Monday, 13 March 2023

Agitations At Fajuyi Hall As Man O War Member Beat Student For Passing Excreta At Their Base

Fajuyi hall of residence members were agitating that the law must take its due core on the member of Man O War for beating a student who was caught passing excreta at their base.

OAUPeeps News Agency Correspondent gathered that a student was caught by the Man O War Official for passing excreta at the Man O War base which has the inscription "Military Zone Keep Off" According to report gathered, the student caught in the act was told to pack his faeces who in turn told the officials that he dug the ground and has already covered it with sand.

The culprit according to his report while the case was been moderated at Fajuyi hall Secretariat, pleaded that they allow him to leave the excreta that way while he follow them to administer any punishment they want to him. 

However, one of the Man O War official present started administering cane on him. An eye witness who saw the event while he was standing at the backyard of the first floor of Block 4 Fajuyi hall called the attention of Fajuyians to the case. 

Consequently, when the student and the Man O War Officials came out of their base with his excreta which he eventually packed after much pressure from the officials, Fajuyians intervened and prevented them from taking him to their(Man O War) Secretariat. 

While moderating the case at Fajuyi Hall Secretariat, a porter from the Fajuyi Hall Of Residence came and intervened and corrected the Man O War Officials that it's not in their place to lay hands on Students regardless of the offense. 

The porter however concluded that the case will be settle tommorow Tuesday, 14th March 2023 as both parties involved will be called.

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