Saturday, 8 May 2021

Faculty of Social Science Appoints SU Electoral Committee, Petition Members

In cooperation with the university release about the reinstatement of the student union and request for each faculty to send in two students to serve as members of the Electoral Commission and Petition , the faculty of Social Science held an election on Friday, May 7th 2021. 

The election was highly controversial but it produced Efem Castro and Fabio from the department of Sociology and Psychology respectively as the members of the electoral commission and petition; a body that will oversee the forth coming students union election. 

Observation from the ACJ correspondents showed that the election was marred too much irregularities. According to information, the purpose of the congress was to discuss and affirm the newly created constitution because the faculty does not formally have a students body and a temporary one headed by presidents of all department was formed last session by the faculty for the purpose of this election and future purposes.

However, the congress main objective was stopped when the congress men and women voted to amend and adopt the agenda of the congress and gave priority to the election of the representatives over anything else. In a twinkle of an eye, the electoral commission and petition body was formed even though some students of the faculty were not happy with it. 

Ibidapo Jeremiah, a student of Political science while speaking to ACJ said "the election has no backing. We don’t have an association, we don’t have a constitution. Adopting the constitution was supposed to be the business of the day not election. This is a political gimmick that worked out perfectly  for them"

Speaking to ACJ, some members of the faculty voiced there displeasure about how the congress that produced Castro were filled with majority of the students from his department (Sociology). Another said, "they were clapping and jumping, and it seems like they were following a script".

The election is the first of many that will be held across all faculties in preparation for the students union elections.

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