Thursday, 25 February 2021

OAU Virtual Classes: A Flop or Success?


By G.A.M.


It’s been almost a month since the students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife resumed school. The plan to start virtual classes and physical classes has been effective ever since and there have been a lot of reactions from the students.  

According to a popular & revolutionary musician, FelaAnikulapo-Kuti, says "My people are suffering and smiling". That quote is the actual situation for all these students who do not know what to do about the adopted system of learning due to pandemic. In the bid for education, 

It is necessary to note that, via the academic calendar, the school is into its third week of online and offline (for Clinical, Pharmacy part 5 & Agric part 4 students) lectures. Many students are yet to receive lectures despite being stocked with assignments, notes or materials. Some students are still battling with registration of courses on Google Classroom because theyissues with the students\" mails. 

Everyone seems to have a complaint or the other about this learning approach. Even lecturers are tired of running from one office to the other to get the ill-functioning emails resolved. Some special electives do not also have code for students to enroll on the official platform. All these issues are making the school community wonder if the virtual learning is really worth the stress. There have been a lot of rambling and reaction against the virtual learning. The virtual learning has been said to have brought a lot of stress to the school community.

In short, based on different interviews held, students wish that the school management should allow physical resumption in batches with strict compliance to COVID-19 guidelines. And that, even if there\"s going to be need for online classes, it should not be in a hunting or pressuring manner. According to Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, Covid-19 infection cases reduce daily and recoveries get higher in Nigeria. So, will OAU listen to the frustration of students and start physical classes like how some schools are attending classes physically in adherence to the required protocols?

The school community has their fingers crossed as they wait for a response from the school management soon.


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