Sunday, 7 February 2021

Guidelines for Students Email Activation

By Abidemi Olukanmi Abimo
In preparation for the virtual resumption, the school management has released a guideline for student. Students are required to do an email activation as the preparation for the OAU online Classes. 

To activate your email, take the following step

2. A page will be display your Registration No (e.g. IRS/2011/013). Click on \"Verify Reg. Number\" if the Matriculation no. is yours otherwise Access this facility through OAU EPORTAL.

3. A page opens requesting for Authentication code. This also shows the steps for retrieving the authentication code.

4. Login to gmail with the credentials displayed on the screen.(go to this web url An email with the subject like this \"Authentication Code for Login - IRS/2011/013\" will be seen. Open the one that matches the registration number used for this verification (for this scenario IRS/2011/013)

5. Copy the authentication code from the email and paste on the page of step (iii) above.

6. Click on the \"verify code\" button to complete the verification process.

Note: it was stated that the official page for the online classes is Google classroom apps as it was the only platform the lecturer was trained on during the online class lecturer training, however some lecturers may choose to use another platform like telegram or Whatsapp.

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