Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Throughout My Tenure, The Constitution Will Be Strictly Adhered To- Speaker SRC GISU

By Fayy

Six months after the Great ife Students' Union Election which Cut across the HEC, CEC, and SRC produce leader in every arms of the government. The long anticipated inauguration and swearing in of the Students' union Representatives held today at the Africa Amphitheatre and it remains a good news that the union has been reinstated officially and can now commence their duties.

Speaking to ACJOAU correspondents the Speaker of the SRC RT, Hon. Ajadi Toheeb speaks on how he feels about the swearing in and the things he wants to put in place as he assumes his office. 

In his words,he expressed his joy on having the union back in board "The inauguration is something we all have been waiting for. There are series of challenges our Union had experienced before now and thank God we had our inauguration today and now union is back" 

Speaking on how he intends to keep the executive arm in check, he said "of course, the speaker of the house is the custodian of the Great Ife students' union sacrosanct Constitution and it is my responsibility to ensure that all SU officers discharge their duties in accordance with the Constitution"

Speaking further, on how he would handle the case of an honorable that is defaulting and what sanctions would be placed on such honorable. He said "My responsibility is to ensure that any activity the union will engage in will be in line will the provision of the Constitution"

The speaker reiterated that , throughout his time in office, he would ensure that the Constitution is strictly adhered to and no action would be taken outside the Constitution.
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