Sunday, 14 March 2021

Pandemonium among OAU Aspirants Concerning the Online Post-UTME Screening

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi M.

Some days ago, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife shifted its Post-utme screening to online test to start on 15th March to 19th March 2021. This online screening for aspirants appears to be the first of its kind in the history of the great school. 

Even so, as the D-day draw nearer, aspirants are still  tensed. There seem to be many unanswered questions; How will the questions be answered? What if network delays? What if data gets exhausted during test? What if electricity fails? Won’t they postpone the screening process again? Why can’t they do the exams as stated in the previous directives since COVID-19 as reduced in positive cases but strengthen in recoveries?

Nevertheless, the school through its Post-UTME Screening Committee, released guidelines, recommendation and contact info in case anyone of them needs help. The information given for aspirants says:  

1. Candidates are advised to have a RELIABLE INTERNET CONNECTION before attempting the online
2. Candidates will be required to attempt the screening with a webcam and microphone enabled 
3. Candidates should not cover their webcams during the period of the screening. INABILITY TO SEE
the candidate at any time during the screening may result in disqualification.
4. DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONES for the screening.
5. During the screening, you are not permitted to leave your sitting position. 
6. In the course of the screening, do not open another tab or any other application. 
7. An online calculator will be available on-screen.
8. The duration of the screening is 60minutes. The time starts to count when you click the start button.
9. In the event that your time lapses, your responses will automatically be submitted.
10. Nobody is permitted to be around you during the period of the screening. 
11. Candidate’s face must be visible throughout the duration of the screening.
12. Candidates must comport themselves accordingly.
13. No form of breaks will be allowed during the period of the screening e.g. access to food, toilet 
breaks, etc. 
14. Your activities during the period of the screening will be MONITORED AND RECORDED.
15. Violation of any of these instructions will lead to DISQUALIFICATION.
Recommended Computer Hardware and Software:
a. Candidates are required to use a smart computing device that has functional Webcam, Microphone and 
b. Microsoft Windows 10 + activated ANTI-VIRUS or its equivalent (MacOS, Android) is recommended.
c. The following WEB browsers are recommended: Google Chrome (86), Mozilla Firefox (84) or later
For assistance before and during the screening, please contact the following numbers 
08159465607, 08113930151 or email:

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