Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Scarcity of Water in OAU Halls of Residence

By Hamzat Abdulkabir
The students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, suffer acute absence of water across halls of residence.

Many students have shown concerns and distress because they gone many days without taking bath and using water for the essentials. It is really saddening that nothing could justify that the students, at this stage still battling water scarcity, are going to get help in this matter of serious concern.

Reports across the school revealed that the real cause of this situation has not been made known publicly. The situation is the same across all halls of residence and nothing has been done to exit from this critical situation. 
According to a recent survey report from some affected students, there has not been water in halls of residence for about a week. Meaning that students are going about their daily activities without the use of water. Most students have been relying on colored well water, stream water and even have to purchase sachet water to go about some of their daily activities.

OAU Peeps correspondent in a physical contact  with  a porter at the Awolowo hall of residence discovered that the school management is working towards fixing the water issue.  
He said; “there have been some technical issues from the major source of water into the halls of residence and that efforts have been made to get it right."

Some halls already have water running but many students are still lacking the supply of water. 

However,  the affected students feel there is nothing to show compliance or no sense of urgency to the issue. 
The situation is really annoying, I had to go to town to do my Laundry,” Femi, a student who resides in Awolowo hall of residence expressed. 

It needs to be reiterated that the provision of potable water supply is one of the primary responsibilities of the school management. Water is a basic amenity and the school management should not be acting as a lone ranger on this very important matter. 
The students implore the school management to fix the water situation as soon as possible. That the school management should look into the critical objective of making water available in halls of residence, through alternatives, so students can go about their normal lives.

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