Thursday, 2 September 2021

Pelumi: The Magnificent Musical Stage Play

By Pelumi Hassan

This and more was what the Pelumi, musical stage play can be qualified with. The musical stage play is one that has continued to grace stages for about a decade.  The stage play is an initiative of Muyiwa Adigun. For years, the Pelumi stage play holds on February 14, the international lovers’ day. This year, there was a change of date for some reasons but it did not affect the unique atmosphere of love and magic. 

The stage play is usually about the trials, tribulations and victories of love between two characters Adigun and Pelumi. It can be likened to a series of Romeo and Juliet without the grave tragedy. 

The scenes of the play are filled with pure action, passion and melodious songs. Although, there is a constant Pelumi anthem, the songs in the stage play are originals and different for every edition. This means the casting requires a singer and an actor in one person. 

In the plotting of the stories, Pelumi is also able to portray the love of God. Since the plot of the play changes for every edition, Pelumi wears a different face while Adigun is a constant character. 

This edition of Pelumi on Sunday, 29 August 2021 at Oduduwa Hall was as amazing as any Pelumi stage play in recent times. It was anchored by the Corporate Emcee and Praise who were beautifully dressed in native attires. Before the play started, there were outstanding performances from Wolesax and Shaba. 

There were also giveaways by the sponsors of the stage play. The play was a buildup to a very commendable and strategic flashback that started the play. It was a story about the mistakes of Pelumi which is different as Pelumi has always been the perfect character.

 We perceive a different side of her this time. For the first time, she was manipulated, greedy and made wrong decisions. The play was very realistic as no one is really perfect. The story led to a didactic teaching of love, greed, deceit, bad advice and forgiveness. 

The props and costume used in the play is topnotch. For a moment, it was hard to believe that we were still seated in Oduduwa Hall. From the setting of a living room to a courtroom, it must be said that the crew should be commended.

The students of OAU were definitely mesmerized by the musical play as they left the venue with smiles and positive commentaries about Pelumi.

Like watching a movie at the cinema, there were commentaries from the audience that made the play exciting. These commentaries were reasons to commend Muyiwa Adigun for casting professionals that are unshaken by the audience.

At the end of the play, Princess Ronke, a representative from the Ooni of Ife stated that she was really impressed by the stage play.
“I have never been to any Musical stage play in Ife, Pelumi is my first and I enjoyed it.”
She also revealed that the royal household will support the vision of Pelumi to transcend into a TV drama series. 

The play ended with music as the audience left the venue elated that they had experienced the musical stage play
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