Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Town-Igboro Driver Assaults Student

By Red

A Quantity surveying student, Siyanbola Pelumi, of Obafemi Awolowo University narrated his unfortunate encounter with a bus driver today Tuesday, 2nd March 2022.

In his report, he narrated how a bus driver with the plate number Osun DTN-869XA gave him three blows on his face after snapping his plate number for refusing to drop him at the agreed destination.

In his statement he said, "I have been hearing of students been assaulted by Drivers and bike men, today I was a victim..

I boarded a bus from Banking area calling A.P/MAYFAIR, which I entered going to A.P.

The man in an aggressive and unrespectful manners have had different nonchalant and unimpressive conversation with students in the bus, which he even said different words against the SU Officers and the students at large anytime  the students complained about the inconveniences they have been making students passed through.

On getting to Mayfair the man in an aggressive manner told the passengers that he is not going to A.P again that he will drop everyone at Mayfair. On hearing this, immediately stood against it and that led to an arguement between myself and the bus driver. He  turned back at Parakin Junction at Mayfair.

Furthermore, immediately I alighted, I gave him his money and took a picture of the bus plate number, he came  down  from the bus threatening me to delete the picture I already took, where I told  him I won't, he even threaten to break my phone. The next thing I heard was blows on my face, imagine, *Three blows on my face*.. I decided to be diplomatic and had severe arguement with the man without any physical contact.

After the whole brouhaha in town, I came back to the SU building to make report of the whole scenario. We have since been looking for the man on  campus but all to no avail .

If this man is seen any where please do well to get to the S.U. executives or the Security committees.. HE IS NOW DECLARE WANTED

Attached to this is the Plate number, Pictures and proof that he assaulted me"

Speaking to our Correspondent, Mr Niyi a town-igboro driver said the case is been taken care of by the town-igboro drivers' association as the chairman has went to town to settle the case and to make sure the culprit is dealt with according to the law of the association which bound even bus drivers to fight themselves talkless of fighting students. 

When asked if the issue will be brought to the students' Union building, he said it won't as adequate punishment will be passed on him and he might not be chanced to enter campus again. 

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