Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Fuel Scarcity: Ife Mini Bus, Sabo Lagere Release New Price List

By Data Writing Pencil

Following the Nationwide Fuel Scarcity, the town-igboro Drivers  stopped operation to hold a meeting among its members to decide on a new price list for transportation.

However, the sudden stop in operation led to students been stranded on campus with no much means of transportation. A long queue of students was at the school bus stop.

The students Union leaders however swing into action  by providing a bus to transport students out of the school. 
Speaking to our Correspondent, the financial secretary elect of Great Ife Students' Union said the union spring into action immediately they got wind of the information and they provided bus to convey students to campus gate at the rate of #30. 

In an interview with a student about how the sudden stop of operation by the mini bus drivers has affeted students, Sir Philip the director of sports department of mathematics said he paid #150 to a bike man who transported him from gate to yellow house which was not so before the scarcity of buses on campus.   

Following the outcome of the meeting, the Ife mini bus has released a new price list that will be used and a closer look at the new price list sees changes in the price of a drop at the rate of #100 which was #70 before the fuel scarity 
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