Saturday, 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas Great IFE

It's another season to bring to our remembrance God's love to humanity. 

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in 2022.

From all of us at OAU Peeps News Agency, we say merry Christmas and we wish you a beautiful new year in advance.

Monday, 20 December 2021

OAU Vice-Chancellor Attacked By Hoodlums In Ife

The Vice-Chancellor of Obafemi  Awolowo University , Professor Eyitayo Ogunbodede was attacked on Monday by some hoodlum in Ife community who launched a violent attack on him and his team of entourage. 

According to Nigeria Tribune, the trouble started when the vice-chancellor led his team to the institution's land which was said to have been taken over by some Ife community, but his intention to assess the occupation part of the land proved abortion as the visibly charged Ife youths went berserk and ordered every occupant of the vehicles in the vice-chancellor entourage to remain in their vehicles or be killed. 

With the vice-chancellor in entourage were members of the Nigeria Union of Journalist(NUJ), the chief security officer of the institution, the university public relation officer, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju, management of the institution amongst other  

One of the security men of the institution has reportedly been matched by the hoodlums who shot sporadically into the air to scare the university community members. 

Reacting the the incident, the vice-chancellor of the institution, Professor Ogunbodede, condemned the development and described it as inhuman but however said the institution would not cede the land to the community. 

He however said the institution would always ensure that peace reigns between the university and members of the community.


Friday, 17 December 2021

OAU Sets A Date For Final Year Students Bed space Allocation

The Obafemi Awolowo University management has set a date for the allocation of bed space request for final years students

According to what was released on the eportal, the bed space request for final year students will be activated on Tuesday 21st December by 8pm. Final year students are hereby advised to note that the request will be based on first-come, first-served basis.

Thursday, 16 December 2021

OAU Management Speaks On Increase In Tuition Fees

By IfelawPR

The community of Obafemi Awolowo University was thrown into confusion at late hours of December 16th 2021 over the release of the increase in the tuition fees to be paid by returning students. 

Recall that the fees for the fresh students who will be resuming for the new session 2021/2022 academics session were increased. 

However, speaking to OAUpeeps News Agency correspondent in a phone conversation, the PRO of the School Mr Olanrewaju Abiodun urged students, parents and guardians to disregard the unfounded rumour of an attempt to increase the tuition fees for the returning students.

Speaking to our correspondent concerning the release, he said "I'm not aware of that and have not been beeped when I'm beeped, i will get back to you" 

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

OAU Student Emerges As National Association Of Nigerian Student CMC OSUN Chairman

In the concluded convention of the  second most populated students association of about 5 million active members NAUS,  (National Association Of University Students) CMC OSUN State. ERUOBAMI AYOBAMI a Part 4 student of Estate Management  Obafemi Awolowo University, emerges as the association chairman after a peaceful and well conducted convention /Election That was held in the Schools Student Union building in the early hours of Wednesday 15th December 2021.

The Election which cuts across OAU, Uniosun, UI affiliate , Esku affiliate and Noun affiliate all situated in Osun State has produced Eruobami as the Chairman of NAUS CMC OSUN Chapter

Reacting to his victory, the Chairman elect Stated after his declaration as the Winner “Aluta Continua" while delegates who were around for the convention responded "Victoria Ascerta" in a bid to solidarise with the new chairman of the association. 

He further Stated That “NAUS CMC OSUN is about to experience a new face as he tagged it a REBRANDING AGENDA. There after he appreciated every stake holder present from different Institutions and wish them well back to their various abode.

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Giving Back To The Union: Ay-Fab Promise To Replace National Flag At SUB

By Ayomide Emmanuel

Former Faculty of Arts President Adewale Ayo Waliyu popularly known as Ay-Fab has promise to replace  the National flag at SUB in celebration of his convocation. 

Ay-Fab who will be graduating from the department of History made this known to the Electoral committee chairman FM Castro who made this known via his WhatsApp status 

Speaking to our correspondent, Ay-Fab said the electoral committee chairman met him on the  evening of Wednesday 8th of December 2021 and said it jokingly to him that the National Flag at SUB should be changed and since it is for the Union and the God can cover it, he decided to take it upon himself. 

Faculty Of Law 2021/2022 Batch B Admission Cut-Off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the  2021/2022 batch b  admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Law. See below:

Merit – 67.8

Catchment Areas
Ekiti – 63.47
Lagos – 62.2
Ogun – 63.65
Ondo – 63.62
Osun – 67.2
Oyo – 66.65

See Cutoff mark for other faculties

Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Faculty Of Administration 2021/2022 Batch B Admission Cut-Off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the  2021/2022 batch b  admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Pharmacy. See below:

Management and Accounting
Merit – 66.5%
Ekiti – 56.475%
Lagos – 65.08%
Ogun – 65.59%
Ondo – 65.13%
Osun – 64.1%
Oyo – 65.925%
Kwara- 60 525
Kaduna- 55.85
C/Rivers- 53.575

International Relations
Merit – 56.55%
Ekiti – 54.15%
Lagos – 50%
Ogun – 55.125%
Ondo – 55.6%
Osun – 50.325%
Oyo – 53.25%

Public Administration
Merit – 50.9%
Ekiti – 50%
Lagos – 50%
Ogun – 50%
Ondo – 50%
Osun – 50%
Oyo – 50.0%

Local Government Studies

Merit – 53.5%
Ekiti – 50%
Lagos – 50%
Ogun – 50%
Ondo – 50%
Osun – 50%
Oyo – 50%

Business Administration
Merit – 63.20%
Ekiti – 57.175 %
Lagos – 50%
Ogun – 60.8%
Ondo – 61.475%
Osun – 62.025%
Oyo – 62.7%
Kwara- 60.95
Ebonyi- 54.675

See Cutoff mark for other faculties

Faculty Of Pharmacy 2021/2022 Batch B Admission Cut-Off Marks

OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the  2021/2022 batch b  admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Pharmacy. See below:

Merit – 73.2%
Ekiti – 67.05%
Lagos – 57.8%
Ogun – 70.85%
Ondo – 67.925%
Osun – 71.675%
Oyo – 70.225%

See the cutoff mark for other factors

Freshmen Helplines: Contacts Of Departmental/ Faculty Executives (PRO & President)

Hello freshmen! In Preparation for the 2021/2022 Academics Session, OAUPeeps News Agency has compiled a list of numbers of Faculty and Departmental Presidents and PROs. If you have questions about your faculty or department kindly message them

07039281006 Reform President Elect Great Ife Students Union

08169896317 TAO PRO Elect Great Ife Students Union 

08165226624 Omoakin President Sociology Department

09098928919 Sociology McSmart PRO Sociology Department

09047085335 Atis PRO Faculty of Social Sciences

08104554326 Ecodon President Faculty of Social Sciences

08130654169 Bibliophile PRO Faculty of Education

08146228055 Silvanus President Faculty of Science 

08102791719 DarmaPR PRO Faculty of Science

07030008241 LordMayor President Religious Studies Department

08025655090 Tobiloba PRO Religious Studies Department

09068630287 LoRdFeM President Faculty Of Agric

09091599272 Enesi PRO Faculty of Agric

070635 5339 Haybee President History Department

08147369459 Tbest PRO History Department

07011560485 Love  PRO Geography Department

09137143125 Sir Gbadebo President Geography Department

 08175866773 Hollar Gángan PRO Linguistic and African Studies Department

 08069266167 Reed-Clever President Linguistic and African Studies Department

07061943649  Akin President Demography and Social Statistics 

07088591924  Jworld PRO Demography and Social Statistics 

09036917545 Engr ATP President Chemical Engineering Department 

08100477733 AOD PRO Environmental Design and Management

08037238188 Adebliss PRO Public Administration Department

08154925116 Olubori President Public Administration Department

Presidents and PROs who would like to be part of the Freshmen helpline can contact Adesina Ayomide on 08106275774.

Monday, 29 November 2021

OAU Ask Students To Vacate Hall Of Residence

OAU Ask Students To Vacate Hall Of Residence

Obafemi Awolowo University management has asked students in a special release signed by Dean Of Students Affairs Prof I.O Aransi to vacate hall of residence latest by Wednesday 1st December 2021.

However the management offered students who need accommodation a choice to see the Division of Student Affairs. Students on teaching practice, health sciences students currently living in the halls of residences are to visit Division of Student Affairs for necessary arrangements. 

The management further wishes all students safe journey and Merry Christmas in advance

Friday, 29 October 2021

OAU to Resume November 5th

OAU to Resume November 5th

OAU management announces the date for the commencement of 2019/2020 Rain semester examination. 

It’s been almost 4 weeks since the OAU campus was closed down by the VC indefinitely, as a result of student protest. Since then, just one senate meeting was held to discuss the situation on campus, in which a decision on resumption was not announced. 

The 2nd Senate meeting held today at around 10am in oduduwa hall behind closed doors, as regards the situation on campus, which takes the priority of every stakeholder.

After the long stretched meeting, the conclusion and decision made by the senate are "Students to resume on Friday 5th of November and continue their respective exams on Saturday 6th of November”

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

“Be Assured That We Are Indefatigably Committed To Our Union” -GISU Elects

“Be Assured That We Are Indefatigably Committed To Our Union” -GISU Elects
By Adesina Emmanuel
The Great Ife Student Union CEC Elects has released a Press Release To Debunk a Press Release that was earlier released on 26th of October 2021 with the title "RELEASE ON STATE OF EVENTS" 

The earlier Press Release which was supposedly written and signed by the President-elect and other officers-elect of the CEC was disregarded. 

Great ife students were however advised to advised to disregard any release made in the name of any or all of the officers-elect of the CEC emanating from any person or group of persons other than the Council

However, the executive elect asked students to join the official Great Ife Students’ Union Telegram Channel    which is regarded as the running central official information platform of the Union. 

The CEC Elect further assure students that they are still committed to the Union and will communicate on the October 1 protest which emanate from the death Miss Aishat Adesina due to the negligence of the health center workers. 

Saturday, 2 October 2021

The True Account of the Uproar at Maintenance Gate

The True Account of the Uproar at Maintenance Gate

As late as 8 pm on Saturday, October 2nd a disagreement broke out between MD Sharwama and some OAU students. According to reports, some female students had ordered #3000 worth of MD’s Sharwama. Getting to the front of maintenance to retrieve their snacks, an argument ensued that the they were delayed for a long time. Rotimi Stephen, also a student of OAU being at the scene tried to calm things down and in the process. The female students decided that they wanted a refund since the vendors failed to deliver. The vendors at MD Sharwama threatened to slap the female students. 

Rotimi frowned against this. He made a comment, to disapprove of their threats but he and the female students were harassed, slapped, and beaten.

Hearing the news of the harassment, a passerby tried to calm things down but he was also harassed. The passerby called the policemen while students summoned OAU CSO to the scene. The security men arrived at the scene to apprehend the vendors that harassed the students. 

They were only able to apprehend one culprit. It was also reported that the vendor was showing resistance and trying to escape, so, the security men had to use extra measures to detain him. 

Great Ife Student Union Suspends Protest

Great Ife Student Union Suspends Protest

By Adesina Emmanuel

After several hours of protest over the death of Miss Adesina Aishat Omowumi, which led to the closure of the school by the school management. 

In a Press Release sent to the generality of the Great Ife students by the Electoral Commission. 

The Electoral Commission commended everyone for showing there doggedness and resilience and has however assured students that negotiation has commenced on reopening the school and meeting the 4- point agenda with immediate effect. 

The commission however enjoined students to disregard any rumour on the use of force. 

Students React to School’s Indefinite Shut Down

Students React to School’s Indefinite Shut Down

By Adesina Emmanuel 

Great Ife Students have reacted to the press release that was sent by the school management at the late hour of October 1st. They condemn the actions taken by the school management to shut down indefinitely. As at 10 pm, some students were found sleeping in front of SUB as a form of protest.  

In the same vein, very early on Saturday October 2nd 2021 students have mobilized to start another protest.  

Students are maintaining their grounds that students won’t be allowed to leave campus unless the school management reopen the school and they are allowed to finished the session. 

As at the time of gathering this news, students are currently at Bus stop preventing bus trying to convey students outside campus from doing so. Also, it has been gathered that parents who came to retrieve their children have been prevented too. 

Presently, students have been sent to Campus gate in order to prevent the movement of cars and motorcycles from going in and out of the school premises.

Friday, 1 October 2021

OAU Shuts Down Indefinitely

OAU Shuts Down Indefinitely
By Onyekpe Derrick 

The school management has ordered the closure of the school and for all students to vacate the hostels latest 12noon 2nd of October.

This was revealed in a press release after almost 12 hours since the beginning of the protest that shook the grounds of Ile Ife as a result of the death of Adesina Aishat a final year student of the  Department of Foreign Languages. 

In the press release,  the School’s PRO, Abiodun Olanrewaju wrote;
"The Management condemns in strong terms the continuous and uncontrolled protests by the students culminating in unbridled brigandage, blocking the Ife/Ibadan and Ife/Ede highways and other adjoining roads that could be used as alternative routes, and engaging in other acts that are detrimental to their health and the safety of the generality of the people". 

Subsequently, the swearing-in of the newly elected SUG has also been put on hold till the proper investigation is carried out.

Protest: OAU Students Shut Down Campus Gate

Protest: OAU Students Shut Down Campus Gate

By Adesina Emmanuel

Recall it was earlier reported by OAU Peeps News Agency that students are protesting over the death of a student that lost her life due to the negligence of the health center workers. 

As at the time of gathering this news, multitude of Great Ife Students are outside the and have shut down the school gate. 

Speaking to the students, the President Elect Reform said the school should have moved passed the era of searching for file manually when they can actually do that via digital device by uploading the details of school on system which will reduce the stress students go through while visiting the health center. 

He also says they will mount pressure on the school management for renovation of the health center and the employment of more workers to improve to avoid any other unfortunate situation. 

OAU Students Elicts Protest against Negligence of the Health Center

OAU Students Elicts Protest against Negligence of the Health Center

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The late hours of September 2021 will always remain a tragic day in the memory of every Great Ife Student after losing one of its own Adesina Aishat Omowumi due to negligence from the OAU Health Center staffs. 

Over the years students have often complained about the attitude of the health workers at the OAU Health center and refer the place as death centre. 

Adesina Aishat omowumi who lost her life at the late hour of yesterday was a student from the department of Foreign languages(French Major) Faculty Of Arts and Humanity. 

Report reaching OAU Peeps News Agency was that she was rushed to the health center but was not attended to on time and had to be referred and rush down to Seventh Day Adventist hospital when the case was already worse. 
She was pronounced dead at the teaching hospital. 

In reaction to the sudden and unfortunate news, the generality of Great Ife students rose up and stood for their own by eliciting a peaceful protest which multitude of Great Ife turn out for. 

As the time of gathering this news, students are at Health Center Complex of the institution and after so much agitation, students are mobilizing powerfully to campus gate in order to show their grievances. 

OAU 2021/2022 POST UTME/DE Form: Cut-Off Mark, Eligibility, Registration Procedures

OAU 2021/2022 POST UTME/DE Form: Cut-Off Mark, Eligibility, Registration  Procedures

By Adesina Emmanuel

Candidates who made Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their first choice in the 2021 UTME and scored 200 and above, and those who applied for Direct Entry (DE) are hereby informed that Registration for the 2021 Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) screening exercise will commence on Tuesday, 5th October and end on Tuesday, 19th October, 2021. Candidates are required to go through the following processes:

Step 2: Log on to the site with your Registration Number as Username and your Surname as Password.

Step 3: Fill the biodata form and click continue.

Step 4: Obtain an RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) from this site only, and use it to make payment online or at any commercial bank.

Step 5: Once payment is accepted, the system logs out and you can now login again.

The screening exercise will be done online.Applicants that provide false information, or upload incorrect credentials will automatically be disqualified.

Candidates are required to check their screening schedule on the OAU Porter from 22nd October, 2021.

Candidates will also be required to participate in the Post-UTME screening on their allotted dates and time from 27th October to 29th October, 2021.

Applicants should note that the screening fee is two thousand naira (N2,000.00).All enquires should be forwarded to

Thursday, 30 September 2021

GISU Sets To Release Moderated Price List For All Vendors On OAU Campus

GISU Sets To Release Moderated Price List For All Vendors On OAU Campus

By Adesina Emmmanuel

The Great Ife Student Union Executive officers Elect has made their stand on the price exploitation on OAU campus. 

This came after the release by the division of Student Affairs on 27th of September 2021 which was signed by the Dean of the division of Student Affairs. 

In the Press Release that was signed by the PRO, Secretary General and President Elect, they express their discomfort on the issue of price hike and uneven prices of good and promises to see to the betterment of the welfare of OAU students by releasing a moderated price list of goods and services with all relevant consideration taken into account. 

The union officers elect however admonish students to keep to the institution rules and regulations but should not tolerate any form of extortion or maltreatment.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Breaking: English Department Change Date Of SER Exam

Breaking: English Department Change Date Of SER Exam

English Department known to always be the coordinator of the compulsory course SER 001(Use Of English) which must be done and pass by every student of the University. 

The date of the exam which was earlier stated to be 27th and 28th of September was changed after a release from the office of the English Head of Department stating that the date has been changed to 14th and 15th of October 2021.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Obafemi Awolowo University Student Union warns against Continuous harassment of students

Obafemi Awolowo University Student Union warns against Continuous harassment of students

By Adesina Emmanuel
The Central Executive Council of the Great Ife Student Union although not yet inaugurated has already started work in earnest. 

In a Press Release that was signed by the PRO Elect, Secretary General Elect, President Elect of the Great Ife Student Union has frown its face at harassment of students on campus and most especially off campus and has issue out warning to defaulter and promises to confront and challenge without no hesitation. 

The Press Release also urge student to make use of the medium available to interact with the elected officers of the Union, the Electoral Commission and the security Committee to register any complaint or observation that they have. 

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Pelumi: The Magnificent Musical Stage Play

By Pelumi Hassan

This and more was what the Pelumi, musical stage play can be qualified with. The musical stage play is one that has continued to grace stages for about a decade.  The stage play is an initiative of Muyiwa Adigun. For years, the Pelumi stage play holds on February 14, the international lovers’ day. This year, there was a change of date for some reasons but it did not affect the unique atmosphere of love and magic. 

The stage play is usually about the trials, tribulations and victories of love between two characters Adigun and Pelumi. It can be likened to a series of Romeo and Juliet without the grave tragedy. 

The scenes of the play are filled with pure action, passion and melodious songs. Although, there is a constant Pelumi anthem, the songs in the stage play are originals and different for every edition. This means the casting requires a singer and an actor in one person. 

In the plotting of the stories, Pelumi is also able to portray the love of God. Since the plot of the play changes for every edition, Pelumi wears a different face while Adigun is a constant character. 

This edition of Pelumi on Sunday, 29 August 2021 at Oduduwa Hall was as amazing as any Pelumi stage play in recent times. It was anchored by the Corporate Emcee and Praise who were beautifully dressed in native attires. Before the play started, there were outstanding performances from Wolesax and Shaba. 

There were also giveaways by the sponsors of the stage play. The play was a buildup to a very commendable and strategic flashback that started the play. It was a story about the mistakes of Pelumi which is different as Pelumi has always been the perfect character.

 We perceive a different side of her this time. For the first time, she was manipulated, greedy and made wrong decisions. The play was very realistic as no one is really perfect. The story led to a didactic teaching of love, greed, deceit, bad advice and forgiveness. 

The props and costume used in the play is topnotch. For a moment, it was hard to believe that we were still seated in Oduduwa Hall. From the setting of a living room to a courtroom, it must be said that the crew should be commended.

The students of OAU were definitely mesmerized by the musical play as they left the venue with smiles and positive commentaries about Pelumi.

Like watching a movie at the cinema, there were commentaries from the audience that made the play exciting. These commentaries were reasons to commend Muyiwa Adigun for casting professionals that are unshaken by the audience.

At the end of the play, Princess Ronke, a representative from the Ooni of Ife stated that she was really impressed by the stage play.
“I have never been to any Musical stage play in Ife, Pelumi is my first and I enjoyed it.”
She also revealed that the royal household will support the vision of Pelumi to transcend into a TV drama series. 

The play ended with music as the audience left the venue elated that they had experienced the musical stage play