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OAU Peeps News Agency affords every Great Ife student a platform to report news in his/her locality, department, hostel or the campus community at large. You can also publish your write-ups for FREE on this Blog. Be it Articles, Poems, Story, Opinion, Experience and many others.

Kindly note that we will keep your details confidential except you give us the permission to make it public. Pictures and Videos of News reported are held in high esteem as that at most times could only be the readily available means to confirm the veracity of your report and hence make our work of publishing it very easy and faster.

We do NOT accept: 

- Reports in form of Advertisement or Promotion( for advertisements, use the Contact Us link or send your requests to campaign@oaupeeps.com).
- Reports obviously targeted at someone to ridicule or tarnish his/her image.
- Reports with adult contents.
- Reports, especially articles that are plagiarized.

Your News or Write-Ups must be accompanied by the following:

1.) Your Full Name
2.) Your Department & Faculty
3.) Your Phone Number
4.) Your E-mail

Kindly note that NOT all reported News items will be published. The discretion of our editors and publishers are usually employed in each case. We also have the right to modify your reports/submissions where necessary to suit our reaching audience.

Having satisfied all the Conditions above, you may now proceed to reach us through the following means:


News Reports - reports@oaupeeps.com
Article Submission- articles@oaupeeps.com

Hotline: +2348138276857

Thank You!