Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Want Your Brand To Get Noticed And Increase Your Sales? Advertise With OAU Peeps News Agency

By Mary Onayemi

We all believe advertising online gets you much more customers. Online ads keep growing each day with everyone trying to create their brand awareness to draw the attention of their target customers. An advertisement is the promotion of a product, brand, or service to viewers to attract interest, engagement, or sale.

OAU Peeps News Agency remains the biggest and most active news agency in OAU. With over 7,000000 viewers all over the world, every advertisement placed there is sure to gain enough awareness amongst people. Everyone wants to get value for their money and OAU Peeps is here to help you get maximum value for less cost. Let's go through 5 reasons why you should advertise on OAU peeps.

5 Reasons You Should Advertise On OAU Peeps News Agency

1.  Maximized Cost
Traditional advertising, going around to tell people about your brand, has proven to be effective over time but not as much as advertising online. This ruling news agency has helped to promote many brands over time with some coming back to continue and some referring to their friends. I know you're thinking a lot of people are into online advertisement but is it at an affordable cost? With a lot of viewers coming to read the news posted, and the minimum amount required to place an ad, the value for your money is maximized.

2. Increased Awareness And Trust
Advertising is all about creating awareness, not only in the area you reside but all over the world. The one seeing your ads on OAU peeps might not need your services at the time, but they may need it later on and remember you. This is where you also make your services specific without leaving your customers confused. Make sure your design and write-up communicates everything your target customers would want to hear. You wouldn't want to lose the audience you've successfully drawn through advertising on OAU peeps.

3. Promote To Your Target Audience
When advertising, it's very common to tell everyone no matter the age or occupation. OAU peeps has a lot of viewers that are students, coming to advertise to meet the needs of those students, you should be sure you would get enough audience from it. You should know your target audience before going into advertising, you wouldn't want to advertise cement on a student platform, it's sure you wouldn't get as much audience as you want. OAU peeps news is mostly read by students, present your brand in a way it will gain their attention.

4. Global Reach
As earlier said, OAU Peeps News Agency doesn't have viewers only in Nigeria, it has all over the world. Is your business one that people anywhere in the world would be able to patronize you? Do you want to reach your business out to the world? Then why not advertise on OAU peeps. Mostly, people doing online jobs are sure to enjoy this. Reach out to the world through OAU peeps and give them reasons why your services are much more preferable among a thousand others.

5. Time-Saving
OAU Peeps News Agency has the full power and control to make your business awareness reach places that you can't even imagine, you just have to do it at a little cost. Everyone wants to save their time, with some even complaining their time isn't enough, we don't expect you to still go around trying to create awareness for your brand. Advertising on OAU peeps promotes your business in such little time that will leave you surprised.

You should note that advertisement doesn't guarantee sales, it just creates awareness to the public about your brand. When the awareness is created, the rest is left to you. Make sure you present your brand in a way that attracts your audience and your services must be topnotch. A job well done goes a long way, it can create space for referrals from where you don't expect. You can take the bold step of advertising on OAU peeps today and get the audience you so desire.

We have five major advertisement structures;
1.)    Side Bar Ads – Adverts appear at the side of our Website
2.)    Top Bar Ads – Adverts appear at the top of our website. Very close to the Logo
3.)    Bottom Bar Ads – Adverts appear beneath our Website posts. Very close to the Bottom widgets
4.)    Mobile Ads – Adverts appear on every article published on our website. It is visible to both mobile and desktop users.
4.)    Sponsored Stories – An update to enlighten our readers about what you have to offer and success stories. No harassment/defamation of any personality/character will be accepted. Apart from the over 30,000 audience we have and millions of global viewers, our stories are constantly transmitted to a bigger audience as we share them on our Facebook Pages (10,000+ followers), Instagram (5000+ followers)& Twitter(9000+ followers).

Banner/Image Properties
a.)    Banners/Images must be of high quality and very attractive.
b.)    It must not be too huge or heavy.
c.)     We do not accept Banners/Images with violent representation/nudity,
d.)    You can link your images to wherever you want to.
Side Bar Ads – 336 X 280px
Top Bar Ads – 728 X 90px
Bottom Ads – 728 X 90px and 160 X 600px
Mobile Ads – 300 X 50px and 320 X 250px

Side Bar Ads:
1 Placement(s) –  N1000/day - N3000/Week
Top Bar Ads:
Single Placement – N1000/day – N4,000/Week
Bottom Bar Ads:
Single Placement 970 x 90  – N1000/day – N3,000/Week
Single Placement  160 x 600 - N1000/day - N3,000/Week
Mobile Ads
Single Placement 300 X 50px – N1000/day - N5,000/Week
Single Placement 320 X 250px – N1000day - N9,000/Week

Sponsored Stories:
1 Story – N10,000 (Shared continuously on our social media for one weeks)
2 Stories (at the interval of 5-10 Days) – N5,500

Note: All Adverts Posted On The Website Will Also Be Posted On All Our Social Media Pages
Another kind of advert structure we provide but dependent on type of products/services involved is Website Background Image Customization. Here, you will give us an image containing the details of your products/services and it will be used as part of our website template and it will appear as the background image of our website. Cost for a week is N35,000

- We ONLY accept payment for the minimum of 1 week advert placement for now.
- All prices above have been hugely discounted. However, further discount for various Plan Prices for a longer period of time on Negotiation is allowed.

ATTRACTION: Our website has an average of 9,700 unique visitors daily. This can be likened to getting Afrika Amphi Theartre filled twice daily! Where else can you get this huge audience except on!
Kindly get back to us on which plan(s) you will be taking.
Campaign Manager, OAU Peeps News Agency
08106275774, 08157530500
@OAUpeeps (Twitter)
OAU Peeps News Agency (Facebook)

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