Monday, 28 February 2022

Just In: Students' Union Inauguration And Swearing In Postponed, New Date To Be Communicated Shortly

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The Inauguration and swearing  ceremony of the  Students’ Union leaders for academic which was  scheduled to hold on Thursday, 3rd of March, 2022 has been postponed.

Recall it was earlier reported by OAU Peeps News Agency that the elected Students' Union leaders will be inaugurated after five months of election

Speaking to our Correspondent, the PRO of the Great Ife Students' Union Electoral Commission, Comrade Olalekan Olatunbosun, Catalyst confirmed the postponment and he said, "I can confirm this is very true. 
We wish we could keep it from happening but we couldn't. Trust me, it is for the best. Further information on the new date will be communicated shortly. Thank you."

Great Ife Students' Union Respond To Increase In Transportation Prices On Campus

By Data Writing Pencil

The Great Ife Students' Union has responded to the increment in the cost of the transportation and number of passenger that the Ife mini bus drivers adopted on 23rd of February 2022. 

However, the development was not only on the price alone but also on the increase in number of passengers which was three on a row before the price hike but now four on a row. 

Speaking to OAU Peeps Correspondent, Adeleke Adedotun a Philosophy Part 3 student said "the increase in price is affecting and its not making it easier for students, imagine having #1000 and you have to spend it all on transport fare. Not only that, the drivers are now becoming aggressive to students then before. Something must be done concerning it either the school management or the Students' Union body."

Onatola Ayomide Victor a Religious Studies Part 2 said "it's not convenient at all and the increase has caused a lot of damages to students because most students couldn't bear the cost due to the fact that most students are managing. So couldn't come to class because they couldn't bear the cost of the price of transportation to campus"

In a Press Statement made available to OAU Peeps News Agency, the Students' Union body has responded to the increase in Transportation Issues. The Statement read thus:

The Students' Union announces to Union members that the recent increments in costs of transportation and number of passengers are and will not be maintained without the Union reviewing them to ameliorate the difficult financial implications they are already having on students. The Union has taken, is taking and will take more steps to check all issues regarding transportation.

With a view to preventing such occurrence as the transportation impasse of February 23, the Union had earlier met with transporters. The Union had on February 19 particularly met with motorcyclists' association to correct issues, including but not only hike as high as ₦250 for a place which had previously cost ₦100 to transit to. For places which previously cost ₦50/₦60/₦70, the Union noticed that the hike went as high as ₦100 and ₦150.

As efforts are being made to review the bus fares, students are to note the following about costs of transportation for motorcycles:

Notwithstanding the entire price list being reviewed, here are places with tentative costs of transportation (by motorcycle) on campus:

Main Gate to Hall Of Residence ₦120
Main Gate to Market ₦150
Main Gate to Spider ₦150

For this period, the following still remain the same, just as had earlier announced before fuel scarcity:

Main Gate to Bus Stop ₦100
Main Gate to DSA/Agric ₦120

Bus Stop to Hall of Residence ₦50
Bus Stop to Market ₦50
Bus Stop to Ajose ₦50
Bus Stop to Road Block ₦50
Bus Stop to Religious Ground ₦50
Bus Stop to Spider ₦50
Bus Stop to Tonkere ₦60

Hall to Hall ₦50
Hall to Academics Area ₦50
Hall to ICT Centre ₦50
Hall to Central Market ₦50
Hall to Spider ₦70
Hall to Religious Ground ₦70
Hall to Tonkere ₦80

Again, Union members are assured that the complaints about hikes in buses, increase in passengers are not only noted but being acted upon for favorable solutions. On a general note, the Union will continue to review the prices to discourage extortion and unscrupulous hikes.

For the Union, the welfarism of Great Ife students is not the modicum but the core, nonnegotiable essence of its being. It is understood that Union members want instant reverses and readjustments, especially with buses. The Union is with alacrity working so that the issues with transportation are completely arrested.

While the Union hastens to ensure that the yet unsolved raised issues are resolved, the cooperation of Union members is highly solicited. Union members are assured that the current issues shall not be burdens for them to continue to bear.

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Five Months After Election, Great Ife Students' Union Leaders Sets To Be Inuagrated And Sworn Into Office

The Great Ife Students' Union Leaders Elects are set to be Inaugurated and Swear In into office after five months of Election. The Election which cut across the different arms of government ranging from the HEC, SRC and CEC produce leader in every arms of the government. 

In A Press Release made available to OAUPeeps News Agency  by the Electoral Commission of Great Ife Students' Union, the inaugration and swearing in of the Union Officers will take place on Thursday 3rd 2022 at Oduduwa Hall by 12:00pm. 

The Statement Read Thus:


The past months have been characterized by our unswerving efforts to ensure the swearing-in and inauguration and leadership retreat of/for the elected union officers at the CEC, SRC and HEC levels were done as stipulated in the election calendar until unforeseen circumstances took over the course.

However, we are elated to announce that the CEC, Leadership of the SRC and HEC's Chairpersons will proceed on a leadership training by next week and the Inauguration and Swearing-in Ceremony will hold unfailing as follows;

Thursday, 3rd March 2022
12:00PM Prompt
Oduduwa Hall

We enjoin Great Ife Students to join us as the elected officers officially take the oath of office and mantle.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Fuel Scarcity: Ife Mini Bus, Sabo Lagere Release New Price List

By Data Writing Pencil

Following the Nationwide Fuel Scarcity, the town-igboro Drivers  stopped operation to hold a meeting among its members to decide on a new price list for transportation.

However, the sudden stop in operation led to students been stranded on campus with no much means of transportation. A long queue of students was at the school bus stop.

The students Union leaders however swing into action  by providing a bus to transport students out of the school. 
Speaking to our Correspondent, the financial secretary elect of Great Ife Students' Union said the union spring into action immediately they got wind of the information and they provided bus to convey students to campus gate at the rate of #30. 

In an interview with a student about how the sudden stop of operation by the mini bus drivers has affeted students, Sir Philip the director of sports department of mathematics said he paid #150 to a bike man who transported him from gate to yellow house which was not so before the scarcity of buses on campus.   

Following the outcome of the meeting, the Ife mini bus has released a new price list that will be used and a closer look at the new price list sees changes in the price of a drop at the rate of #100 which was #70 before the fuel scarity 

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Faculty of Law: Anonymous Writer Accuse Students Of Cultism.

By Ayomide Emmanuel

An anonymous writer  has accused six students of the faculty of Law of initiating him to into cultism, and making swore an oath. 

Opatola Olatunji(Hon.TJ), Adesanya Abiodun(Lincoln), Umeadi Obinna, Adebayo Ifeoluwa, Abubakare Gabriel and Adeyemo Zaccheaus has been accused by an anonymous writer. 

The anonymous writer who is said to belong to the Eclats class, the part 1 class of the faculty of Law. In the anonymous letter that was written to the entire IFELAW association. 

The anonymous writer said and I quote;
 "I am writing this article in relation to some  happening that have been going on in the faculty of Law. Two weeks ago,I was invited to New Buka by a 500 Level of the faculty of Law and went there because he's a senior colleague who goes by the name Honourable TJ.
At the meeting at Buka, i met Honourable Lincoln, Obinna, Magna Bush, Aristotle and some other guys. At the meeting, i was told how my class rep Tife and assignment class rep Zaccheaus and Hado Moxie have been there and swore an oath of allegiance and loyalty to them and in return, made sure his Class rep won his election".

Further read on the anonymous letter shows that the writer has been involved in student union matters through his brother so he knew that swearing of oath or swearing of allegiance to an organization not recognized is cultism.
However, reacting to the write up of the said  anonymous writer, the Principal Liaison Officer of Law Students' Society Comr. Olowoyo Oluwatimilehin said he made a call to the Class Rep of the Eclats class as he was named there, but was unable to reach him after which he dropped the article in his DM. 

He further stated that the article was not 100% alien to him because he had earlier heard rumors about the occurrence after which he called the class rep and advised him on things he heard 

Following the release of the article, the PLO said he had to call the class rep again to know exactly what went down at the venue and to also ascertain the truth.   

The class replied him in his word that  that he doubts that the article emanated from his class. He also asserted that a good number of what is contained in the article are not as they seem. The class rep further revealed to him that the persons mentioned in the article were present.

Responding to the issue, the President of the Law Student Society popularly known as Sammy G  speaking to ACJ Correspondent replied; "We are on it",when asked about the authenticity of the said anonymous letter and steps been taken to address the issue.

In the same vein, the accused set of persons ,also wrote an article stating their own side of the story and to firmly assert their personality which they would have never and will never jettison for any pedestrian cause. 

While they didn't deny the fact that they were present at New Buka just as the anonymous writer said, because going to chill out at New Buka is not a crime. The anonymous writer was further challenged to present to the public any evidence he stated in his letter.

Consequently, the act by the anonymous writer was declared as an act of cowardice  to amass emotional audience that will be vulnerable to his mischievous intentions 

Speaking to ACJ correspondent, Salami, one of the accused said; I already made some point known on his class page and if the writer is so sure that he had evidence of where he was in a place where an illegal oath was taken, the writer should have not hidden under the cloak of an anonymous writer. He also made it known that the article circulating are political Mossberg by adversaries and was not surprised by it and might even be taking court action because the issue is becoming more bigger and a sort of defamation of character.

Speaking to ACJ correspondent, Obinna,one of the accused said "
It is obvious that they fabricated everything in the news,in fact 90%  of the content is false". 

To authenticate the release of the acclaimed anonymous writer, ACJ correspondent tried all possible means to get to other concerned persons but all efforts proved abortive. 

Investigations are still on going and we hope to get to the root of this matter. 

Stay tuned!

Friday, 11 February 2022

Ajibola Heritage Death: Scid Takes Over Investigation As School Management Queries Bver Hostel.


By Data Writing Pencil

Following the death of Miss Ajibola Heritage that occurred at BVERS HOSTEL on 9th of February, 2022. The school management has responded by serving a query letter to the management of BVERS hostel as the SCID takes over the case.

Recall it was earlier reported by OAU Peeps News Agency that a students lost her life due to the poor management of hostel by the hostel management. However, reacting to the investigation, the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede advised students to remain calm and law abiding as the police have been briefed and investigation 

In a Press Release made available to OAU Peeps News Agency by the spokeman of the school University, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju, he stated that the Scid has taken over the case. 

The statement read thus: The Criminal Investigation Department of the Osun State Command of the Nigerian Police has taken over the investigation of the circumstances that led to the death of a part two student of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Miss Ajibola Heritage Ayomikun.

Heritage, who resided in one of the PRIVATE HOSTELS, BVER, fell into  the septic tank of the hostel through an opening that was allegedly not properly covered.

A release by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju, stated that the unfortunate incidence, which occurred on Wednesday, 9th February, 2022, saddened the University Management, describing it as tragic, devastating, unfortunate and unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the owner of the private hostel, BVER, where the incidence occurred has been issued a query by the University Management and his response is being awaited.

It must be noted that all the hostels in the students village are privately owned and they are not under the control of the University.  The University Management presently has only oversight functions on these private hostels.

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Remain Calm and Law Abiding, The Police have been Briefed And Are Investigating: OAU Vice Chancellor


By Ayomide Emmanuel

The obafemi Awolowo University management has reacted to the death of Miss Ajibola Heritage Ayomikun a part two student of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages, who died due to the poor management of hostel by the hostel management. 

In a release made available to OAU Peeps News Agency, the Spokeman of the University, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju said that the University Management is saddened by the unfortunate incidence. 

He however, made mention that the University management mobilised the fire men from the University,  when the news got to them. Who through concerted efforts got the student out and was immediately rushed to the OAU Teaching Hospitals Complex where she was certified dead. 

Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof Eyitope Ogunbodede, led his management team to the scene, and sympathised with the students and commiserated with the parents of the deceased. 

Addressing the issue, the Vice Chancellor described the incidence as tragic and unacceptable, promised to critically look into the circumstances that led to the student's death and mete out appropriate sanctions against those involved or whoever is found culpable. 

Speaking further, the Vice Chancellor appealed to the students to remain calm and law abiding as police, have been briefed and are also investigating  

Back Story 

The late hours of February 9th 2022 turned out to be a sad day for the students of Obafemi Awolowo University as a student from the department of Linguistics and african laguages lost her life due to inadequies of hostel management. Heritage Ajibola who fell into a soakaway at Bver Hostel,Maintenace Hostels has been confirmed dead 

Eyewitness said that she was with her friends spreading clothes when she got stuck in a hole leading into the soakaway, before the friends could go to call for help she had already fallen into it.

Even with the presence of OAU,OAUTHC and Osun state fire services, it took well up to 30mins before they could get her out of the soakaway . only to be discovered that the cause of the collapse was a termite eaten wood which was used to cover the soakaway.

However Reacting to the incident, the Great Ife Student Union describes the incident as highly unfortunate. And could have been avoided if the soakaway system was properly constructed and covered.

OAU loses Student To Poor Hostel Management, Great Ife Students' Union React

By Onyekpe Okechukwu Derrick and Dominic Emmanuel

Today 9th of February, 2022 turned out to be a sad day for the students of Obafemi Awolowo University as a student from the department of Linguistics and african laguages lost her life due to inadequies of hostel management. Heritage Ajibola who fell into a soakaway at Bver Hostel,Maintenace Hostels has been confirmed dead 

Eyewitness said that she was with her friends spreading clothes when she got stuck in a hole leading into the soakaway, before the friends could go to call for help she had already fallen into it.

Even with the presence of OAU,OAUTHC and Osun state fire services, it took well up to 30mins before they could get her out of the soakaway . only to be discovered that the cause of the collapse was a termite eaten wood which was used to cover the soakaway.

Reacting to the incident, the Great Ife Student Union describes the incident as highly unfortunate. And could have been avoided if the soakaway system was properly constructed and covered.

Maintenance hostel is known for its huge rent fee charged by its owners, it saddens the heart to even imagine something like this happened. The Great Ife Student Union urged for the Management of the Hostel to answer for the death of Heritage, demanding justice.

May God comfort and give courage to the family and friends to overcome this huge loss. May her soul rest in perfect peace

Breaking: Obafemi Awolowo Sets To Host Pre-Nuga Games


By Olukanmi Abidemi ÀBÍMÓ

The Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) organizes university-level sports events in Nigeria. It hosts an interuniversity sports competition called the University Games. The first NUGA games were held at the University of Ibadan in 1966. Presently, there are over eighty universities as members of NUGA, both private and public owned.

NUGA approves fifteen different sporting events at the University Games: track and field, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, handball, hockey, judo, soccer, squash, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, and volleyball, after which the games have grown overtime to sixteen

However, just like other competition, there's always a preliminary stages whereby teams come together to play and in order to them to be qualified for the main event. 

Obafemi Awolowo University, set to host pre-Nigeria university games PRENUGA for Zone C. The tournament which will feature 16 games and 10 different universities. 

According to OAU Student Union director of Sports elects, he stated that "Obafemi Awolowo University will be hosting this year's edition of the Pre-Nuga games, slated to commence on Sunday, 13th of February, 2022 and end on the 16th of February, 2022. We'll be hosting the likes of
FUTA, AAUA, Uniosun, Elizade University, JABU, OUI, Redeemers University, Adeleke University".

Speaking to our Correspondent, Oluwanoni said OAU will be participating in all the sixteen sport of the Nuga games: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Scrabble, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis and Volleyball.

OAUpeeps gathered that the Pre-Nuga is  meant to  determine the institution which will be representing the zone in the official NUGA games tournament.

Thursday, 3 February 2022

Strike: ASUU OAU Blows Hot, Vows To March Up With VC, Ogunbodede.


 By Alofe Faith and Agunbiade John

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, Obafemi Awolowo University Branch on Thursday, 3rd February, 2022 held a solidarity congress at the First Bank Lecture Theatre to discuss the situation surrounding the strike action. Recall that the Union had earlier this week declared an indefinite strike to protest the unpaid Earned Academic Allowance (EAA) for deserving members of the union.

In an interview with the Chairperson of ASUU, OAU Branch, Adeola Egbedokun, he stated that the Ibadan, Lagos, Akure and Benin zones came to the ASUU OAU congress in solidarity to fight injustice and maladministration in the university.

The Chairperson expressed further that "the Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede has not seen anything, this is just the beginning of the strike because the Vice Chancellor had declared a war and we would march up with him". The ASUU chairperson affirms that the strike is a local strike supported by the national body of ASUU.

When asked why the strike is peculiar, he replied that the Vice Chancellor has refused to listen to what ASUU said regarding the earned academic allowance. He added that "this is not the first time we will paid EAA in many Universities" and you can cross-check from other universities that the money was disbursed around 11th or 12th of December 2021 which 98% have paid before the end of 2021. "It is only OAU that has refused to pay till now owing to the fact that the VC is a member of an illegal group called CONUA".

The Chairperson further stated that anytime ASUU meets with the Vice Chancellor, he always question their actions as against CONUA's. He added that ASUU fought for the money and the Union should determine how the money should be disbursed.

He said that disbursement of the Earned Academic Allowance has always been based on the template submitted by ASUU, "so if the Vice Chancellor wants to give money to a union not known by the law he should use the Non-ASUU share". The Chairperson expressed that the VC should share ASUU's Earned Academic Allowance to the Union members.

The Chairperson said that on 20th January, 2022 ASUU held a meeting with the Audit Unit where the Vice Chancellor told them he was going to take computation for verification and since that day there has not been any official communication or documentation from the Vice Chancellor on the outcome of the verification that was carried out. He added that the office of the Vice Chancellor should be more responsible in communicating officially to every stakeholder in the University.

When asked to react on what the University Management said that academics was going smoothly on campus and does it means that the impact of the strike was not felt. The chairperson expressed that "no lecture is going on on OAU campus and whatever the information the University is feeding the public is all lies and they are deceiving parents". He urges parents to visit the university to assert the level of destruction the university administration has brought upon the university".

When challenged that some classes held lectures, the chairperson stated that "any class that held is been organised by the cohort of the Vice Chancellor".

ASUU members after the congress took to the roads and academics environment and academics environment of OAU campus, chanting in protest of their unpaid Earned Academic Allowance.

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

OAU Sets A Date For Batch B Fresh Students Bed Space Allocation

By Olukanmi Abidemi ÀBÍMÓ

The Obafemi Awolowo University management has set a date for the allocation of bed space request for Batch B FRESH students

According to what was released on the eportal, the bed space request for Batch B fresh will be activated on Thursday, 3rd February, 2022 by 8pm. Batch B FRESH students are hereby advised to note that the request will be based on first-come, first-served basis as there are limited spaces 

OAU peeps News Agency is now using this medium to implore all Batch B Freshmen to be fully prepared and pay their school fees before the balloting date, as it is the main criteria to be qualified for the hostel balloting.

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Lectures Still Continues, No Cause For Alarm: OAU Management React To ASUU Strike

The management of obafemi Awolowo has reacted to the strike embarked on by the Academic Staff Union Of Universities OAU Chapter.

Recall that it was earlier reported on OAU Peeps News Agency on 31st of January 2022 how the Academics Staff Union Universities Obafemi Awolowo Chapter embarked on an indefinite strike following the resolutions of an emergency congress. 

However in a statement issued by the University PRO, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju, a copy of which was sent to OAU Peeps News Agency. In the statement, the management of the school has maintained the stand that lectures still continue amidst the class


The attention of the Management of  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, has been drawn to a circular issued by a section of the academic staff, ASUU, calling on its members to go on strike, beginning from Monday, 31st January, 2022. 

The University Management is using this medium to inform the general public, particularly our students, their parents or guardians, that overwhelming majority of the academic staff in OAU are NOT ON STRIKE neither do they have the intention of going on any strike action. In actual fact, lectures are on going and students are being attended to by lecturers in their respective departments.

A release by the Public Relations Officer of the University, Abiodun Olarewaju, stated that in view of this, parents, guardians, alumni and friends of the University are assured of uninterrupted academic calendar, as our students are advised to go about their normal academic activities because there is no cause for concern or alarm.

In addition, the University Management wishes to appreciate majority of our lecturers who have the interest of the students at heart, and have been teaching and attending to students.

OAU Management Make Move To End Strike, Summon Academics Staff To Emergency Meeting

By Ayomide Emmanuel

Following the declaration of indefinite strike embarked upon by the members of Academic Staff Union of Universities,ASUU, Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU chapter, the management of the institution has summoned the presence of the academics staff of ASUU OAU Chapter to a meeting scheduled to hold on  Tuesday 1st of Febuary 2022 to clear up the lingering issues at hand. 

Recall that it was earlier reported on OAU Peeps News Agency on 31st of January 2022 how the Academics Staff Union Universities Obafemi Awolowo Chapter embarked on an indefinite strike following the resolutions of an emergency congress. 

However, the management of Obafemi Awolowo University has made move by summoning the academics staff of the university to an emergency meeting through a memorandum which was signed by the acting director in the office of the vice-chancellor, Isaac Adejuwon and written on the instance of the vice-chancellor, to invite all academics staff of the university to an emergency meeting with the university management holding on Tuesday, 1st February, 2022.