Monday, 23 August 2021

OAU Faaji Night: The Epitome of Creativity, the Birth of Culture

By Pelumi Hassan and Ife Adegboyega

Affectionately referred to as the most unique night on OAU campus, the OAU Faaji Night hosted by Rotimi Stephen and Blaqboo Entertainment will forever be in the history of events in OAU. 
The event that was held on Saturday, 21 August 2021 at Education Field was a night to showcase culture and be entertained. Faaji night is the first event of its kind as it has never been recorded that a night was dedicated to culture, ethnicity, tradition, and enjoyment. 
The event was free for all students except the VIPs. Tentatively, there was a dress code of native attires, which was different and beautiful to witness as students graced the venue with agbada, fila, Ankara, gele, and other native wears. 

There was a massive shutdown as about 3000 students turned up for enjoyment galore. The event was anchored by Comic Freak and MC Stov. There were different displays of talents with respect to culture. Notable dancers and artistes like Kheemoya, Badaagnes, and even the prominent Fujicologist performed at the event.

There were about 20 brands sold out at a trade fair in the event. Also, there were other side attractions like the Snooker, PES, and Table Tennis.

When asked about his reason for organizing OAU Faaji Night, Rotimi Stephen explained that he wanted to give OAU students a different taste of events. 
“Basically, for some semesters and months, the only parties that students get to attend are lounge parties and it is becoming so boring. People are forgetting the cultural part of OAU. This citadel is about learning and culture, so lounge parties got so boring. 
Thank God for the Lucid Experience that gave us a united kind of gathering. I came up with OAU Faaji Night to give another concept and creativity to shows on campus. So that people can come to display their tribe and culture. 
On the Faaji night, we had students of different ethnicity who came out with their attires to celebrate. So, the night was for the celebration and promotion of the cultural part of students.”

According to a part 2 student of English, the event made an impact on him as he was moved to change his outfit.
 “I wasn't ready to attend the event before. I had the perspective of just spending a few minutes at the event. I got to the event without my native attire. All of a sudden, the rhythm of the jingle blew up my brain, I had to go back to the hostel and return to the events in native clothing. The event was lit! Rotimi Stephen and Blaqboo Entertainment did it”

Opeyemi Ogunwusi, Product Marketing Manager at Sturrd and a nursing student believed that the event was a very creative concept.
“The event was nice, very creative concept; it's one we've not seen on OAU campus ever. We're used to the usual shows, parties, dinners, and the rest; it was something different from the norm, very creative if you ask me.”
Dorah from the department of Microbiology, revealed that the event was a necessity because it was something new.
"Faaji night indeed is something that is new to us all and the vibe was definitely different. I personally really loved the fact it was a traditional theme because I feel the regular clubbing and concert was already too much and we needed something different."

The event lasted all night as about 3000students grooved and partied till dawn.
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