Thursday, 3 March 2022

Students' Union To Take Tougher Approach At Ensuring Assailant Town-Igboro Driver Is Punished

The Great Ife Students' Union has made their stand on the town-igboro driver that assaulted a student of the department of quantity survey on Wednesday, 2 March 2022. 

Recall it was earlier reported by OAU Peeps News Agency that a town-igboro driver assaulted a student after failing to drop him at the agreed destination which they agreed on before leaving Banking Area. 

In a Press Release that was made available to OAU Peeps News Agency, the union  the report of a   student that was assaulted by a Town-Igboro driver. 

The Union in its statement said: "This afternoon, the Students' Union received the disturbing report of a Town-Igboro driver assaulting a student. The Students' Union condemns totally this uncivil and destructive behavior of the said driver. The Union considers this as a red flag for the peace of our University community and especially the safety of Union members that must not be taken with levity.

From the accounts of the victim, the Union has gathered that there were altercations over transportation issues between the driver and the students he was conveying in his bus from Bank Area to AP. The driver, because of the altercations, decided to drop all the students at Mayfair. Because of this driver's behavior, the student assaulted said he photographed the plate number of the bus for the purpose of reporting what the driver did. The student was afterwards threatened so that he could delete the photograph. Seeing that he refused to delete it, the driver assaulted the student with three punches in the face.

The assaulted student came to SUB, still hurting from the pains inflicted on him by the driver. Based on the report and the evidence of assault already photographed, the Union immediately conducted a search at the bus stops to fish out the driver but he had absconded. The Union has since then mandated the drivers' association to provide the said driver.

For the Students' Union, failure of the drivers' association to provide the assailant driver is tantamount to provoking the Students' Union to take a tougher approach at ensuring that the driver is adequately punished for the assault he perpetuated. The Union insists on and is working towards swiftly ensuring that the assailant is punished."

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