Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Freshmen Helplines: Contacts Of Departmental/ Faculty Executives (PRO & President)

Hello freshmen! In Preparation for the 2021/2022 Academics Session, OAUPeeps News Agency has compiled a list of numbers of Faculty and Departmental Presidents and PROs. If you have questions about your faculty or department kindly message them

07039281006 Reform President Elect Great Ife Students Union

08169896317 TAO PRO Elect Great Ife Students Union 

08165226624 Omoakin President Sociology Department

09098928919 Sociology McSmart PRO Sociology Department

09047085335 Atis PRO Faculty of Social Sciences

08104554326 Ecodon President Faculty of Social Sciences

08130654169 Bibliophile PRO Faculty of Education

08146228055 Silvanus President Faculty of Science 

08102791719 DarmaPR PRO Faculty of Science

07030008241 LordMayor President Religious Studies Department

08025655090 Tobiloba PRO Religious Studies Department

09068630287 LoRdFeM President Faculty Of Agric

09091599272 Enesi PRO Faculty of Agric

070635 5339 Haybee President History Department

08147369459 Tbest PRO History Department

07011560485 Love  PRO Geography Department

09137143125 Sir Gbadebo President Geography Department

 08175866773 Hollar G├íngan PRO Linguistic and African Studies Department

 08069266167 Reed-Clever President Linguistic and African Studies Department

07061943649  Akin President Demography and Social Statistics 

07088591924  Jworld PRO Demography and Social Statistics 

09036917545 Engr ATP President Chemical Engineering Department 

08100477733 AOD PRO Environmental Design and Management

08037238188 Adebliss PRO Public Administration Department

08154925116 Olubori President Public Administration Department

Presidents and PROs who would like to be part of the Freshmen helpline can contact Adesina Ayomide on 08106275774.
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