Sunday, 4 October 2020

#ENDSARS: Youths Reject the Activities of SARS.

Lots of events have transpired over the years, scores of youths killed, families shattered, and hopes dashed. Harassment and brutality are part of the leading issues faced by the youths in the country. Unfortunately, It feels like the social media is the only weapon the youths have. Every single time these events happen, there are hot takes on Twitter, Whatsapp statuses trending the issues as well. Isn’t it time the government address this issue? Or do we assume that government is not aware of this issue?
 We hear many stories about SARS brutality and how many youths have lost their lives due to this intense show of power. SARS; Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.
For an organization that came into existence with the sole aim of keeping the citizens of the country safe that is now the threat to life of the citizens, results have shown that they are doing the exact opposite. Is the government really going to turn a blind eye to this? 
#ENDSARS and #WarOnSar started some months ago by the youths of the country to show total rejection for the activities of this squad. However, the recent killings including that of a youth in Delta state spurred the protest back to life. Many youths also shared how they have been harassed, cheated and unlawfully detained. Also, a petition signed by 10,195 people was submitted to Nigeria's National Assembly calling for scrapping of SARS.
Students are already scared of travelling back to school for resumption because they might come across this squad. The citizens of a country should not be scared of the unit that is built to protect them, or could this be the definition of "police is your friend"?
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  1. We've seen, we've heard... It's heartbreaking...

  2. This is disheartening, that feeling safe in this country has become a history... Putting hard time criminals to protect it citizens.. The youth aren't safe anymore.