Tuesday, 12 April 2022

More Clarifications Emerges Regarding The 720,000 Missing From The Union Account


By Ayomide Emmanuel

The Financial Secretary of the Union, Comr. Oluwasegun Joy Legbeti has shade more light on the 720,000 that was reported to have been missing from the Union account. Recall it was earlier reported on Eagle Post News Outfit that the President of the Union "Reform" Colluded with the former President of the Union "Dr. IBK" to make a withdrawal from the Union account. The report which has been debunked by a Press Statement from the office of the President that he was not aware and didn't sign any for any withdrawal from the Union account. 

However, the Students Union Executives went ahead to question the bank officials of how the money went missing from the Union account without the signatures of the President and the Financial secretary who are the signatory to the Union account. 

The financial secretary in a Press Statement made available to OAU Peeps News Agency reveals that the only official way by which the money can be withdrawn from the Union account is that the President and Financial secretary of the Union must themselves fill a withdrawal slip(and never by proxy) and in which the 720,000 withdrawn from the account went against the process. The Central Executive council hereby made a confrontation against the management of OAU branch of United Bank for Africa(UBA) which is the banker of the Union to explain how the money got missing after which the manager was forced to address the Union officers to allow the bank to investigate the issue after which the CEC gave the bank an ultimatum of one workday to conclude the investigation.

The bank however contacted the Financial secretary to inform him that the transaction was initiated by a so-called ibukun Oyekan(Dr Ibk), to one Bello Oyekunle Saheed. Oyekan Ibukun was able to move the union funds via internet banking platform being the immediate past president of the Union. 

He further assured Union members that all hands have been on deck to make sure that every kobo will be accounted for and all loopholes to the account will be combatted. The official report given to him by the bank will be submitted to the Student Union Security Committee, the students representative council(SRC) the investigation department of the university and made available to the generality of the Great Ife Students. 

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