Sunday, 1 August 2021

Popular Political Icon Caught, Paraded For Stealing

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel
The popular political icon, Bello Ibrahim also known as Great Bello, a final year student from the department of Computer science was caught and paraded for stealing. 
The Great Ife student Union has set out in full force, with the parading and implementation of the scientific maximum shishi(SMS) being administered on Great Bello, a final year student of the Faculty of Technology who was caught stealing at Awolowo hall of residence. 

According to an audio recording available to OAUPEEPS News agency, the chairman of the electoral commission of Great Ife Student Union in person of FM CASTRO explained in details how the thief was apprehended. 

The chairman of the electoral committee claimed to have received a distress call from a student claiming a thief who has been caught in Awolowo hall of residence but dragging matters with them. The chairman swifty responded to the call and moved to the level of Awo hall and asked that the apprehended thief be transferred to the Student Union Building. 

Then, the thief happened to be a popular political icon of campus in person of Bello Ibrahim. 
Great Bello had previously contested for the chairmanship of Angola hall of residence but lost to AK wisdom during the 2015/2016. He was also part of the judicial council 2016/2017, and he contested for the presidential position of his faculty.

Great Bello confirmed that he stole the items that was caught on him and the items include mattress, fan, boxers, Ankara, and slides belonging to the students  in Awolowo Hall of Residence. 
However, he said the case is spiritual to him because he comes from a polygamous home. 

After several investigations, he was given 50 strokes of cane and paraded in the eight hall of residence before proceeding for community service. 

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The electoral committee however sent a notice of warning to all those who are in this habit to stop before they get apprehended by the student union security committee and be ready to face the law.

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