Wednesday, 2 March 2022

FASAOAU: Is It True That The President Embezzled?

By Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

The road to FASA remains dusty.
 Tell those who wish to tread this path to avoid putting on white garments.
Otherwise, they should be ready to get dirty.

When there is fire on the mountain, what’s foreseen of anyone is to either find a panacea or abscond. Here, what they do is maintain a “siddon look” stance as the fire munches deeper while they comfortably patronise beer parlours and lavish the limited resources that are not theirs on “shapes and bottles”. A financial boost for the seller, but to the detriment of the progress of a larger audience, the students.


The puzzle besieging the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association, Obafemi Awolowo University, has invariably inflicted a headache for the genius that even a typical student wouldn’t try cracking. A friend who has lost hope in the association would always say, “This puzzle doesn’t deserve our Time “. To me, it is worth whatever time we have dedicated to demanding a change. 

We can no longer afford unnecessary postponement of elections at the expense of limited resources, which the association can direct to a productive cause. It has to stop. As the world develops, civilization refines culture, and so,  if not conducting an election once is the norm, we can easily improvise to not conducting at all. 

The association gets praised for being politically oriented, with an outstanding record of participation within and beyond. Meanwhile, the praise, to me, is just irony. You know, students are productively busy these days; they have got a lot to do that, they would unrepentantly call Buhari “Putin” just to have their way. So, what’s the honour of being politically inclined while everything has always ended inadequately?


“Godfatherism” has always been an existing imbroglio in the political terrain of Nigeria. It’s a problem that has spread across all levels, including FASAOAU. While Osun APC is having a hard time because a godson wants to become a godfather, there are also claims that FASAOAU is an abode for graduates who won’t stop tampering with the political configuration of the association. Obviously, they have programmed the association in a certain way that debugging would seem impossible soon. They are political leaders and they have plenty of sons and daughters in the faculty.

During elections, there are permutations from one department to another, and the thought would be that it is for the progress of the association. However, circumstances have proven that whatever permutations taking place in the association is not always in the interest of the students but those who don’t want to leave the Association and their godsons and daughters.

Is It True That Our President Embezzled?

Seriously, I don’t know why students have tarnished the image of our darling President. They claim that he has embezzled, yet they could not prove it. What is wrong with FASAites? When are they going to realize that our president is as holy as a Nigerian politician? Yes, Nigerian politicians are a truthful set of people. Keeping their campaign promises is the least of their achievements.

Our president has done everything to improve the association by stimulating an atmosphere of unification. He has left it better than he met it. Just that he doesn’t have a successor.

The road to FASA remains dusty. 
Tell those who wish to tread this path to avoid putting on a white garment. 
Otherwise, be ready to get dirty.

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