to having access to check through on their wards portal either for their results or other information but they would need the passwords, wouldn’t they?
 The real question is; how safe is it? Can it be hacked? Will the school accept it through the proper protocols? With over 500+ downloads on Google Play Store, we just might found out soon.

RISING STARS: Young Musicians in Nigerian Universities

By Olajiga Bolu

Many people believe that singing, rapping, making beats, or generally creating music is an easy task that can be performed by anyone. I beg to differ! I recently stumbled upon a music production software and decided to give it a try. After a month and a half of toiling unsuccessfully, I now thoroughly respect people like DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, and even Young John (the wicked producer) for dishing out masterpieces time and time again. It is not easy to create a sound that’ll tantalize the eardrums of a large audience. This is why I strongly respect the young Nigerian undergraduates who have decided to jump into the music scene.
It might just be me, but every day I wake up I feel like there are ten new Nigerian musicians to listen to. And a large chunk of these upcoming artists are still university students. With the steady growth in the number of students looking for careers in music, it begs to ask the question of “why music?” for which I have compiled three possible reasons:
The artiste has a real passion for music.
The artiste wants to have fun creating some music.
He or she is just trying to secure the bag.
And with the way most musicians live their lives, it’s easy to believe that music is only about the glitz and the glamour. But more than most other professions, music creation requires a lot of creativity as well as hard work, and for a student, it seems double the stress. In a discussion with Oyekunle Ridwan (popularly known as Virus the Viper), an OAU undergraduate, and also an upcoming artiste; he revived the challenges he has faced and what he hopes to achieve. He said although music is something he loves, the money to be made is important. He said it’s not easy balancing his time between his schoolwork and his music-making but he’s grateful to have a very supportive group of family and friends. His major goal is to be one of the greatest musicians in the world and with tracks like “Emergency” and “OAU how far” already bursting speakers around campus, it’s difficult not to acknowledge his potential. 
However, in interviews with a few other upcoming artistes, they all concurred that time management plays a huge part in the quest to make great music and even though it seems very stressful now, the future looks very bright. The journey to the top is never smooth, especially through music. But there is no doubt that if you make it, you make it big. After all, Fireboy and Chinko Ekun were campus artistes.

With the likes of Kheemoya, Fave, Tobiano, and other university artistes, there is no doubt that our generation will produce amazing music. Take “Buju to your ears” as an example. He was just a student of Babcock University when his music began to blow and now he is signed to Burnaboy’s Spaceship records.
Although many upcoming artistes will not become music stars, it is difficult to see many other opportunities for them in a country ravaged by unemployment. The least we can do is listen and support their music, and to all the upcoming artistes out there, in the words of Speedy Darlington, “Take Risk and Succeed!”

Friday, 5 June 2020

Rape - Who is to be blamed?

By Qudus Olaniyi Yusuf.

The primary cause of Rape is the Rapist.
The secondary cause of Rape is the Rapist.
The immediate cause of Rape is the Rapist.

According to the UNICEF report in 2015 ,one in four girls have either been raped or sexually harassed before the age of 18. Of all the rape cases, less than 10% are reported, and out of the reported cases, only a few get justice. People refuse to report rape cases as a result of stigmatization and fear of victimization by their abusers and the society.
It should be noted that people are free to dress the way the want to dress, calling a type of dress indecent is a stereotype on its own. This begs the question about who made the rules about dress mode, because to be fair, well clothed women and even kids get raped.  So, it is not about the dress mode. A man once said that according to the holy book, Matthew5:29&30, “In the case of rape, It’s either your eyes are the problem or your sex organ, you can do yourself the good of taking it off.”
If indecent dressing is responsible for rape, have you seen an unclad mad woman? Are these rapists attracted to her? This issue have eaten deep into our world that some people do not realize the damage that rape can do to a woman. Rapists are sure to be facing some psychological issues. They need to have their heads checked. There is also a theory that proves that an abused person will turn out to be an abuser .They may also be a bunch of people who cannot control their sexual desires.  
Rape can be linked with the need to always dominate which is also an ideological problem that can be traced to how a person sees and views the world. 
“I am physically stronger; hence subduing her will not be a problem". Believing that the female gender is beneath and can be manipulated, mutilated and taken advantage of for pleasure is the driving force for such an unspeakable evil. There is a need for all to know that women are to be respect and their “NO” means "NO" not "TRY HARDER". However, the fact that the male gender also gets raped will not be ignored. Rape is not a trophy. It is wrong to praise anyone for being raped, it is a crime!

So, where is the problem from? From a very tender age, girls are taught to always keep themselves by being decent, when she does not sit properly; she is scolded, she is taught to preserve her pride. She is given so much attention! This is amazing but it is futile if the boys are not given the same education. In a world where boys are praised for being flirty and girls condemned for doing the same, it is futile. If girls are thought to be decent, boys should be taught to respect and not violate the other gender.  A woman's sexuality is not a trophy and should not be seen as a conquest as this practice is common among young adults and teenagers.
Students and other community believe that the government also need to rise to the occasion by first making laws that will discourage such dehumanizing acts like rape. The world is a wild place after all, some people will still not desist from it as there are unrepentant rapist and pedophile among us, we look forward to a world where the security agency should be equipped with state of the arts technology on how to properly tackle rape cases so that the real perpetrators of such acts are punished. It would be a tragedy to persecute the wrong person for a crime.
 Also, the courts should also be swift and smart in giving judgments so that cases do not get piled up, "justice delayed is justice denied".
Schools, NGOs , religious organization ,social clubs should go on massive sensitization of their members and the populace about rape and its effect on both prey and predator. Sex education should be introduced to primary school thereby rape and it consequences should be extensively discussed. Other organizations and higher institutions should constantly hold seminars and lectures to educate their members and student. NGOs, especially relating to women and the girl child be supported in aiding vulnerable ones in the society get justice as and when due.
The fight against rape is one that involves all and sundry, if we all work together we can drastically reduce rape cases in our society. A rape free society creates a safer and more rewarding society and the female gender don't have their dreams truncated at various levels of their lives. We hope our generation will build world where all genders can walk freely and alone in a dark alley without fear of their life and future being threatened. Rape victims should rise above stigmatization and victimization and report their violators by not bowing to death threats.


Tragedy Strikes Hard as OAU Loses a Female Student

By Emmanuel Dominic

It is unfortunate that at this criticial period, an Obafemi Awolowo University student by name, Aisha Akande passed away. She was a Part 2 student of Demography and Statistics department.
The death of the 20 year old student was announced on the class whatsapp group, on the 4th of June 2020. Devastated by the news, her peers expressed how diligent and steadfast the late Aisha was.
However, the reason for the death is yet unknown, but it was confirmed that she was ill for a while before she died. 
Our Condolences to her family and friends.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

OAU Students Join in the Protest against Rape

By Yusuf Qudus Olaniyi

With regard to the raving issue of rape, a body of concerned students of OAU as they called themselves converged at the campus gate. This convergence was to protest the persistent cases of rape in the society. This was spurred by the unfortunate rape and murder of a UNIBEN student  100level student; Vera Uwaila Omozuwa.
The students who were still in Ile-Ife converged at 12pm at the campus gate where they were briefed by the organizers. Students present were with their face mask as it was part of the requirement given the current pandemic situation the world is battling.
The students started their walk from the campus gate down to Ibadan road where they headed for Mayfair which will be the first stop, on their way they sang song in solidarity condemning rape and demanding justice for rape victims, they also carried placards with different inscriptions also condemning the evil act of rape.
When they got to Mayfair they were greeted by the friendly men of the Nigerian police force who in return were briefed about the activities that lie ahead. The policemen resorted that they will act as their guide so that unscrupulous elements will not hijack the peaceful protest to cause perpetrate evil. With the men of the Nigerian police force and in the company of some paramilitary agency they proceeded to  to the next stop which was Crown FM 101.5 studio at Eleyele ,they got a warm welcome from the Manager who  received their petition and also promised to grant them the avenue to speak and also educate the listeners about rape and its consequences.
The students entered the buses that conveyed them there and also headed to the palace of the Ooni of Ife . The Secretary to the Ooni was not available but their petition was received with promise to be submitted to him on his return.
Still in the company of the men of the Police force and boys scout, they proceeded to the police station at Moore where they submitted their final petition , after which they headed for their initial convergence point at the campus gate. The security agency saw them off to Mayfair where they bade themselves goodbye.
It was a peaceful and fruitful protest as awareness was being raised concerning rape. They students were able to show that with unity and determination not cause in unachievable given they fact that they were not initially given the green light to proceed with the protest by the area commander, at the end it all ended in their favour as their aim was achieved.