Thursday, 16 July 2020

How to Treat Alopecia

By Pelumi Hassan

Everyone wants a good skin, full hair, and a “perfect” body.  When we don’t get our desired look, we tend to blame it on “If no be for this school stress, I for don fresh” or lack of time and money. Sounds familiar right? Well, the good news is there will be no school stress for a while, so you have all the time in the world to take good care of yourself.
Taking good care of yourself goes beyond eating everything at home and adding weight. You can decide to make that skin glow, make that scanty scalp grow hair, and work that body into that wallpaper you wished you looked like. Today, let’s start talking about taking care of your hair. No matter your gender, your hair does a lot to change your look. So, it is essential that you pay great attention to it. While some people are on the way to hair loss, some already have serious conditions, like alopecia from the lack of care and attention to the hair.

Alopecia is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. It is also known as alopecia areata (AA). It is when the hair shifts away from your original hairline. This condition is real and can affect any gender at any age. Yes, even kids can be affected by alopecia. While tight hairdos and the continuous styling of ponytails can be the cause of alopecia in women, a dry and brittle scalp can be the cause in men.
So, is there a treatment? Yes but it takes a lot of time and patience. The first step to treating alopecia is acknowledging the signs. Most of the time, people just choose to believe that the new hairline was their hairline all along. This is dangerous because they will not give the hair the attention needed.
Stop Manipulative hairstyles.
 The front hair is also known as the baby hair is naturally weaker than the normal hair. If you notice hair loss, you should stop making that Ghana weaving or ponytail. In fact, do not add any hair extension to it for a while. Let it rest if you need to go out, use wigs. As a guy, do not let the barber touch your hairline AT ALL.

Use hair growth oil and products.
As I said, the treatment takes a lot of time and patience. You can buy some hair growth oil like coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and the likes. For better results, you can combine the use of other homemade products with any of these oils. Homemade products are less expensive and very effective too. You can pick from rice water, onions juice, lemon juice and so on. The only disadvantage is that the smell is not nice. In some cases, people get impatient when the result they are getting is either slow or there is none at all then they start using multiple hair products at once in a bid to get fast actions. No! The hair needs to breath too, often times when people do this, the hair ends up being more damaged. For example, the hair becomes so light and looses its weight making it unhealthy, the hair starts looking scanty and so on.  So in as much as we all want to flaunt a healthy-looking hair, we have to exercise patience and stop using all the ” I heard this works” product hereby causing excessive damage to our hair.
Eat Good Food
This method works for the hair as much as it does for the skin. There is simply no excuse, just eat mum’s sweet food and be happy.

Lastly, trust the process. Believe in the treatment and be consistent, you will get your result soon. However, always put your hair down try not to pack too tight or comb it in any harsh way. Just leave it and let it rest. Stay home, safe stay, and let your hair grow.
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