Sunday, 20 March 2022

Junior Chamber International OAU: Induction and Award Ceremony

By Onyekpe Okechukwu 

The Junior Chamber International Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University Chapter inducted new members into the organization on Saturday 19th of March 2022. The event started by exactly  3:48pm with the recitation of the creed by both the inductees and members of JCI as a whole. The M.C of the occassion, Cooperate Emcee invited the dignitaries to the high table, he then as usual lightened the mood in the hall , after which was followed by a welcome speech by the president of JCIOAU Miss Feyisayo Awopetu. 

Mrs Oluwatoyin Atanda, the keynote speaker of the occasion graced the occasion virtually, she duly apologised for her absence from the induction. She mentioned a lot of things on JCI to advice and motivate the inductees to work harder. She stated “ JCI Nigeria will be 65 years old this year" what a wonderful speech she gave 

Professor S.S Okoya, the staff adviser came up and he stated how he was excited about the induction of new members into the association. He also said he was happy about the current president being a female due to the fact that he want females at the arms of affairs. He ended by congratulating the inductees.

Cooperate Emcee came up with up with more fun activities and giveaway to make the audience lively. A beautiful spoken words performance was presented by All I Memunat. The Erstwhile President of JCIOAU; Femi Adeyemo started off his speech with a brief story about himself while asking the inductees about what made them join JCI. Shortly after, the Induction started with the inductees who were well dressed coming out to recite the Creed and also read a section of the constitution.

Prof Lara Oradiay who was duly represented by Dr Adekoya admonished the new members to ensure they carry the roles of JCI; impact lives and give back to the society. She ended the speech with a charge for them saying “Be different like Daniel in the Bible”. Soon after Awards were offered to outstanding members of the association by the president. The Board members were introduced to the audience and the president gave vote of thanks
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