Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Most Productive Way To Spend A Compulsory Break✨

By Moyinoluwa Babalola
It is much easier planning a break when you have an afore knowlege of its coming. You start sending in applications to organizations, companies and corporations on hiring you as intern or you start saving up or asking your parents for money to learn a new skill and most importantly your mind is even prepared for it.

Having a break where your mind is not even prepared for it can be really difficult as much as i hate to say it, that is what we are experiencing right now.

Should we be angry and just lazy around, sleep, surf the net, watch movies and eat all through. Atleast no one can blame us, we weren't prepared for it.

No! There are 1 billion ways to make this break productive even if everything is virtual. I don't want to bore you, we will be discussing just five and i tell you, you are not ready for the great things doing these will bring.
1. TAKE AN ONLINE COURSE: The good thing about this is that various of schools and platforms are giving out these courses for free and the ones with money are more or else peanuts.
Take a course you have always been interested in or one you no nothing about but sounds appealing to your ears.
2. READ BOOKS: Those books you bought years ago and have never had the time to read them, bring them out now and start reading them. Also, those e-books you were just collecting on your phone and have never read a page, open it now and start reading.

3. SEND THOSE APPLICATIONS: Those  Scholarahips, Internships, grants, Essay competitions you have always wanted to apply for never you never had the time to do so. START THE APPLICATION NOW.

4. LEARN A SKILL: It is time to learn a skill virtually. A skill can be Copywrighting, Graphics Design, Video Animation, you name it. Look for ways to learn it, WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS , DOWNLOAD MATERIALS ON THEM, READ UP ON THEM ON GOOGLE.

5. BUILD YOUR ONLINE NETWORK: Update your linkedn profile if you have one and create one if you do not. Start connecting with people that matter in your career.
There are tons of other things you can do, this are just the major ones.

Don't forget to stay safe this period, call your loved ones, find reasons to be grateful always- it will help you stay happy.
Love from,