Sunday, 30 May 2021

Disarray At Faculty of Art Student Association Congress

Disarray At Faculty of Art Student Association Congress

There is a current clash at the Faculty of Arts Students Association Congress holding in Aud II. 

Following the directive of the school management that each faculty should provide two representatives to represent them at the student union for the electoral committee, the Faculty of Art Executive called on a congress on 28th May, 2021 to elect their representatives. Unfortunately, the congress was suspended because of an attempt to distrupt it.  

However a new congress was called on Sunday 30th May, 2021. Again, another attempt to disrupt the Congress was made by some set of students. Luckily, the  Executives were smart enough to inform the Security Unit of the school to be available and curb the disruption. 

As at the time this news is being collated, the uproar is still ongoing and the Security Unit is trying its best to contain the situation.


IFUMSA Health Week: The Opening Ceremony

IFUMSA Health Week: The Opening Ceremony

By  Ifeoluwa Adegboyega 

The long anticipated IFUMSA ( Medical Students’ Association, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife) 35th Health week commenced on Saturday, 29th May 2021.  The theme of the health week is: “Gender-Based Violence”. 

The health week is a week filled with lots of amazing and fun filled activities. This is the association little (but not so little) way of engaging students in non academic part of the university life. The events of the week holds from the 29th of May to the 5th of June. Watch this space as OAU Peeps, a media partner of the week will be giving you a detailed report of the events of each day. 

The Health Week kicked off with the opening ceremony at Main-bowl, OAU Sports Complex. It was a sport event of a track event and a football match. The football match was between the Excelsiors warriors team and the Stalwarts lions team. 

The ceremony picked up around 4:00pm with the arrival of the sponsor, Wale Okediran and his wife. The program also hosted the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede who was a special guest at the ceremony. Other special guests like: DVC Admin - Prof Ajila, DVC Academics - Prof Bamire, Prof Agbakwuru, Retired Prof of Surgery, Prof Makinde, Obs & Gynaecology, and Prof Anyadike also graced the ceremony with their presence. 

The Aliyu twins, Pelumi and Joy took the first limelight with their victory in the track event. 

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To spice up the event, the Vice-Chancellor was called into the training pitch to launch the ball before the match started. 

The match started at 4:40 pm as the ball was interchanged between the Excelsiors warriors team and the Stalwarts lions. The back and forth attempt to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal post soon became intriguing and fun. 

In the first half of the tournament, Excelsiors warriors got an attempt to score but it averted by the defense of the Stalwarts lions.

At 5:06 pm, Stalwarts Lions got a free-kick against the opponent.  Spectators were wild with excitement and hope that it was going to be a win considering how close the ball was to the goal post. To the spectators’ disappointment, the goal was lost. 

Again, at 5:09 pm, the Excelsiors warriors team got another shot to lead and this time, the opportunity was not wasted. Mishaudeen kicked the ball into the opponent’s goal post, making the team lead by 1-0. 

The first half ended with a serious injury of one of the Excelsiors warriors’ team player, Noni and the team leading. 

After a break of freshening up and drilling, at 5:37 pm the second half commenced. The Excelsiors warriors, determined to stay atop the game got a corner kick. But the score remained the same as a goal was missed. 

Similarly, at 5:45 pm, Solomon, a Stalwarts Lions’ team player got an opportunity to equalize with the opponent. The crowd commended the effort of the brave player with a rapturous roar of exultation. 

The match became really eventful as Stalwarts Lions got another chance to score another goal and lead with a freekick at 5:56pm. The goal was made by Sheriff. 

After so many shots and raving efforts of the teams, the match ended at 6:11pm. The Stalwarts Lions won the match with a 2-1, making the crowd run wild with joy. Truly, in the game of football, it is not over until it is over. 

The Sponsor of the competition Wale Okediran and his wife were called upon to present the medals to the players of each team.

Solomon, the scorer of Stalwarts Lions was awarded The Player of the Tournament. 

 Finally, The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede was also honoured with the task of presenting the Trophy to the winners of the football match.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Faculty of Social Science Appoints SU Electoral Committee, Petition Members

Faculty of Social Science Appoints SU Electoral Committee, Petition Members

In cooperation with the university release about the reinstatement of the student union and request for each faculty to send in two students to serve as members of the Electoral Commission and Petition , the faculty of Social Science held an election on Friday, May 7th 2021. 

The election was highly controversial but it produced Efem Castro and Fabio from the department of Sociology and Psychology respectively as the members of the electoral commission and petition; a body that will oversee the forth coming students union election. 

Observation from the ACJ correspondents showed that the election was marred too much irregularities. According to information, the purpose of the congress was to discuss and affirm the newly created constitution because the faculty does not formally have a students body and a temporary one headed by presidents of all department was formed last session by the faculty for the purpose of this election and future purposes.

However, the congress main objective was stopped when the congress men and women voted to amend and adopt the agenda of the congress and gave priority to the election of the representatives over anything else. In a twinkle of an eye, the electoral commission and petition body was formed even though some students of the faculty were not happy with it. 

Ibidapo Jeremiah, a student of Political science while speaking to ACJ said "the election has no backing. We don’t have an association, we don’t have a constitution. Adopting the constitution was supposed to be the business of the day not election. This is a political gimmick that worked out perfectly  for them"

Speaking to ACJ, some members of the faculty voiced there displeasure about how the congress that produced Castro were filled with majority of the students from his department (Sociology). Another said, "they were clapping and jumping, and it seems like they were following a script".

The election is the first of many that will be held across all faculties in preparation for the students union elections.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Faculty of Arts Student Representative Council Nominates Standing Committees

Faculty of Arts Student Representative Council Nominates Standing Committees
By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

At the fourth business sitting which held on 6th of May 2021 after going on a recess on Sunday 2nd of May 2021, Faculty of Arts Student Representative Council (FSRC) nominated  standing committees. 

The business sitting which had 13 honourables in attendance out of the 30 honourables.  The FSRC started with Hon. Timmy black from the department of History raising the motion that the first agenda was the leadership of the house election to be suspended and the selection of another Electoral Committee before the next sitting. The motion was seconded by Hon. Hollick from the English department.

Hon. Larexy from the history department made an observation that since the house had low attendance, they should suspend the nomination of the committee, however, other honourables like Hon. D Gof(Dramatics Art) and Hon. Taofeek(English department) were against Hon. Larexy and insisted that the house should move on with the nomination of the standing committees. It was noted that it was important to select Budget and Finance Committee and the Audit Committee. A motion was moved by Hon. Taofeek that the house should formulate the Budget and Finance Committee with 5 members which was seconded by Hon. D Gof. 

The house hereby proceeded with the nomination of the Budget and Finance committee that resulted to the selection of Hon. Timmiblaque as the Chairperson, Hon. Pelumi (English) as the Secretary, Hon. D Gof (Music) as the PRO while Hon. Temidayo and Hon. Hollick (English) serves as members. 

The Speaker Rt. Hon Zachman from English department suggested while the house proceeded to nominate the Audit Committee that 3 members of Audit Committee should be nominated at the sitting while the rest should be nominated in the subsequent sitting. However, Hon. Larexy was in opposition to the suggestion because the constitution categorically stated that every honourable that does not resume after a recess would be mark absent. He was supported by Hon. Arole from History department. At the end of the nomination, the house selected five honorables; Hon. Larexy from History department as the chairman, Hon. Jethro from Dramatic Arts department as the Secretary, Hon. Tao from English department as the PRO, Hon. Ali from English department and Hon. Arole from History department as members.

The House also resolved that the CEC, led by the President, Comrade Hamzat, are to be sent a letter demanding for an explanation on their failure to attend the resumed sitting.