Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Faculty of Law: Anonymous Writer Accuse Students Of Cultism.

By Ayomide Emmanuel

An anonymous writer  has accused six students of the faculty of Law of initiating him to into cultism, and making swore an oath. 

Opatola Olatunji(Hon.TJ), Adesanya Abiodun(Lincoln), Umeadi Obinna, Adebayo Ifeoluwa, Abubakare Gabriel and Adeyemo Zaccheaus has been accused by an anonymous writer. 

The anonymous writer who is said to belong to the Eclats class, the part 1 class of the faculty of Law. In the anonymous letter that was written to the entire IFELAW association. 

The anonymous writer said and I quote;
 "I am writing this article in relation to some  happening that have been going on in the faculty of Law. Two weeks ago,I was invited to New Buka by a 500 Level of the faculty of Law and went there because he's a senior colleague who goes by the name Honourable TJ.
At the meeting at Buka, i met Honourable Lincoln, Obinna, Magna Bush, Aristotle and some other guys. At the meeting, i was told how my class rep Tife and assignment class rep Zaccheaus and Hado Moxie have been there and swore an oath of allegiance and loyalty to them and in return, made sure his Class rep won his election".

Further read on the anonymous letter shows that the writer has been involved in student union matters through his brother so he knew that swearing of oath or swearing of allegiance to an organization not recognized is cultism.
However, reacting to the write up of the said  anonymous writer, the Principal Liaison Officer of Law Students' Society Comr. Olowoyo Oluwatimilehin said he made a call to the Class Rep of the Eclats class as he was named there, but was unable to reach him after which he dropped the article in his DM. 

He further stated that the article was not 100% alien to him because he had earlier heard rumors about the occurrence after which he called the class rep and advised him on things he heard 

Following the release of the article, the PLO said he had to call the class rep again to know exactly what went down at the venue and to also ascertain the truth.   

The class replied him in his word that  that he doubts that the article emanated from his class. He also asserted that a good number of what is contained in the article are not as they seem. The class rep further revealed to him that the persons mentioned in the article were present.

Responding to the issue, the President of the Law Student Society popularly known as Sammy G  speaking to ACJ Correspondent replied; "We are on it",when asked about the authenticity of the said anonymous letter and steps been taken to address the issue.

In the same vein, the accused set of persons ,also wrote an article stating their own side of the story and to firmly assert their personality which they would have never and will never jettison for any pedestrian cause. 

While they didn't deny the fact that they were present at New Buka just as the anonymous writer said, because going to chill out at New Buka is not a crime. The anonymous writer was further challenged to present to the public any evidence he stated in his letter.

Consequently, the act by the anonymous writer was declared as an act of cowardice  to amass emotional audience that will be vulnerable to his mischievous intentions 

Speaking to ACJ correspondent, Salami, one of the accused said; I already made some point known on his class page and if the writer is so sure that he had evidence of where he was in a place where an illegal oath was taken, the writer should have not hidden under the cloak of an anonymous writer. He also made it known that the article circulating are political Mossberg by adversaries and was not surprised by it and might even be taking court action because the issue is becoming more bigger and a sort of defamation of character.

Speaking to ACJ correspondent, Obinna,one of the accused said "
It is obvious that they fabricated everything in the news,in fact 90%  of the content is false". 

To authenticate the release of the acclaimed anonymous writer, ACJ correspondent tried all possible means to get to other concerned persons but all efforts proved abortive. 

Investigations are still on going and we hope to get to the root of this matter. 

Stay tuned!
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