Thursday, 25 February 2021

OAU Post UTME Exercise Changes to Online Version

OAU Post UTME Exercise Changes to Online Version

By Abidemi Olukanmi Abeeb ÀBÍMÓ
Today 25th of February two days to 2020 post utme examinations, the university has made a sudden announcement about the commencement of the examinations

After  a careful review of recent happenings within and outside Ile-Ife, the management has decided to change the mode of conduct of this year\"s Post UTME exercise to ONLINE VERSION. Kindly check back for further information on the new dates.

Best of luck to all Aspirant in the new mode.

OAU Virtual Classes: A Flop or Success?

OAU Virtual Classes: A Flop or Success?


By G.A.M.


It’s been almost a month since the students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife resumed school. The plan to start virtual classes and physical classes has been effective ever since and there have been a lot of reactions from the students.  

According to a popular & revolutionary musician, FelaAnikulapo-Kuti, says "My people are suffering and smiling". That quote is the actual situation for all these students who do not know what to do about the adopted system of learning due to pandemic. In the bid for education, 

It is necessary to note that, via the academic calendar, the school is into its third week of online and offline (for Clinical, Pharmacy part 5 & Agric part 4 students) lectures. Many students are yet to receive lectures despite being stocked with assignments, notes or materials. Some students are still battling with registration of courses on Google Classroom because theyissues with the students\" mails. 

Everyone seems to have a complaint or the other about this learning approach. Even lecturers are tired of running from one office to the other to get the ill-functioning emails resolved. Some special electives do not also have code for students to enroll on the official platform. All these issues are making the school community wonder if the virtual learning is really worth the stress. There have been a lot of rambling and reaction against the virtual learning. The virtual learning has been said to have brought a lot of stress to the school community.

In short, based on different interviews held, students wish that the school management should allow physical resumption in batches with strict compliance to COVID-19 guidelines. And that, even if there\"s going to be need for online classes, it should not be in a hunting or pressuring manner. According to Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, Covid-19 infection cases reduce daily and recoveries get higher in Nigeria. So, will OAU listen to the frustration of students and start physical classes like how some schools are attending classes physically in adherence to the required protocols?

The school community has their fingers crossed as they wait for a response from the school management soon.


The Exquisite : Feyi Agbaje

The Exquisite : Feyi Agbaje

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

Feyi Agbaje is a graduate of the faculty of law of Obafemi Awolowo University and a professional fashion designer. She owns the fashion brand; TheFeyiAgbaje which introduces versatility. She believes in making dresses that will make your you yelp for joy anytime you wear them. 

She recently emerged as the winner of the sew to win challenge organized by Airvy training Center; an Instagram fashion school that teaches young people how to go about sewing clothes with good and extraordinary designs with classes ranging from beginner class to intermediate class, to Advanced class. 

She won a brand new industrial 3-thread overlock machine. 

The challenge was announced on there Instagram page on 30th of January 2021 with over 100 entries before they were shortlisted to the top ten, top four after which Feyi agbaje was announced the winner with 1,838 votes on the 16th of February 2021. 

In an interview with OAU Peeps Correspondent, Feyi Agbaje sharehow she was able to win the challenge.

 She got to know about the challenge while she was scrolling randomly on her Instagram feed. She found the post on their page and decided to go for it. When she was asked about what gave her the boost to accept the challenge, she replied;

“ be honest, it was a 50/50 chance for me. I knew I could do it. I mean there’s no harm in trying. But no one wants to lose. It’s a very bad feeling, particularly when you’re a perfectionist like me. There was a part of me that was willing to try. While the other part wasn’t ready to. But luckily, it came at a time I was doing my “Bridal Dress series” (You can check @feyi_agbaje on Instagram for more). So I basically told myself I was going to try it and if anything happens, I’d add it to my bridal dress series and simply move on.”

Speaking about her experience during the challenge, she replied and said it made her super patient. 

Usually, I don’t replicate styles verbatim. I ensure I infuse a part of me in what I do. But the rule here was to replicate the design verbatim so you could win the prize. So I basically sat down. Checked it over and over like three to four days before I started work and I simply prayed for direction. After, my mind became open to the kind of fabric combination to use and I ensured I followed it detail after detail. I wouldn’t lie. I got tired at some point. But mehn, eyes on the ball. So I got up to work and continued as my creative director led me.”

In order not to be discouraged or disturbed by the large number of people that applied, she made up her mind not to check the other people who signified interest in the challenge. She focused on just herself and winning. Although she was tempted to check their pages at some point. 

But she restrained herself from seeing how big the challenge or the opposition were. 

She expected that she will win the challenge so when she make it to the top ten and the top four and finally the winner she was not surprised. But she admitted to being shocked with the number of votes recorded for her within 24 hours. This made her realize that people notice the efforts you put in what you do. 

On a final note, she sent a word of encouragement to those who might want to partake in a challenge whatsoever that they should  go for gold when they see it, regardless of the opposition. 

“...and always focus on getting the work done. Rest when you get tired, but never lose focus of the prize! And stay where the fire is, in the community of those who believe in you and challenge you to do better”

Feyi Agbaje represents the extraordinary graduate who was able to balance work and school. She is beautiful, friendly and hardworking. In spite of being the sister of the Famous Timi Agbaje, she has chosen her own path and she is already blossoming. Whether it is a family thing or not, Feyi Agbaje is simply exquisite. 

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Guidelines for Students Email Activation

Guidelines for Students Email Activation

By Abidemi Olukanmi Abimo
In preparation for the virtual resumption, the school management has released a guideline for student. Students are required to do an email activation as the preparation for the OAU online Classes. 

To activate your email, take the following step

2. A page will be display your Registration No (e.g. IRS/2011/013). Click on \"Verify Reg. Number\" if the Matriculation no. is yours otherwise Access this facility through OAU EPORTAL.

3. A page opens requesting for Authentication code. This also shows the steps for retrieving the authentication code.

4. Login to gmail with the credentials displayed on the screen.(go to this web url An email with the subject like this \"Authentication Code for Login - IRS/2011/013\" will be seen. Open the one that matches the registration number used for this verification (for this scenario IRS/2011/013)

5. Copy the authentication code from the email and paste on the page of step (iii) above.

6. Click on the \"verify code\" button to complete the verification process.

Note: it was stated that the official page for the online classes is Google classroom apps as it was the only platform the lecturer was trained on during the online class lecturer training, however some lecturers may choose to use another platform like telegram or Whatsapp.