Thursday, 14 April 2022

#OAUGATE: Arraigned Dr IBK Fails To Meet Bail Condition, To Be Remanded In Prison


The arraigned impeached President of the 2016/2017 parliamentary session who was arrested by the Security Department of the university and transferred to Moore Police Station appeared in the court of law this morning at the Chief Magistrate Court, along Ibadan Road ile-ife. 

Oyekan Ibunkun, "Dr IBK" who pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge against him with the state as the prosecution and him as the defendant. 

However, impeached President will be remanded in Kosere prison till Tuesday, 26 April 2022 after failing to meet the bail condition of two guarantors with a sum of #500,000 each; the defendants must be Ife residents, and they must be gainfully employed.

Dr IBK Charged To Court Over Illegal Withdrawal of N720,000 From The Union Account


Mr Oyekan Ibukun, "Dr IBK" the impeached President of the Students' Union Of 2016/2019 parliamentary session has been charged to court over the illegal withdrawal of 720,000 from the Union account. 

Recall that Eagle Post News Outfit made a report on Friday, 8 April 2022 of how over 700,000 Naira was withdrawn from the Union account through the collaboration of the impeached President "Dr IBK and the Present President of the Union "Reform". The claim which the President denied in a Release that he's sign for any withdrawal of funds from the Union account. 

Further steps were taken by the Central Executive Council of the Union by going to the bank and make enquiries of how the money was withdrawn without the signature of the President and the Financial Secretary. After which UBA bank revealed that the money was transferred through Internet banking by Dr. IBK to one Bello Oyeku. 

Consequently, Dr. IBK was arrested on Wednesday, 15 April 2022 by the Security Department of the university and transferred to Moore Police Station for further investigation. Further information obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency through the Public Relations Officer of the Union reveal that Dr. IBK is now to appear before a court of law. 

The court hearing is to be heard at a chief Magistrate's Court along Ibadan Road, ile-ife, by 9am on Thursday, 14 April 2022. Also attending the court today are the President of the Students' Union, Comrade Olayiwola Folahan Festus "Reform" and the Financial Secretary, Comrade Oluwasegun Abiola Joy, "Legbeti", other members of the Central Executive Council, Honourables and students 

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Alleged Withdrawal Of #720,000 From Union Account, SRC Writes To The Financial Secretary


By Ayomide Emmanuel

The Students Representative Council has written an Open Letter to the Financial Secretary of the Great Ife Students' Union Comrade Abiola Joy Oluwasegun "Legbeti" over the withdrawal of a 720,000 which was made from the Students' Union account on Friday, 8th April 2022 was declared illegal because the President of the Union and the Financial Secretary who were the signatory to the account claimed they didn't signed any withdrawal. 

Click on the picture for more details

Further investigation has revealed that the money was moved from the Union account via Internet banking by Mr Oyekan Ibukun "Dr.IBK" an impeached OAU SU President into the account of one Mr Bello Oyeku. 

In response to the whole issue, the SRC under the leadership of RT. Hon Ajadi Toheeb Babatunde wrote an Open to the Financial Secretary. 

The letter read thus: 

Financial Secretary, Great Ife Students’ Union Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. 

Dear Abiola Joy Oluwasegun (Legbeti),



On April 9th, we woke up to a news item by Eagle Post which stated that a sum of over N700K was illegally and fraudulently withdrawn from the Union account, and the said news paper mentioned specifically that the persons involved are the President of the Students’ Union, Olayiwola Festus Folahan (Reform), and a former impeached president,Ibukun Oyekan David (IBK), who has notoriety for fraud. Thereaer, the President came up with a rejoinder stating that he was shocked to have heard that kind of story, and as far as he is concerned, the Union money under his watch was intact. You also claimed that the news item also shocked you, and that you were not aware because your phone was not in good condition, and as such the whole of the analysis as to withdrawal was strange to you. 

The matter has now brought a damage to the Union and the leadership, the Parliament will like to be cleared on the issues from you; 

1.What is the Current State of the Union Account? 

2.When were you aware about the plan of IBK to fraudulently remove money from the Union account?

 3.Was the Union President also aware of the attempted fraud to be perpetuated by IBK?

 4.What were the steps you took to prevent the sacrilage?

 5.Who are the signatory to the Union account? 

6. Why did you not go to the bank to inform them about the fraud that was coming? 

7.Were you aware of the Internet Banking Facility? 

8.Who are the persons that have access to the Internet Banking Facility? 

9.What step did you take to discontinue the Internet Banking Facility knowing that you have no access to it?

 10.Was there any point in time that the President discuss the matter or compel you to allow IBK move the money?

11.At  what  time do you think it  was appropriate to inform the Parliament  and the Students about  the attempted      fraudulent  act? 

12.As a future accountant,  at  what  stage do you think it  was appropriate to stop the fraud,  is it  when it  has been committed or when it  is about  to be committed? 

13.Why did you choose to report  to the University Security Department  rather than the Students’ Representative     Council  through  its  Leadership? 

14.Were you at  any time aware that  IBK was a former impeached president  on corruption/stealing related matters?

 As an accountant,  are  we going to be wrong if  we then say that  your laziness,  professional laxity,  intellectual sluggishness,  has brought  this opprobium on the Union and has severely damaged the cherished image of  our Union.  As it  stands today,  the picture on the mind of  the public is that  the Union is dominated by thieves.

 Again,  will you consider our statement  wrong,  if  we say that  you have not  only dragged the name of  the Union to the mud,  but  also disrespected the generality of  Great  IFE,  by not  giving a timely blow-by-blow  information that  could help to prevent  this shameful occurence. 

In any case,  of  what  profit  was it  to the Union,  that  you and your cohort  were playing along,  making the Union to loose that  amount  of  money. 

 In any case,  the characters of  the persons are well known to the students that they are certified thieves. We appreciate if  you address this matter point  by point,  and also we expect  to receive response in 48 hours for futher considerations and actions. Accept  our best  regards. 

e-signed Rt.  Hon AJADI Toheeb B. Speaker,  Great IFE SU 

e-signed Hon ODETUNDE Dickson A. Clerk,  Great IFE SU

Dr. IBK Arrested Over Alleged Withdrawal Of N720,000

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The impeached President of the Great Ife Students' Union 2016/2017 parliamentary session Ibukun Oyekan has been confirmed arrested by the public relations officer of the Union. 

Recall it was earlier reported by OAU Peeps News about new clarifications that emerges on the withdrawal of the 720,000 Naira from the Union account. The clarification which reveals that the withdrawal of the 720,000 was made by Oyekan Ibukun "Dr.IBK"

The arrest which was confirmed by the Public Relations Officer of the Union in a Press Statement after it was confirmed by UBA that the withdrawal was made by Ibunkun Oyediran Oyekan to one Bello Oyeku with GT Bank account 0137762128.

Dr. IBK was arrested by the Security Department of the university and transferred to Moore Police Station for further investigation

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

More Clarifications Emerges Regarding The 720,000 Missing From The Union Account


By Ayomide Emmanuel

The Financial Secretary of the Union, Comr. Oluwasegun Joy Legbeti has shade more light on the 720,000 that was reported to have been missing from the Union account. Recall it was earlier reported on Eagle Post News Outfit that the President of the Union "Reform" Colluded with the former President of the Union "Dr. IBK" to make a withdrawal from the Union account. The report which has been debunked by a Press Statement from the office of the President that he was not aware and didn't sign any for any withdrawal from the Union account. 

However, the Students Union Executives went ahead to question the bank officials of how the money went missing from the Union account without the signatures of the President and the Financial secretary who are the signatory to the Union account. 

The financial secretary in a Press Statement made available to OAU Peeps News Agency reveals that the only official way by which the money can be withdrawn from the Union account is that the President and Financial secretary of the Union must themselves fill a withdrawal slip(and never by proxy) and in which the 720,000 withdrawn from the account went against the process. The Central Executive council hereby made a confrontation against the management of OAU branch of United Bank for Africa(UBA) which is the banker of the Union to explain how the money got missing after which the manager was forced to address the Union officers to allow the bank to investigate the issue after which the CEC gave the bank an ultimatum of one workday to conclude the investigation.

The bank however contacted the Financial secretary to inform him that the transaction was initiated by a so-called ibukun Oyekan(Dr Ibk), to one Bello Oyekunle Saheed. Oyekan Ibukun was able to move the union funds via internet banking platform being the immediate past president of the Union. 

He further assured Union members that all hands have been on deck to make sure that every kobo will be accounted for and all loopholes to the account will be combatted. The official report given to him by the bank will be submitted to the Student Union Security Committee, the students representative council(SRC) the investigation department of the university and made available to the generality of the Great Ife Students. 

Drama As Great Ife Students' Union Executives Question Bank Officials Over Missing Union Funds[Video]


By Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMÓ

At the early hours of Monday, 11th April 2022, the Executives of the Great Ife Students' Union led by Comrade Olayiwola Folahan Festus "Reform" stormed the OAU branch of the UBA bank protesting an alleged unauthorized withdrawal of the Union funds from the students’ union account. The alleged “unauthorised withdrawal” which happened on Friday, 8th April 2022 was said to have occurred through the conspiracy of the former Students' Union President, Dr.IBK colluding with the Union President, Reform 

Recall, that Eagle Post News Platform had earlier reported that the Students' Union President colluded with the former President of the union, Dr Ibk of withdrawing ‘over 700,000’ from the union account.

However, in a Press Release from the office of the President, he stated that he's not aware of the withdrawal as he did not sign or withdraw the said "over 700,000 Naira from the Union account.  

Speaking at the bank venue, the President said “I am as shocked as the generality of Great Ife students on this withdrawal, I and the Financial secretary of the union are the signatory to this account, I didn’t sign, the financial secretary didn’t sign, none of us signed the withdrawal of this money, we don’t even have a cheque book yet, we need more support than attack from the students at this time, I don’t know about the missing fund, we will go any length to unravel this mystery and we are holding UBA bank responsible for this”

The bank manager who had earlier invited the school security pleaded to the union officers to exercise patience so as to conduct a thorough investigation in order to unravel the mystery behind the missing fund. 

 The financial secretary of the union Comrade Joy Abiola "Legbeti said “I am shocked and angry, what is the essence of our signature as signatory if money can be removed behind our back, as an accountant in embryo, I understand the place of transparency and inline with the oath I swore, I won’t be part of any mismanagement or embezzlement of Union funds, this is sad and disappointing, UBA bank has to explain”

Further investigations reveals that the President and Financial secretary has filed their respective reports with the University to help them further investigate and review the mystery of this matter.

President Reform further stated that they are tendering their distrust on UBA on this unwanted and unfortunate development and will go any length to get justice.

In a Video obtained by OAUPeeps News Agency, the Central Executive Council(CEC) members of the Union were seen questioning the Bank where the Union money was

To Watch Video Click HERE

Friday, 8 April 2022

OAU Management Extends Mid-Semester Break By 4 Weeks


The obafemi Awolowo University Management has extended the earlier 2-week mid-semester break by 4-week. 

Recall it was earlier reported on OAU Peeps News Agency that the management declared a two weeks mid-semester break after the management meeting that held on 26th of March 2022.

The extension which came as a result of industrial actions embarked upon by the various union of the Nigerian University system. 

The extension will be starting from Monday, 11th April, 2022. The management however wishes students a productive and most refreshing break 

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

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Sunday, 3 April 2022

GISU Release Moderated Price List For Vendors In Hall Of Residence Charge Union Members To Report Erring Vendors

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The office of the Welfare Director of the Great Ife Students' Union has fulfilled the promises earlier made to students to release a price list that will be uniform on Campus. 

Recall it was earlier reported on OAU Peeps News Agency that the Great Ife Students' Union want to release moderated price list for all vendors on OAU Campus.

In a Press Release signed by the Welfare Director Comrade Dada Arafat, the welfare director made it known that a price list has been compiled and pasted across all butteries in all hall of residence after which him and his team has carried out due market survey in order to ensure that the prices are fair and profitable for both parties. 

Upon the pasting of the Union prices, vendors have been strongly warned not to sell above the prices else will be made subject to dire consequences. 

Furthermore, the office of the Welfare director appreciates all the complaints as regards some butteries that have strongly refused to sell some commodities at the stipulated prices, as the feedbacks are appreciated and serves as encouragement to ensuring that his duties are carried out as it should be. 

Consequently, union members are charged to report any price irregularity, or absence of price list to hall chairperson/chairman as they will ensure that the report get to him. 

He further solicited for the support of Union members in his effort to attend to all welfare issues as his commitment is forever with students.