Thursday, 2 September 2021

Legbeti Emerges as the Financial Secretary

By Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb 

Com. Joy Oluwasegun Abiola, politically known as Legbeti has emerged as the financial secretary of the just concluded Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1 September, 2021. He is from the Faculty  of Administration. 

He won with the total number of  3276 votes in all thirteen faculties over his opponents Olanlokun Peter Perolexy, who had a total number of 1285 votes and Yusuf Toheeb Olayiwola Yusolat who had a total number of 2294. 

Congratulations sir, we hope that you run your office excellently. That you remember to keep your promise to be honest, fast, responsive, and accountable with record-keeping.

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