Saturday, 2 October 2021

The True Account of the Uproar at Maintenance Gate

As late as 8 pm on Saturday, October 2nd a disagreement broke out between MD Sharwama and some OAU students. According to reports, some female students had ordered #3000 worth of MD’s Sharwama. Getting to the front of maintenance to retrieve their snacks, an argument ensued that the they were delayed for a long time. Rotimi Stephen, also a student of OAU being at the scene tried to calm things down and in the process. The female students decided that they wanted a refund since the vendors failed to deliver. The vendors at MD Sharwama threatened to slap the female students. 

Rotimi frowned against this. He made a comment, to disapprove of their threats but he and the female students were harassed, slapped, and beaten.

Hearing the news of the harassment, a passerby tried to calm things down but he was also harassed. The passerby called the policemen while students summoned OAU CSO to the scene. The security men arrived at the scene to apprehend the vendors that harassed the students. 

They were only able to apprehend one culprit. It was also reported that the vendor was showing resistance and trying to escape, so, the security men had to use extra measures to detain him. 

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