Saturday, 1 January 2022

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Great Ife.

It has been a great and wonderful year of serving  the community of Obafemi Awolowo University 

Resuming from a compulsory holiday due to the Covid-19 Pandemics with the introduction of virtual class which was hard and stressful for students but yet we survived we were able to see the end of the session which came to an end on December 17th 2021. 

What made us a victor was that regardless of how hard it was, we are here today again as a conqueror who didn't dwell on the situation of the past by however learnt and recover from the mistake we made. 

As we proceed in this year, let's evaluate ourselves and ask ourselves questions on where we made mistakes last year so we make corrections on it. 

Finally, let's make sure we utilise every good opportunity that come our way this year to improve our situation academically, financially etc. 

Thank you for staying with us through thick and thin good and bad, setback and success. 

From the entire team of OAU PEEPS we wish the generality of OAU Community a wonderful and a fulfilled year ahead. 

Adesina Ayomide 
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