Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year

I'd rather not start this little note with how bad or tough 2020 was, but here goes...
Yes, we lost an academic year, we had to stay indoors for months; I agree, it was a tough year.  Some would say it was a year meant for lessons and hard work.  The truth is that it was a year that tested our sanity and mental health.  
However, since we have agreed not to dwell on that year, here’s to you for making it and finishing that year strong. And here's the future that promises to be better.
I hope that this year brings you the joy, laughter, and the best.  May you have all that your heart desires and may you keep basking in the grace of God.  As we prepare for the most anticipated resumption ever, I pray that the student in us finds a way to resurrect and resume with us. 
2021 will be an amazing year. This time, stay jiggy and excited.  Happy new year from OAU Peeps News Agency.
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