Monday, 8 March 2021

OAU Reopens Campus Halls of Residence

By Pelumi Hassan

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University has authorized the reopening of halls of residence for students. 
Following the release that the school will resume physically practical contents of some course, the halls of residence will be opened to students who had bed spaces before the COVID-19 pandemic. 
However, only students who have been grouped to resume would be allowed into the halls of residence. 
In a telephone conversation with the Dean of Students Affairs; Prof. Aransi, he revealed that the resumption is in phases to prevent students from violating the COVID-19 safety protocols.
“All students are not allowed to resume. Students are to resume as scheduled in the circular.”
Thus, these are the students that are expected to be on campus from Monday, 8th of March,2021 to Friday, 26th of March, 2021;

1. Science - Parts 1 to 4

2. Pharmacy - Parts 1 to 4

3. BMS Parts 1 to 2 Nursing and 1 to 3 Med. Rehab

4. Clinical - Parts 1 to 3

5. Dentistry - Parts 1 to 3

6. Education - Only students  offering the following courses:

(i) IED337-Experimental Chemistry for Secondary School Teachers I 

(ii) IED435- Experimental Physics for Secondary School Teachers II

(iii). IED231-Foundations in Biological Science I

(iv). IED335 -General Biology I       

7. Social Sciences - Only students offering the following courses:

(i) CSC201 - Introduction to programming.

(ii) CSC221 - Computer Appreciation
Note that the reason for this method is to manage and contain the spread of the second wave of COVID-19. 

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