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‘Tiara’s Bloom’ will Transform Your Academic Life.


If you're reading this, there's a 100% chance that you're set for a transformation in your academics (because that's what the title says, right?)


If this is you, a book was written just for you.

Moyinoluwa Babalola is a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), currently in her 4th year. 

She is the founder of Academic Bloom- a brand that procures the God factor in Academics, propels students to Academic Excellence and promotes a fun-ride academic journey.

She wrote a fiction book titled "Tiara's Bloom", because she noticed that some students have negative attitudes towards their academics, so she aims to help them climb the ladder of success in their academics, despite all odds. 


In this book, she tells a touching story about a girl named Tiaraoluwa, who gets to the end of the road in her academic journey and has to fight her way back to the top in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of graduating with a First-Class.


In the process of getting back on her feet, she embarks on a journey that leads her to discovering herself, connecting with the right people, imbibing new habits, overcoming challenges and experiencing God in a new way.


The book can be gotten through a pre-order link, A couple of people have read this life-changing book and here's what they have to say:

“Tiara's bloom is a book that shows the typical struggles of a tertiary student Tiaraoluwa. And provides practical insights that would help any student achieve the grade of their dreams by God's help.”

- Ogunlusi Peace (Economics Graduate, OAU)


“Tiara's Bloom is a book you hold in your hands, which takes you on a journey of experiencing lessons that can transform your academic life as you flip through every page. Told in fiction, I

find it relatable and I know You will too.”

- Ilerioluwa Olatunde (Economics Graduate, OAU)


“Creative...Challenging... Extraordinary

Felt like I could hear God from this masterpiece. It's a must read for every student.”

- Oluwasaye Rachel (Final Year Mass Communication Student, Unilag.)


Tiara's Bloom is a didactic and loaded book. Gosh!!! Mo really poured out herself into writing this book such that it was skillfully written to help anyone with academic challenges and hurdles. It's a book I'll recommend for any student at any level of education. Trust me, you can be sure to be making a great investment by getting this book.

Victoria Agbonyin. UCJM, Choir Co-ordinator.


"Reading Tiara's bloom was so much bliss and insight. Much more than a story, it is a student's guide to academic success and self-discovery beyond the four walls of a school.

The simplicity and applicability of the principles is next to none.

It is definitely a book for every student who needs insight and understanding for their academics. You definitely don't want to miss out on this wealth of knowledge. It's a must have really.”

- Aluko Temitope. (Penultimate Law Student, Unilag)


Tiara's Bloom!!!!! I couldn't take my eyes off the book till I was done.. The book is loaded, God literally held the writer's hand to convey His thoughts about academic failure and how to rise above it.. I recommend this book to everyone irrespective of the academic level you are in.

Adedoyin Grace. Penultimate Law Student, OAU.


This book successfully captures the reality of students and how they can thrive academically by proper planning and having the right people around but ultimately it teaches us not to ignore the place of God in our academic pursuit. It's really a good book and a must read for students.

I'm Dammy, President of International Relations Student Association.


Every student should be gifted 2 copies of Tiara's Bloom; the hard copy during Freshers' Orientation, and a soft copy after receiving 100 level first semester results.

Tiara's Bloom demystifies why a lot of smart and hardworking Nigerian students end up with bad grades. Many times we are tempted to believe it's a spiritual problem, but that's story for another day.

If no one buys this book for you, get one for yourself. In my dad's words, "CGPA is forever."

Ovedje Rory Ovedje

Head of Operations, OAU EVENTS.

Final year Law Student.


Tiara’s Bloom talks more of a young girl who moves from a place of confusion into straight clarity that comes with recognizing where her strength lies and what she should be doing.

Failure is not an easy experience to go through and navigating your way outside is even more painful. At that point, what mattered to her most was the situation and gathering more strength.

It goes on to further look at what exactly makes an undergraduate fail or pass and how to handle failure in times when it seems like nothing is working.

The book teaches smart learning, personal mastery, adequate preparation tips for academic excellence and so much more.

Anyone who needs to learn resilience and doggedness, understanding that it’s part of the things we must learn to fulfill life’s purpose, should read this book.

Abayomi Adeola (Della)

Life and Business Coach

Convener of Becoming More with Della

Final Year Law Student


Tiara’s bloom is an explicit book on academics; its challenges, solutions, right timing and God factor. Isn’t it amazing that the writer has put in a lot of effort to put together this book especially at a time like this when many people are battling with one academic issue or the other? I am delighted to say that this book is a three in one; “A spiritual, motivational novel”. Starting from Tiaraoluwa’s struggle with identifying her bad grade to looking for solutions to her problems to finding God amidst finding the right association on an equilibrium, Moyinoluwa Babalola has done a huge work in making us see in-between and beyond the physical forces of academic challenges. If you need help with your academics, you are holding the right book in your hands!

Ebunoluwa Ewuola

Final year Zoology Student, OAU.


Without a doubt, you know this is a book for you! The book launches on the 28th of August, 2021. Anticipate!


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