Tuesday, 26 October 2021

“Be Assured That We Are Indefatigably Committed To Our Union” -GISU Elects

By Adesina Emmanuel
The Great Ife Student Union CEC Elects has released a Press Release To Debunk a Press Release that was earlier released on 26th of October 2021 with the title "RELEASE ON STATE OF EVENTS" 

The earlier Press Release which was supposedly written and signed by the President-elect and other officers-elect of the CEC was disregarded. 

Great ife students were however advised to advised to disregard any release made in the name of any or all of the officers-elect of the CEC emanating from any person or group of persons other than the Council

However, the executive elect asked students to join the official Great Ife Students’ Union Telegram Channel   https://t.me/greatifestudentsunion    which is regarded as the running central official information platform of the Union. 

The CEC Elect further assure students that they are still committed to the Union and will communicate on the October 1 protest which emanate from the death Miss Aishat Adesina due to the negligence of the health center workers. 

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