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Meet Mary Olayinka Oladokun, The Best Graduating Student At 46th Convocation Of The Obafemi Awolowo University

By Ayomide Emmanuel

Mary Olayinka Oladokun, is the overall best graduating student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in the 2019/2020 academic session, having finished with a CGPA of 4.92 from the Department of Microbiology. She tells OAU Peeps News Agency in an exclusive interview about what it took her to come on top.

Can we meet you ma?

I am Mary Olayinka Oladokun

You were pronounced the overall best graduating student during this year's convocation. What CGPA did you graduate with

I graduated with a CGPA of 4.92

Wow... That's awesome. When you wanted to enter the university, did you choose Microbiology?

I was devastated. I never really thought about the course microbiology.

What was the course that you chose initially?


Oooh, were there plan to change to your preferred course?

I wanted to but you know most of these things deal with connection. I had no connections.

And looking back now ma, would you say making that decision was good?

Yes, I would say so.

We would also love to know, outside academics, were you involved in any other thing?

I was in technical subgroup in BSF

Meaning you have to be available in every of the fellowship meeting?

I attended majority of the fellowship meetings not every

Was there a time you held any leadership position while on campus as a student either in your class, department, faculty or fellowship?

During my final year, I was the project group leader

Did you take any decision as a fresh student then that helped you in the course of your study?

Not really. I was just determined to do the best I could.

That’s impressive. One would naturally think you are a genius or that it runs in the family?


I believe leading of your mates in classes didn't start in OAU

It started kind of in OAU. In primary school and secondary school I was not always the best. It fluctuated.

Wow, that's encouraging.. Did you hear stories about Obafemi Awolowo University that could be discouraging when you resumed school?

Yes o. There are always stories you hear from your mates and seniors about some courses that would make you feel like this is the end. I can't pass this particular subject.

So what was your reaction to this?

At first I always got scared but later on I decided to place it on God's hand and just do my best

Was it in your plan to be the best graduating student when you got admission?

Not at all

What was your CGPA in Part 1?

I did JUPEB so I entered part 2

Okay! What was your lowest grade?



😂. It was just God's grace

Exactly the answer i was expecting😂

How did you feel when you got to know you graduated as the best student?

I was very surprised and happy because it was very unexpected.

Apart from being the Best Graduating Student, you won other prizes, what are they?

I won 4 best graduating student in the faculty o science prize, two from my department

Can you name them?

No, I can't


What is your advice to the current crop of undergraduates especially the fresh ones among them?

They should trust in God, understand themselves especially their strengths and weaknesses.

Have you received any job offer since you graduated as a result of your sterling performance?

Not yet o.

Congratulations once again Mary and we appreciate you for your time, what is your words to the OAU Peeps crew?

Thank you all for giving me an audience.

On behalf of the OAU Peeps News Agency, I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Thank you very much

Tuesday, 13 December 2022

ACJOAU Wins Pen Club Award, One Other At CJA 2022


By Adekunle Famuyiwa

The Association of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University, ACJOAU has won the Pen Club award at the Campus Journalists Award organized by Youth Digest to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

The award ceremony took place in Abuja on Saturday, December 10, 2022.


Alongside the Association, Latinwo Gbolahan emerged winner in the Gender Equality Category while Faith Alofe; Features Writing Category, and Zainab Adewale; Upcoming Writer Category were also first runner-up in their respective categories.

Reacting to this development, the President of ACJOAU, Faith Alofe said, “I am happy that we are able to achieve this feat especially when I am the President. The Association has proven to be an outstanding campus journalism outfit.

Even though we couldn’t win some other categories we were nominated for, I am sure we would remain focused. There are still awards we would win and I am really glad about this.

I thank the members of the executive council and the members of the association for their diligence and support. I am indeed grateful.”


Also, Latinwo Gbolahan expressed that his joy knows no bounds when he emerged as the winner of the Gender Equality category. He further said, “I am so happy for winning this category because I didn’t see it coming. Many people believe that only women should write or tell stories about gender equality, which is not supposed to be so. It’s called Gender Equality for a reason. The male and female gender should be carried along together.”

Recall that two ACJOAU members, Ajibade Abdullah Adewale and Latinwo Gbolahan were nominated for the Photojournalist and News Reporter categories for the same award in 2021.

Breaking: Judicial Council Reinstates Great Ife Speaker

Following the legal steps taken by the speaker of the Students' Representative Council of the Great Ife Students' Union to challenge his suspension as the speaker of the Parliament which according to him was filled with so many constitutional aberrations as the President himself singlehandedly declared the suspension based on the submission of a congressman without any motion raised to the effect of the submission.

Read Also: Great Ife Students' Union Power Tussle: Students At The Receiving End

After series of court sessions held by the Judicial council of the Union, the council in its ruling  today, December 13, 2022 reinstated the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Union in a court sitting that was held at the Ken Saro Building earlier 

The court sitting comprised seven justices including the Lord Chancellor, Hon. Justice Abiodun Adesanya, MC.

While delivering the lead judgment that was signed by the Lord Chancellor, Justice Adedapo Taiwo declared that the congressional resolution of Great Ife Student’s Union that birthed the suspension of Mr. Ajadi Toheeb as the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Representative Council is Unconstitutional, illegal and void.

He further declared that Mr. Ajadi Toheeb is hereby reinstated as the speaker of the Great Ife Student’s Representative Council and should resume work with immediate effect.

The Judicial Council also declared that the entitlement of Mr. Ajadi Toheeb since the 30th of November 2022 should be given and returned to him with immediate effect.

The counsel to Mr. Ajadi Toheeb had earlier argued on three issues all bordering on the unconstitutionality and nullity of the congress and his suspension before the court finally declared that he should be reinstated as the speaker.

Source: ACJOAU

Saturday, 10 December 2022

Faculty Of Technology Releases 2022/2022 Admission Cut-Off Marks


OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2022/2023 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below

Agricultural Engineering

Merit – 59.27%

Ogun – 52.95%

Osun – 57.53%

Oyo – 56.80%

ELDS – 50.0%

Chemical Engineering

Merit – 71.28%

Ekiti – 69.65%

Ogun – 67.30%

Osun – 65.81%

Oyo – 67.80%

ELDS – 50.00%

Civil Engineering

Merit – 70.39%

Ekiti – 59.20%

Lagos – 60.78%

Ogun – 69.10%

Ondo – 65.05%

Osun – 67.43

Oyo – 69.55

ELDS – 50.00%

Computer Science and Engineering

Merit – 73.48%

Ekiti – 68.83%

Lagos – 65.33%

Ogun – 68.08%

Ondo – 69.94%

Osun – 66.81%

Oyo – 69.98%

ELDS – 60.75%

Computer Science/Economics

Merit – 69.45%

Ekiti – 60.68%

Lagos –60.68%

Ogun – 66.90%

Ondo – 60.68%

Osun – 67.48%

Oyo – 64.30%

ELDS – 50.00%

Computer Science/Mathematics

Merit – 70.15%

Ekiti – 67.45%

Lagos – 65.45%

Ogun – 60.25%

Ondo – 67.88%

Osun – 67.03%

Oyo – 69.10%

ELDS – 50.00%

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Merit – 70.38%

Ekiti – 67.07%

Lagos –68.33%

Ogun – 69.85%

Ondo – 69.45%

Osun – 66.75%

Oyo – 67.78

ELDS – 50.00

Food Science and Technology

Merit –59.40%

Lagos – 52.60%

Ondo – 55.03%

Osun – 59.00%

Oyo – 53.20%

ELDS – 50.00%

Material Science and Engineering

Merit – 60.75%

Ekiti – 60.03%

Osun – 58.81%

Oyo – 54.90%

ELDS – 50.00%

Mechanical Engineering

Merit – 74.48%

Ekiti – 65.40%

Lagos – 58.70%

Ogun –63.70%

Ondo – 73.42%

Osun – 72.17%

Oyo – 69.95%

ELDS - 50.00

Aerospace Engineering

Merit - 65.28%

Ogun - 61.28%

Osun - 59.28%

Oyo - 61.53%

ELDS - 50.00

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Great Ife SRC Speaker Take Legal Steps Against the CEC

 Following the recent happenings in the Great Ife political settings, the speaker of the SRC RT. Hon Ajadi Toheeb has charged the President, the Secretary General, the P.R.O, the Central Executive Council and the Deputy Speaker of the Union to the Great Ife Students' Union Judicial Council.

In a release made available to OAUPeeps News Agency the court hearing will hold on Thursday, 8th of December, 2022, in accordance to Section 56 of the Sacrosanct Constitution of the GreatIfe Students Union.

The court will hear the matter between the Speaker being the Applicant while The President ,The Secretary - General,The P.R.O,The Central Executive Council , Deputy Speaker, SRC being the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Defendants respectively.

The court session is sechulded to hold in Chukwusa Dennis (SUB) TV Room by 9:00am and students interested in observing proceedings are enjoined to come around.


130 Students Bag First Class As OAU Holds 46th Convocation


Not less than 130 students of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Osun state bagged first class degrees at the institution’s 46th convocation programmes.

Addressing journalists at the University campus in Ile-Ife on Monday, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Someone Bamire, disclosed that the school has a total of 5,852 graduates for it 2022 convocation ceremonies.

Read also: Great Ife Students' Union Power Tussle: Students At The Receiving End

According to the Vice Chancellor, In Bachelor Degrees, classified, we have One Hundred and Thirty (130) in First Class (Honours), while One Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Three made 2nd class (Honours, Upper Division).

“In the 2nd class (Honours, Lower division) we have 1,991 graduands and in the 3rd class (Honours) category, we have 636 while 34 graduands are on a pass category.  In all, we have 4,114 graduands in this Bachelor degrees, classified.

“However, in the Bachelor degrees, unclassified, which comprises graduands from the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and, of course, Faculty of Dentistry.  Even graduands from our centre for Distance Learning also falls within this category.

“In this group, we have 7 graduands who have Pass with Honours, while 28 falls within Pass with Distinction.  444 made it under Pass with Credit and 486 are with Pass.  In these make us to have 965 under this unclassified category.

“For the postgraduate graduands, we have 17 under postgraduate Diploma, 403 under Professional Masters and 200 under Master with Research Thesis.  While we have 20 under Masters of Philosophy, the total number of our Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) graduands is 61.  In all, we have 712 graduands under this category.

“May I also inform you that non-degree Diplomas in the Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Education, are as follow; We have 2 with Distinction, 25 with upper credit and 34 with lower credit.”

While commending the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, for suspending its industrial action, he said the University placed priority on the welfare of its students, hence, the decision to hold the convocation after the university senate had approved the results.

Source: Vanguard News

Sunday, 4 December 2022

Great Ife Students' Union Power Tussle: Students At The Receiving End

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The political atmosphere of the Great Ife Students' Union has been muddy and rough in the past few days as a result of power tussling among the union leaders. Hell was let loose and neither of the actors involved are ready to bend for their perceived opponents. 

Trouble started on Wednesday, 30 November 2022 at the congress which was held at Afrika Amphitheater presided over by the president of the Union, Comrade Olayiwola Folahan Festus "Reform" where the speaker of the Great Ife SRC was accused of misplaced priority and abuse of power as regards the allocation of the Students' Union Building Bar which was against the section 54 of the Great Ife Students' Union Sacrosanct constitution which states that "the union building shall be maintained by the Central Executive Council which shall make necessary allocations, partition and adornment when and where necessary" This section of the constitution was capitalized on as the speaker was said to be suspended. However, this didn't go well with some honourable members of the house as they were seen showing solidarity for the speaker. 

This power tussle has further extended to the leadership of the house as the deputy speaker of the house honourable Ganiyu Yussuf O "KOB" in a Press Release titled "Duty Calls, Therefore, I Answer" decided to abide by his oath of office as an honourable and a principal officer of the Parliament to defend the constitution of Great Ife and to respect the resolution of the congress, the highest making decision body of the Union. According to him, the suspension of the speaker by the congress must be respected and in line with section 11'subsection 11 of the constitution, he shall humbly act as the acting speaker of the Parliament. 

Barely 24 hours, the speaker of the Parliament, Rt. Hon Ajadi Toheeb Babatunde in a Press Release titled "The Sanity Of Our Union Must Be Preserved" said the congress which led to the suspension was filled with so many constitutional aberrations as the President himself singlehandedly declared the suspension based on the submission of a congressman without any motion raised to the effect of the submission.


In all this, there's a saying that a house divided against itself shall not stand.  While some Union leaders are claiming to be for Paul, some others claim to queue behind Apollos. But, can they be reminded that it is Paul that sowed the seed, Apollos watered the ground but God made the plant grow?

We need to ask ourselves if the Great Ife Union is for Students or Graduates. It's so disheartening to see people who are regarded as leaders being the major cause of trouble and chaos on campus. Some of these graduates were seen behaving in an uncultured manner at the recently held parliamentary sitting justifying their action based on the excuse that the speaker that has been suspended shouldn't preside over a sitting.  One needs to ask if this set of people has forgotten the motto of the university. 

Amidst all this, students are facing several issues ranging from the irregularities of prices of goods and services in butteries on campus, epileptic power and water supply, and exploitation of students by bike men who disregarded the pricelist set for them by the Union. While it is expected that the students Union Leaders should call them to order, they are busy wielding power amidst themselves, a show of who's more powerful. One must not forget that while all this goes on,  exams are fast approaching. How do students who can't read due to epileptic power supply survive or are they going to be filling out google forms every time?

 Truly, if the foundation is bad what can the righteous do?

Maybe someone should remind the Union leaders that beyond the newly renovated and beautiful Students' Union Building, Great Ife Students needs action that can be proactive and when tested through fire will still come out glowing.  Beyond the flying around of Press Release, can their proactive actions fly around the nook and corner of the OAU community and the ears of every student? 

Finally, an adage says; where two elephants fight, the grasses suffer the consequence. This is exactly the case on Great Ife Campus as the power tussle automatically places students at the receiving end while an average student on campus can't differentiate between when there was a Union and when there was none as the union expected to fight for students is fighting itself. The Union leaders forgot about the promises they made to the students during the electioneering process, promising heaven and earth.

 But is reform really reforming? and in all this, where Is the Salvation?

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Faculty Of Law Releases 2022/2023 Admission Cut-Off Marks

 OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed the release of the 2022/2023 admission cut-off marks for the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University. See below:

Merit – 71.50%

Ekiti – 68.70

Osun –  70.68%

Ogun – 69.29%

Ondo – 69.29%

Oyo –  70.25%

Lagos – 64.60%


Akwa Ibom- 58.65 Bayelsa- 60.05, Cross-River-56.38, Ebonyi-64.75, Kwara -65.70, Kogi-64.20, Kaduna-63.28

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Beautiful And Trendy Ankara Styles You Can Rock To Classes

As a student its easy to get lost in trends or get into the habit of borrowing money to buy clothes because your pals are rocking it or perhaps get into the buy now pay later scheme. In all honesty you do not need all this, you could get a good and cheap Ankara fabric and so cute styles that your friends will envy;

Ankara is no longer what it used to be and thus, you can now proudly walk into anywhere wearing the Ankara fabric. The beautiful thing about this change is the fact that there are so many Ankara styles that you can choose from. As a student its best to always have a good tailor on hand.

While having a good tailor is a necessity, knowing the right style for you is also tantamount to your looks. For older women their style choices are most certainly different, I mean they go for the older and more mature styles but for you as a student things are different and rightly so because first, you are young and secondly you need to feel loose and free not choked up.

Dressing well is a form of good manner, in a world where Ankara styles are all over the place, we have chosen to bring out the best and outstanding styles for you to stand out and slay wherever you go, the first step to be respected is to look respectable and our style should always be an expression of who we are every day.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things, and also a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Ankara styles are better when being tailored well and styled perfectly and that is why we have put together this gorgeous trending piece in other for you not to stress or worry over having to look nice while attending a party.

Here is the list of beautiful trendy Ankara styles that we have got for you we do hope you love them as much as we do.

1. Ankara Dress With Cross Sleeve

Here is an elegant bold Ankara style that definitely can’t go unnoticed. It is definitely classy and worth setting a new trend. If you are up to standing out in a really gorgeous style then this is worth recreating. 

2. Ankara Gown With V-Neck

Monday, 28 November 2022

We Are Working To Put All This Anomalies To Rest: Transport Management Commission Speaks on Unavailability Of Town-Igboro Buses

By IfelawPR and Ayomide Emmanuel

The early hours of Monday, 28th November 2022 started on a bad note for students of the Obafemi Awolowo University as they were stranded and unable to enter into the school community due to the unavailability of the town-igboro bus drivers. 

Large numbers of students were seen stranded at the school campus gate as at 7:00am trying to find means to enter into the school community. The reason why the buses was not available is not known yet however, there are rumours that the town-igboro drivers are trying to increase the prices of transportation. Recall this same approach was used by the town-igboro drivers at the beginning of this session which brought to the increase in prices and numbers of passengers of the town-igboro bus. 

However, the leadership of the Greatife Students' Union and the transport management commission said It has been brought to the attention of the leadership of the SU and the Transport Management Commission (TMC) that there are no “town-gboro” buses to convey students to campus at campus gate and are working to resolve the issue and while doing so, alternative means of transportation is being provided.

Consequently, the transport management commission chairman Hon. Sir tee while speaking to our correspondent confirmed the development as they have been receiving calls and messages touching the issue. He however advised students to bear with them as they are working to put all this anomalies to rest.

According to him(TMC Chairman) the only alternative they have right now is getting the union buses on track but the three buses are faulty. Further more, he said the best way to tackle the issue is to cancel all classes for duty which is the duty of the SUG president whose number isn't reachable. 

The Secretary of the Transport management commission Hon Sumbade Jnr also confirmed the situation and said they are on top of the situation and they are at the campus gate to make sure students are convey to campus.

Friday, 18 November 2022

Great Ife SRC Goes On Recess Amidst Constitution Of Standing Committees


  Parliamentary sitting       

The Great Ife Students' Representative Council in its first business sitting for the 2021/2022 parliamentary session which held at the late hours of Friday, 18th November 2022 at the Awolowo Cafeteria constituted the Budgetary and Finance Committee, Transport Committee amidst other various standing committees which were to be constituted in accordance with the Great Ife Students' Union Constitution. 

The constitution of the committee members was done by honourable members of the parliament where honourable members nominated their fellow honourable members or themselves. 

Below are the Constituted Committees members and with there Chairman and Secretaries respectively 

Budgetary and Finance Committee 

Honourable Michael (Faculty of Clinical Sciences)

Honourable Aspiring Billionaire(Faculty Of Technology) 

Honorable Tajudeen Olayinka (Faculty of Administration) Chairman 

Honourable Alabi Fawas(Faculty Of Arts)

Honourable Ewatee (Faculty Of Education)

Honourable Olaitan Timilehin(Faculty Of Dentistry)

Honourable Peter (Faculty Of Pharmacy) Secretary

Transport Management Commission 

Honourable Abike(Faculty Of Social Sciences)

Honourable Taiwo Salaudeen(Faculty Of EDM) Chairman 

Honourable Sunbade(Faculty Of Education) Secretary 

Honourable Afeez(Faculty Of Science)

Honourable Riddo(Faculty Of Technology)

Honourable Samad Oshodi (Faculty Of Agriculture)

Honourable Ashinyabi Timilehin(Faculty Of Arts)

However, due to security reasons and interruption of power supply, the Rt. Honourable Speaker Toheeb Ajadi announced that the Honourable members should go on a recess and to resume on Saturday, 19th November 2022 by 4pm while the remaining committee remain un-constituted    

Blackout at parliamentary sitting

Sunday, 13 November 2022

Commissioning of Ken Saro-Wiwa Students' Union Building

 By Ife Lawence

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. On Saturday; November 12, 2022, commissioned the newly remodelled Students' Union Building. According to the record, it was tagged "Ken Saro-Wiwa Building" after the demise of Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa: A Nigerian writer, television producer, and environmental activist...

The management of Obafemi Awolowo University led by Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Adebayo Simeon Bamire was privileged to receive numerous dignitaries at the occasion. Among the dignitaries are the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Students' Affairs, Vice Dean, General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff) and his associates, among other University Officials.

The programme which was anchored by the University's Public Relations Officer (P.R.O); Abiodun Olarewaju commenced the occasion with the national anthem, followed by the Great Ife anthem. 

As the programme progressed, the distinguished guests were invited to the tables, starting with Vice-Chancellor: Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, followed by the Chief of Defence Staff; General Leo Irabor who occurs to be a prominent alumnus of Great Ife. Also, the dean of Students' Affairs; Professor Isiaka Aransi, followed by the Great Ife Students' Union President; Olayiwola Folahan, popularly and politically known as Reform. The Anchor: Mr Abiodun Olarewaju the University's Public Relations Officer, acknowledged the presence of Great Ife F.M, C.S.O, Correspondents of Tribune, the associates of General Leo Irabor, the Students' Union and other dignitaries that were at the occasion. After many introductions by dignitaries, the University's P.R.O, inferred the programme as the first of its kind.

The Students' Union P.R.O, in the person of Taofeek Olalekan Ogunperi, popularly and politically known as TAO, after being invited recognized the Vice-Chancellor of the University in person of Prof. Adebayo Simeon Bamire, General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff), Dean of Students' Affairs Prof. Isiaka Aransi, among other dignitaries. 

Great Ife is known for its catchphrase "Viva Aluta" The Students' Union P.R.O began with the recognition of comrades, starting with past union leaders: Adeleke Olorunwa "Goddey"; Kazeem Olalekan Israel "Gani"; Farombi Oluwaseun "Babafaros"; Ajayi Oluwafemi "F.M Castro"; Adebiyi Fashoyin "Frizzy"; Agbogunleri Oluwaseun " Ghandi" etc

The University's P.R.O invited the Chief of Imam (OAU Central Mosque) for the Opening prayer before the welcome address by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Vice-Chancellor; Professor Adebayo Simeon Bamire, in his speech acknowledged all dignitaries, beginning with General Leo Irabor, He exhorted him for being out of his busy schedule to make immense services to the University. And, for choosing from Abuja to attend this very special occasion. He further facilitated him in doing such a tremendous history.

He, however, encouraged the students to constantly look back to the University for development.

"On behalf of the council, Senate, staff and the entire students of Obafemi Awolowo University hereby appreciates those who have contributed financially, and materially to the general renovation of the students' Union Building ( Ken Saro-Wiwa Building), thereby making it a word class. May the Lord God Almighty continue to enrich the purse of the contributors. We wish all those who have come to grace this occasion a journey of mercy back to their different destinations" Says the Vice-Chancellor; Prof Simeon Adebayo Bamire.

General Leo Irabor (Chief of Defence Staff) was, however, invited for his speech. After observing all protocols, "The leadership of the students' Union must equally have the capacity to be able to do well in duty"

We must understand that as you and we are looking to build a nation, You have a role to play in ensuring that things work..." Says Gen. Leo Irabor. He encourages the students to be serious in their studies, and also, to make good use of the students' Union building. He further stated in his address, "The future is dependent on those who have skills" 

The Vice-Chancellor, General Leo Irabor and students union Executives were invited for the presentation of gifts

The closing prayer by the Chaplain ended with the national anthem.

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Do you have Type 1 hair?

 Written by ONAYEMI MARY

Welcome and take a seat, this is a journey of hair discovery. I've had people saying they love my virgin hair because it's soft and full but I've always wanted that tightly curled hair that looked endless and super full. I've always wondered why my hair didn't look like those of my fellow ”hair owners”.

If you also have questions about your hair structure, this and the upcoming articles are for you to figure out why your hair is different from others and how to take care of it.

Brief History 

In the 1990s, Andre Walker created the hair typing system which has been widely adopted till now. Hair types were divided into 4 ( Type 1, 2, 3, 4) which were further subdivided into 3 ( a, b, c). 

Type 1 hair 


Type 2 hair


Type 3 hair 


Type 4 hair


These days, a lot of people claim that they have a particular hair type, but after some research, I realized you might not have just one hair type. Just one person will have type 1c, 2a, and 2b in their mane and it's perfectly fine, you are alright with it and if you have just one hair type all through that's also okay. 

So buckle your seatbelt as this is going to be an interesting ride!

We'll be starting with the type 1 hair and we'll go further down to Type 4, make sure you read them all. You might not need the knowledge, but a friend might, who knows!

Straight Hair (type 1)

In the world of totally perfect hair structure, the type one hair exists. Being straight without a curl and the need to use a flattening iron, this hair type reflects light to the eye best giving it a glossy appearance. Let's go down the first rabbit hole.

Type 1a

When model-gorgeous hair is mentioned this is what comes to mind, pin-straight hair that looks like the owner never had a bad hair day. This is a very rare hair type common among Asian women which is completely straight without a curl. You might be lucky to have it, let's go through its features.

It has a finer diameter which makes it fragile and susceptible to breakage.

The natural oil or sebum that runs down the hair shaft helps it effortlessly maintain its shine. No stress of frizzy hair, phew!

Frizzy hair is hair that lacks moisture which makes it dry and brittle.

This hair type is pin-straight and unable to maintain a curl. This eliminates the need to use a straightener to style it.

When wet it lies flat without volume, almost like the hair is scanty and glued down.

Type 1b

Now, this is the most common type 1 hair, though it appears straight it has subtle waves which gives it a little volume, unlike type 1a hair. Let's see if this is where your mane belongs.

The medium-thick strands has both fine and coarse strands because it's in between 1a and 1c.

No worries to oil your hair because the sebum easily runs down the hair shaft.

Although they have little waves, luckily, they don't have frizz problems.

Of course, it's a bit thicker than type 1a hair but it might struggle to hold a curl without products.

When wet the hair might hang straight down like type 1a hair.

Type 1c 

This is the waviest type 1 hair type, it has enough waves that differentiate it from all straight hair but not enough waves to place it in the wavy section. Yeah, it's quite complicated but let's just know if that's what you have.

The hair strands are coarse and lie flat at the root with slight waves from the midsection to the end.

The natural oil can easily run down the hair but it takes more time due to the hair texture.

With more waves than 1b, it can turn frizzy depending on the environment.

It's easier to hold and maintain a curl with type 1c hair.

Cons of Type 1 Hair

Now that you've identified your hair type, you should know that having type one hair isn't all roses and sunshine, it has its downsides also. But that doesn't stop it from being a great hair to have.

Prone to oiliness 

Type 1 hair is generally straight which allows the sebum to easily run down the hair but with time the hair looks greasy, especially near the scalp. 


This hair type is thin which raises the chances of them breaking when roughly handled. Make sure to treat your type 1 hair with care and baby it, it needs that pampering.

Product buildup 

Heavy styling products can weigh your hair down. Your hair is naturally thin so too many products with oil buildup won't be a good idea for your hair.

How to care for your type 1 hair

It's hair care time! I mean, let your hair make the first impression.

- The internet says to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. But what if you have a hairstyle you want to carry for weeks or you don't have the luxury of time? 

If you have a hairstyle you aren't ready to remove, go ahead but make sure you do a pre-poo after removing the style. Then remember to study your hair, this is important, washing your hair 2-3 times a week might not work for you, you might just need it once in 2 weeks, just notice changes in your hair.

NOTE: You also have to find a balance when shampooing, don't overwash, washing your hair too much can cause your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to make up for the lost oil which will get your hair more greasy.

- Clarifying shampoos is a good idea, they help to get rid of excess build-up but shouldn't be used too often. Also, avoid heavy or oily products that will weigh your hair down.

- Be careful when brushing your hair, remember your hair is thin so handle it carefully. If it's tangled, brush the tips first then keep inching upwards towards the root.

- Avoid tight styles, applying too much pressure on your type 1 hair is a huge NO. 

In conclusion, as a person rocking type 1 hair you can try side parts hairstyles, it makes it look like your hair has more volume. But make sure not to part your hair at the same place so that part won't get bald.

When you've just permed your hair and you wash it, it looks like a type 1a hair, Yay! But when it gets dry it might be type 1b or 1c. It's probably better to determine your hair type when it's dry.

We have come to the end of figuring out if you belong to the classy type 1 hair type. The next article will be on type 2, stay tuned!

Monday, 5 September 2022

OAU 2022/2023 POST UTME/DE Form: Cut-Off Mark, Eligibility, Registration Procedures



Candidates who made Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their first choice in the 2022 UTME and scored 200 and above, and those who applied for Direct Entry (DE) are hereby informed that Registration for the 2022 Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) screening exercise will commence on Thursday, 8th September and end on Saturday, 15th October, 2022.

Candidates are required to go through the following processes:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Log on to the site with your Registration Number as Username and your Surname as Password.

Step 3: Fill the biodata form and click continue.

Step 4: Obtain an RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) from this site only, and use it to make payment online or at any commercial bank.

Step 5: Once payment is accepted, the system logs out and you can now login again.

The screening exercise will be done online.

Applicants that provide false information, or upload incorrect credentials will automatically be disqualified.

Candidates are required to check their screening schedule on the OAU Porter from 12th October, 2022.

Candidates will also be required to participate in the Post-UTME screening on their allotted dates and time from 17th October to 22nd October, 2022.

Applicants should note that the screening fee is two thousand naira (N2,000.00) only.

All enquires should be forwarded to or

Sunday, 21 August 2022

#ASUU Strike: I'm Not Aware Of That, ASUU OAU Chairman Speaks on Scheduled Congress


The Obafemi Awolowo University Academics Staff Union Of Universities(ASUU) embarked on an indefinite strike on 31st Of January 2022 two weeks before the National body of the Union embarked on a warning strike. The strike which has been lingering after several meetings between the Federal Government and ASUU which has always proved abortive. 

However, students are beginning to hope the strike will be coming to an end soon as congress is been held in institutions under ASUU to determine whether the strike should continue or be put to an end. In the light of this, Obafemi Awolowo University are curious to know when OAU will hold its own Congress. 

In the early hours of Sunday, 21st of August 2022, an info was seen shared on some OAU group pages that the ASUU OAU will be having its congress on Tuesday, 23rd of August 2022.

 However, speaking on the info shared on Some OAU group pages, the Chairperson of ASUU, OAU Branch, Dr Adeola Egbedokun   in a phone conversation with OAUPeeps News Agency Correspondent said "I'm not aware of that, even though we should hold our congress on Tuesday, the notice is not even out so where will anybody get that from"

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Great Ife Students' Union Building To Undergo A Facelift


By Mary Onayemi

The Great Ife Students' Union building also known as Ken Saro-Wiwa building is set to undergo a facelift. 

In a Press Release made available to OAU Peeps News Agency, the facelift was long over due and its coming to reality after several discussions with the sponsors. 

Announcing this development to Great Ife Students in a Press Release, the Public Relations Officer of the Union Comrade Ogunperi Olalekan "Tao" said the facelift will last for about four months.  And during this period, the Central Executive Council and the leadership of the Student Representative Council of the Union will be scarcely physically present at the SUB, as all offices will undergo structural changes simultaneously. 

However, the Union officers will be available and they can all be reached via call and text while during the process of the Union facelift.

Consequently, the facelift will affect all shops within the building as the shops shall undergo facelift also and commercial activities shall be suspended in and around the building until further notice.

Sunday, 10 July 2022

July 10: The Night That Brought Freedom To GREATIFE

Today marks the 23rd year of demise of our martyrs whose sacrifices generations of Great Ife community keep and will keep enjoying forever.

Today, we remember OAU-5; today, we remember George Yemi Iwilade (AFRIKA), the Secretary General, Great Ife Students'Union 1998/1999 session. 

The freedom we enjoy now on  OAU campus didn't come on a platter of Gold, it came with the massacre of our heroes who were murdered in cold blood by the black Axe Confraternity who invaded OAU campus. The massacre led to OAU Zero tolerance to cultism and intimidation.  

However, it is pathetic that this ground of freedom and liberty has turned to the city of fear. It is on this note that I encourage all and sundry to maintain the sacred traditions of our dear Union and stand against all forms of oppression and victimization. If Great Ife would remain great, it lies with you and I. 

Everyone must be security conscious and must be ready to stand up and fight against Cultism and intimidation on OAU campus. The labour of our heroes must not be in vain, the OAU-5 death must not be vain. We must work hand in hand with the security unit of the Students' Union and make sure our campus is safe and we will still remain safe.

Great Ife! Stand up, we have nothing to lose but our chains. We must uphold the legacy laid by these heroes for the sake of future. We did not inherit today from our forefathers but borrowed today from generations yet unborn. Afrika and all have done theirs, now is our time... What shall we tell the future generations? Arise, Great Ife.