Monday, 28 February 2022

Great Ife Students' Union Respond To Increase In Transportation Prices On Campus

By Data Writing Pencil

The Great Ife Students' Union has responded to the increment in the cost of the transportation and number of passenger that the Ife mini bus drivers adopted on 23rd of February 2022. 

However, the development was not only on the price alone but also on the increase in number of passengers which was three on a row before the price hike but now four on a row. 

Speaking to OAU Peeps Correspondent, Adeleke Adedotun a Philosophy Part 3 student said "the increase in price is affecting and its not making it easier for students, imagine having #1000 and you have to spend it all on transport fare. Not only that, the drivers are now becoming aggressive to students then before. Something must be done concerning it either the school management or the Students' Union body."

Onatola Ayomide Victor a Religious Studies Part 2 said "it's not convenient at all and the increase has caused a lot of damages to students because most students couldn't bear the cost due to the fact that most students are managing. So couldn't come to class because they couldn't bear the cost of the price of transportation to campus"

In a Press Statement made available to OAU Peeps News Agency, the Students' Union body has responded to the increase in Transportation Issues. The Statement read thus:

The Students' Union announces to Union members that the recent increments in costs of transportation and number of passengers are and will not be maintained without the Union reviewing them to ameliorate the difficult financial implications they are already having on students. The Union has taken, is taking and will take more steps to check all issues regarding transportation.

With a view to preventing such occurrence as the transportation impasse of February 23, the Union had earlier met with transporters. The Union had on February 19 particularly met with motorcyclists' association to correct issues, including but not only hike as high as ₦250 for a place which had previously cost ₦100 to transit to. For places which previously cost ₦50/₦60/₦70, the Union noticed that the hike went as high as ₦100 and ₦150.

As efforts are being made to review the bus fares, students are to note the following about costs of transportation for motorcycles:

Notwithstanding the entire price list being reviewed, here are places with tentative costs of transportation (by motorcycle) on campus:

Main Gate to Hall Of Residence ₦120
Main Gate to Market ₦150
Main Gate to Spider ₦150

For this period, the following still remain the same, just as had earlier announced before fuel scarcity:

Main Gate to Bus Stop ₦100
Main Gate to DSA/Agric ₦120

Bus Stop to Hall of Residence ₦50
Bus Stop to Market ₦50
Bus Stop to Ajose ₦50
Bus Stop to Road Block ₦50
Bus Stop to Religious Ground ₦50
Bus Stop to Spider ₦50
Bus Stop to Tonkere ₦60

Hall to Hall ₦50
Hall to Academics Area ₦50
Hall to ICT Centre ₦50
Hall to Central Market ₦50
Hall to Spider ₦70
Hall to Religious Ground ₦70
Hall to Tonkere ₦80

Again, Union members are assured that the complaints about hikes in buses, increase in passengers are not only noted but being acted upon for favorable solutions. On a general note, the Union will continue to review the prices to discourage extortion and unscrupulous hikes.

For the Union, the welfarism of Great Ife students is not the modicum but the core, nonnegotiable essence of its being. It is understood that Union members want instant reverses and readjustments, especially with buses. The Union is with alacrity working so that the issues with transportation are completely arrested.

While the Union hastens to ensure that the yet unsolved raised issues are resolved, the cooperation of Union members is highly solicited. Union members are assured that the current issues shall not be burdens for them to continue to bear.

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