Thursday, 9 February 2023

A Year After The Loss Of Heritage Ajibola, Mantainance Resident Take To Social Media To Narrate Their Ordeals, And Address Students Union As All Talk And No Bite

 By Ayomide Emmanuel

A resident of the popular private hostels, mantainance hostels owned by private individuals has taken to her Twitter page to narrate the ordeals faced by the residents of the hostel.

 Recall it's exactly a year today that the University lost a beautiful soul Heritage Ajibola who fell into a septic tank at Bver Hostel,Maintenace Hostels due to the neligence and lack of proper mainatance of the private hostels.

Ajibola Heritage

 In this same vien, taking to her twitter page, Toriaforall said it's over 9months in which the hostel that houses greater population of the female students of Obafemi Awolowo University has been in blackout and the famale students has been subjected to gross maltreatment under the nose of the school management and nothing has been done about it. She further stated that despite numerous tiring protest, reports and daily-dallying, they have constantly been fed wth lies and stories that never seems to end.

Speaking on the issue of epelitic power and water supply experienced by the residents of the hostel, she wrote that the reason why most of them moved to the hostel was because of 24 hours of light and water supply which was in the tenancy agreement that they signed. According to her, businesses have shut down and they have to through series of harassment just to change their devices and they go through rigorous torture of having to drag buckets of water up in the staircase multiple times a day which lead to sickness and the hostels developer who charge hefty and ridiculous amount of naira for a bedspace have been complacent and dormants about the situations.

Stressing her fact, she addresses the union as all talk and no bite despite all what they are facing ranging from the purchase of faulty transformer and stories of embezzlement. She further stated that out of 17 hostels, 12hostels have lights. Naming the hostels concerned, she named Ajike hostel owned by Rushmore ltd, Bver hostel owned by Bver hostels and suites, Aquifer hostel owned by Aquifer hostels and suites and Aderonke hostel owned by OAU int'l school.

See her tweets below

Fellow netizens have also taken to the comment sections of the tweets to express their dissatisfaction. See tweets below

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