Monday, 2 August 2021

Ife Ultimate Search: The First of Its Kind

By Pelumi Hassan and Emmanuel Dominic

They say the noblest search is the search for excellence. Is
that what the Ife Ultimate Search event was about? The Ife Ultimate Search
organized by OAU events is the first of its kind in Obafemi Awolowo University.
The event is similar to the infamous Gulder Ultimate Search, where there is a
background story to every lost treasure. 

To kick off the event, there was a
rock theatre performed on stage, to give the background story of what the quest
is all about, which is the king\"s lost crown. The careless king misplaced his crown while he was celebrating. Hence, the need for an ultimate search.

For Ife Ultimate Search, tagged the chronicles, two teams
Team Ace ride and Team Nexy were tasked to find the king’s missing crown. The
teams were named after some of the sponsors. Each group featured 4 members,
which make a total of 8 contestants. For the Team Ace ride, the team members
were – Asclepius, Arafat, Hero, and Oxygen. For Team Nexy, the team members
were – Fabulous, Hesychius, Blaise gold, and Yungmarshal. There were through
the 5 stages of the quest to test the contestants for their level of strength,
intelligence and swiftness. The entry for the competition was for a token of
N5000 to go head to head for a cash prize of N50,000.

The event was held at Parks and Garden opposite the spider
building on Obafemi Awolowo University campus. There was quite a large turnout
to the event, peeps ranging from students, alumnus, business owners, and
publicists in Ife. The event was paired with a trade fair for about 16 notable
brands and vendors to showcase and sell their products.

 The OAU events was in
its quest to give the audience a good time employed the services of the popular
MC Corporate and Shadaretobi. According to the audience, the event was amazing.
Yemi, a part 4 student of the department of English said, “The idea of an
Ultimate Search in Ife is a great idea.”
He talked about how the publicity was
good as he heard about the event from a friend. He was impressed with the event
but he had reservations about the audio. He said, “when an audio of an event is
bad, it disconnects people. The event is nice, but it could be better.”

Ifeoluwa, a part 3 student of the Department of Nursing who
came because of a free ticket thought it was worth her time. The lucky student
also won a giveaway, so she was totally impressed with the event.

Tomi’s Spaghetti, a vendor at the trade fair learnt about
the event from someone’s status and decided to jump on it.

“The turn up has been positive. I have been making sales and
getting publicity. The event is really great, it is a nice idea. Being the
first, it can be improved.”

OAU Peeps correspondents were also privileged to interview Cowrywise’s
Emmanuel Faith, who is also an alumnus of the prominent citadel of learning,
OAU. During his time as a student, he worked with OAU events. He also stated
that the publicity of the event was good because he wasn’t informed by any of
the team members, the existence of the event reached him through the publicity.
He came to support brands, people, vendors and network with people. He has this
to say about Ife Ultimate Search;

“I don\"t know how long they planned this, but like I was
telling some people, that OAU is now a booming community, a whole economy on its
own, in the sense that, on a Sunday evening when people went to church and came
back, and still show up for the event, vendors showing up, people with one
receptions, nice people, drama, I think it\"s an exciting thing from the
planners OAU events and the people who came out to do this. I would give them a
6/10, since it\"s the first, there\"s room for improvements. They could have been
more sponsors, more event coordination, don\"t know though.”

After rigorous elimination, Asclepius emerged as the winner for the first-ever Ife ultimate search when he found the King’s crown. Blaise Gold, the 1st runner-up while oxygen came up as the 2nd runner-up. The prizes won are as follows; N50,000, N30,000, N20,000 respectively to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 3-month laundry service from Nexy and free ride for the top three contestants, in Ile-Ife. Other gifts were given to all the contestants.

Since the event was a success, the OAU community wonders if there would be an Ife Ultimate Search 2.0 or if there would be something else coming up for the community.
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